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... Page 14. The TickerMay 10, 1983. --STUDENTS -ARE HURT BY. INFLATION MO·RETHAN ANYBODY ELSE!-.~!" -CAN HELP YOU BEAT·INFLATION THIS SEMESTERIN 2 WAYS:-INSTANT CAS-H~ For Your Books! ·..A·ND·-THE BEST DISCOUNTS.. ~ IN NEW YORK CITY ON:__..... ~g;~ NEW (6% OFF)AND ~.USED (AS MUCH ). AS 28% OFFCOLLEGE TEXTS!. ~~---/. 132 East 23rd St.Directly Opposite Baruch College's 23rd StreetBldg.PhOne: 777-6240 .~

L. 1. 6)May'lO~ )1983Roger Millersuccessful field goals in' oneseason-ZfO, most free throws attemptedin one season-261, mostfree' throws made in oneseason-198, most points scored inone season-618, the best individualscoring average in one season-zs,7,and also- the-mo~Sieals in oneseason-so. Miller also led the teamin free throw percentage-.749,assists-lea, steals, points' 'scored,playing time-921 minutes, andblocked shots-20. Miller was secondin rebounding at 150.Miller led the City University ofNew York Basketball Conferencein scoring and placed in the toptwelve of every statistical category.Besides these accomplishmerrts,Miller. was named the MostValuable Player of the CUNY Conference,and the Eastern CollegiateAthletic Conference.....(Division III),and-in his four years has been namedto several all tournament teamsincluding the All-CUNY, threeyears in a row. Miller was also nationallyranked (16th) in DivisionIII in scoring during the pastseason.Miller's accomplishments willnot be matched for some timeespecially in scoring (1st on the AIItimescoring list at 1540: pts.).· Hisathletic ability and desire to w~'made Baruch a top contender fothe past four years. Congratulations!.HONORA~LE MENTIONSOCCERMark Younker capped a fine.1982-83 season by being selected to'the Metropolitan All-Star Team. (selected from _~ew York and~Jersey Division III players) fo ethird consecutive time.. A junior, Younker had his b tyear as a striker for Baruch'sStatesmen, scoring 20goals and notching seven assists.His goal scoring mark is an all-timeone season high for Baruch.Younker, who will play his finalseason for the Statesmen in1983-'84, has been described byCoach Tony Henry as "a rareplayer with exceptionalability, who'Mark YounkerTbeTickerRogerMiller: Athlete a/the YearThis is the first in an annualseries that seeks to highlight thebest Baruch athlete in each sport,during the past year.Roger Miller, a six foot threeinch forward who goes right or left,hits the open man, or the contestedjumpshot, rebounds and playsdefense is the Ticker Athlete of theYear.Miller who has played for theMen's Varsity Basketball Team forfour years has been the catalystbehind the Baruch team. In hisfinal season, statistically, -, Miller,.displayed his ability to be an allaroundplayer.He holds school records for: themost points in one game-42, mostfree throws in one game-IS, mostfree throws attempted-zn, mosthas put it to use well, for the benefitof the team." Henry also praisedYounger's "mental toughness" andteam spirit. "Each year he has raisedthe level of his game," Henry, said. "His exceptional desire to wincontinually motivates him to dobetter."FENCINGThe Baruch Fencing team showedus what they were made of asthey finished near. the top in theirdivision. The team, as a whole,qualified for the NCAA Championshipseries. As far as the starfencers of the season go, they were.:....~~/.",:.'\:0Shelley AzumbradoJmin Everth and Shelly Azumbrado.According to Coach Ballinger,these were the outstandingmembers of the team. Juan endedhis season as the best foil fencer ashe piled up an impressive record."I did "better than I thought Iwould. L'm satified as to how theteam did as well.". In fencing there are three types of_ weapons: Foil,'Sabre, and Epee., Theydifferin thesizeand weight ofeach weapon as well as the size ofthe target area. The objective: tohit (touch) the opponent. Each ofthe four fencers in a competitionface each of the other four opponents.Shelly thought she "deserved theJuan Everthtitle. I ended with the most victories,but that was mainly becausethe coach never put in a substitutefor me. My specialty was the foil,the one to one competition."Both Juan and Shelly had fencedlong before they came to Baruch.'- And they both had solid admirationfor the team's coach.·WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL"The best all-around player onthe team," is how Coach ReneBiourd describes Stateswomanvolleyball player DucarmelleDesire. Desire has been an integralpart of Baruch's team since 1980.-Desire enjoys playing volleyballbecause "it makes me feel good,"and points out that when she isplaying, everything gets shelved asshe concentrates entirely on thegame.A senior, Desire has played thepositions of spiker and blocker onthe team, and was Captain of theStates-women during their 1982campaign.Photos by:G. V. GloverProfiles by: .Joseph FaganMichael Flanigan- By Manny TavaresPap.15.SPORTS.NetmenRallying~The Baruch tennis team hasbounced back from losing its firstfive matches to win two out oftheirlast five. "The team is improving,"says coach Floring Giuglescu:After losing for the fifth time atPurchase (2-7) on April 18, theStatesmen gained their first victoryby trouncing Lehman 8-1 on April20. The team's exhiliration was• tempered somewhat by losses toAdelphi (l Y2-7~) and Pratt (3-6)on April 22 and 25 respectively.Giuglescu attributes the team'sresurgence to industry andperserverence. "They worked sohard, I thought I was going to killthem," he said. The determinationof the team is exemplified by PeterFlynn, who plays in constant painwith knees that must be wrappedbefore each match to preventdislocation. .Flynn and Mike Lewis aredescribed by Giuglescu as "themost' consistent- players" on anundermanned team. A postponementof the St. Francis match wasforced because Baruch: could notfield enough players.' Although thesituation has improved since then,some players still have to play extramatches to compensate for the-, shortage in manpower.In the Adelphi-Baruch encounter,the last match was haltedin' progress by a 6PM'curfew placedon Baruch's use of the Armory tenniscourts. Each, team was awardeda half-point for the match.Baruch's overall record nowstandsat 2-9, but Giuglescusaid he-'­is not~iscouraged. "Llosr.the top ­four players from last year's teamand it takes two to three years todevelop a good team. So, I am notdiscouraged." The coach isespecially pleased with the team'sCUNY play since Baruch's two 'wins have corne in conference matches.The Statesmen have a 2-3CUNY record.• :. ••••9 • _M ............IIlC...... 'aIrIl.N.~s-.U.S..........'---------------------------------------;;;Imported"Moo.whead. Stands, 'USE YOUR HEAD WHEN 'YiDRINK MOOS£HEAD."-.,GOOD LUCK TO CLASS-OF '83

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