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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron


Courses of Instruction 101636 PARKS AND RECREATION . 3 creditsPrereQUISite. permiSSIOn. Deals w1th theory, practice, evaluat1on of recreat1onal admln1strat1on,parks plann1ng640642643670FISCAL ANALYSIS3 cred1tsPrerequiSite. permiSSIOn. Study of revenue and expenditure patterns of the crty's government641 URBAN ECONOMIC GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT3 creditsPrerequiSite permiSSIOn. Examination of urban economic un1t and 1ts suscept1bil1ty to socJal.econom1c. political and phys1cal change.PUBLIC BUDGETING . . 3 creditsPrerequisite: perfYliSSIDn. Current professional pract1ce and theoretical 1ssues 1n public budgetingand management of cap1tal and operat1ng budgets.INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC POLICY . . . 3 creditsPrerequiSite· permiss10n lntroduct1on to models of public policy formulation; identificatiOn ofmajor pol1cy 1ssues, and the analysiS of policy 1mplementatron and policy rmpact.650 COMPARATIVE URBAN SYSTEMS3 cred1tsPrereqUISite. permiSSIOn. Conceptual schemes and methodology for comparative urban analy­SIS among a number of major c1t1es selected from each cont1nent.RESEARCH FOR FUTURES PLANNING . 3 creditSPrerequ1s1tes· 600 and 601 and completion at e1ght credits at core curnculum 1n urban stud-1es An overv1ew of the techniques assoc1ated w1th the f1eld of futures research and the1r applicationto long-term urban plannrng671 PROGRAM EVALUATION IN URBAN STUDIES 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite· 600 or equ1valent. Major considerations appropnate for conducting eva~uat1ons ofr1 vv1de vanety of human serv1ce programs and polic1es affect1ng urban and metropolitan areas720COMPARATIVE PLANNING STRATEGIES . . . 3 cred1tsPrereqursrte: 715 or permissron. Revi~w and analys1s of alternatrve plannr.lg theorres, lnstrtutions.and Implementation strategies 1n a varrety of nat1onal settrngs799 URBAN TIJTORIAL3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: permiSSIOn. Intensive study of a particular approved f1eld or typrcal area of urbanstud1es under the superv1sion of a tutor.899 DOCTORAL DISSERTATION1-15 cred1ts(May be repeated) Open to properly qualif1ed student accepted as candidate for Doctor of Philosophydegree. Student must regrster for at least three credrts each semester until dlssertatronrs accepted. Minimum of 15 credits requ1red.672 ALTERNATIVE URBAN FUTURES 3 creditsOverv1ew of top1cs and ISsues associated w1th alternative urban futures and their 1mplicat1onsfor plann1ng and publ1c pol1cy in urban commun1t1es673 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS 3 creditsPrereqUISite· 600 and 601 Introduction to microcomputer applications 1n the publ1c sector, rncludrngdata entry, stat1st1cal analysis, report writ1ng, graphical representatiOn and spreadsheets.674 ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATORS 3 creditsPrereqUISite· 600 Public sector applications of quant1tat1ve methods. rnclud1ng deCISIOn analy­SIS, queu1ng theory, mathematrcal programming, and s1mulat1on.680,1 SELECTED TOPICS IN URBAN STUDIES 7-3 cred1ts eachPrerequ1s1te· permiSSIOn Selected top1cs in specif1c areas of urban plann1ng, 1n various developmentalprocesses of C1t1es. or 1n various urban pol1cy and adm1nistrat1ve rssues. (A maximumof 27 cred1ts may be earned 1n 680 and 681.)690 URBAN STUDIES SEMINAR 3 creditsPrerequiSites: 16 credits of urban stud1es core plus quantitative methods Urban researchmethods applied to spec1f1c urban research area. Comprehensive paper required695 INTERNSHIP 7-3 credits(May be repeated for a total of three cred1ts) Prerequisite permiss1on Faculty-supervrsedwork expenence rn wh1ch student partiCipates rn pol1cy plann1ng, administrative operations inselected urban, state and federal governments and urban agenc1es697 INDIVIDUAL STUDIES 7-3 cred1ts(May be repeated for a total of four credns) Drrected rndivrdual read1ngs or research on spe­Cific a rea or top1c699 MASTER'S THESIS 7-9 creditsPrerequ1s1te: perm1ssron Superv1sed thes1s wrrting (May be repeated for a total of n1ne cred­Its.)700 ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODS I 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· master's level stat1st1cs or permission. IntroductiOn to statiStical techniques andmethodolog1es 1n doctoral and postdoctoral research Emphasrs on conceptual and mathematical1nterrelat1onshrps701 ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODS II 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite 700 or equivalent Cont1nuat1on of 700 Emphasis placed upon conceptual andmathematical rnterrelat1onsh!ps of mult1vanate stat1st1cal techn1ques as well as applicat1on ofthese techn1ques through computer analys1s of urban data sets.702 URBAN THEORY I 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite perm1ssron. Rev1ew of maJOr theoretiCal trad1tron exam1n1ng urban problems; forstudents entenng the doctoral program rn urban stud1es (f1rst 1n two-course sequence).703 URBAN THEORY II 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: 702. Rev1ew of maJor professronal drsc1plrnes dealrng wrth urban problems; forstudents enterrng the doctoral program 1n urban studies (second rn two-course sequence)704 PUBLIC BUREAUCRACY 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te permrssron. Analysrs of bureaucratic operations 1n the Implementation of public pol­ICy, rncludlng spec1al attnbutes of human serv1ce organ1zat1ons and the democratiC theory debate705 ECONOMICS OF URBAN POLICY 3 cred1tsPrerequ1srte master's level knowledge of macroeconomics and m1croeconom1cs or special permiSSion.Use of research tools of economic analysrs 1n sem1nar format to examrne opt1ons availableto urban pol1cy makers rn operation ot public serv1ces and economrc development of c1t1es706 PROGRAM EVALUATIONPrerequiSite· perm1ssron. Advanced treatment of top1cs 1n program evaluatron.3 cred1ts707 URBAN PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES 3 cred1tsPrerequisite perm1ss1on. Analys1s of urban plann1ng policy 1ssues and strategies for rmplementatlon1n publrc pol1cy formulation. Emphasis on use of plann1ng process as 1ntegrat1vemechanrsm.708 URBAN POLICY: THE HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· permission Critical exam1nation of major 1deas about the c1ty from Anstotle tothe 20th Century and of the Impact on urban1zat1on on soc1ety and public policy709 SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES OF POLICY ANALYSIS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te· perm1ss1on Analysrs of admrn1stratrve processes within public organizations, federal,state and local1n the Un1ted States, emphasis on urban commun1ty.711 SEMINAR IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite: permiSSion In depth rev1ew and crrtique of major rntellectual traditions, conceptsand theorres underly1ng public admrnrstrat1on 1n the United States714 SEMINAR IN POLICY ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION 3 cred1tsPrerequrs1te: permiSSion In depth rev1ew and crit1que of maJor Intellectual traditions, conceptsand theones underlying polrcy analysis and evaluatron rn the Un1ted States.715 SEMINAR IN URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: permiSSIOn In depth review and cnt1que of major intellectual traditions, conceptsand theones underlying urban and regronal plann1ng 1n the Unrted States

102 The University of AkronCollege ofEngineeringCHEMICAL ENGINEERING4200:561 SOUDS PROCESSING 3 creditsPrere_QUISites: 321 and 353 or permiSSion. Comprehens1ve problems 1n sed1mentat 1 on, fluidization,dry1ng and other operations 1nvolv1ng mechan1cs of particulate solids in hqu1d and gascont1nua.563 POLLUTION CONTROL 3 creditsPrerequiSite: 353 or permiss1on. A1r and water pollution sources and problems Eng1neenngaspects and methodology566 DIGmZED DATA AND SIMULATION 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: permiSSion. Data acqUISitiOn and analysis by d1g1tal dev1ces, d!Qital control applicationsand des1gn.570 ELECTROCHEMICAL ENGINEERING 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes· 322. 330. Chem1cal eng1neenng pnnc1ples as applied to the study of electrodeprocesses and to the des1gn of electrochemtcal reactors. Top1cs 1nclude electrochemical thermodynamiCS,cell polanzat1ons, Faraday's Laws, electrode k1net1cs. transport processes inelectrochemical systems, current d1stnbut1ons, reactor des1gn, expenmental methods, commercialprocesses, and batteries and fuel cells.57Z SEPARATION PROCESSES IN BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite. 353. Introduction to the separation and punf:cation techniques pert1nent to bioprocesses,w1th emphasis on the eng1neenng cons1derat1ons for large-scale operat1ons600 TRANSPORT PHENOMENA 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te. 322 or permission. SystematiC presentation of conservation of momentum,energy and mass at m1croscop1c and macroscopiC levels 1n conJunction with 11lustrat1ve examplesand analogies605 CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING 3 creditsPrerequisite: 330 or permission Kinet1cs of homogeneous and heterogenous systems. Reactordesign for ideal and non-1deal flow systems610 CLASSICAL THERMODYNAMICS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: 225. Discussion of laws of thermodynamicS and the1r application Pred1cat1onand correlat1on of thermodynamic data Phase and reaction equilibria622 BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING 3 creditsApplication of chem1cal eng1neenng pnnc1ples to biological processes wh1ch produce desirablecompounds or destroy unwanted or hazardous substances630 CHEMICAL PROCESS DYNAMICS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 600. Development and solut1ons of mathematical models for chem1cal processes1ncluding models based on transport phenomena pnnc1ples, populat1on balance methodsand systems analysis631 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ANALYSIS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1tes. 322, 225, 330 Mathematical analys1s of problems 1n transpor! processes, chem­ICal kinetics and control systems. Solution techn1ques for these problems and their pract1cal s1gn1f1cancesare stressed. HeuristiC proofs will be g1ven for necessary theory developments632 NONUNEAR DYNAMICS AND CHAOS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te 3450:235. Descnptron and analysis of the complex behav1or exhibrted by nonlinearequat1ons. Emphas1s is on the numencal methods to quantify chaos634 APPUED SURFACTANT SCIENCE 3 creditsPrerequisite· 610. The bas1cs of surfactant science, the chem1cal eng1neering application ofsurfactants 1ncluding use 1n polymenzat1on med1a, separatiOns, emuls1on. m1croemuls1on, anda rheology modifier635 ADVANCED POLYMER ENGINEERING 3 cred1tsPrerequisite 322 or 600 or permiSSIOn Reactors for polymenzat1on, polymer charactenzat1on,polymer processing, polymer rheology640 ADVANCED PLANT DESIGN 3 creditsPrerequisite: perm1ssion Top1cal treatment of process and equipment des1gn, scale-up, optimization,process syntheses, process econom1cs. Case problems680 HETEROGENOUS CATALYSIS 3 creditsPrerequisite. 330. K1net1cs and mechan1sms of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalyticreactions; characterization and design of heterogeneous catalysts696 TOPICS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 1-3 credits(May be repeated for a total of Six credits) Prerequ1s1te. perm•ssion Top1cs selected from newand develop1ng areas of chem1cal engineering, such as electrochemical engmeenng, coal andsynthetic fuels process1ng, b1oengineenng, s1multaneous heat and mass transfer phenomenaand new separation techn1ques.698 MASTER'S RESEARCH 7-

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