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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron


Courses of Instruction 113605 PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICE DEUVERY SYSTEMS 3 cred1tsPrerequisite: certrfication in specral and/or permrssron of rnstructor Provrdes strategres forcommunity analysis, case frndrngs, funding sources and practrces, and development of programmodels and service delivery systems to serve the handicapped606 RESEARCH DESIGN AND PRACTICE IN SPECIAL EDUCATION 3 cred1tsPrereqursite: 5100:640. An rn-depth examination of qualitatrve research, srngle subject desrgn,hypothesrs generatron an methodologrcal practices unrque to rndrvrdual research and rts applrcatronto specral populations.612 SEMINAR: ISSUES IN SPECIAL EDUCATION 3 cred1tsPrerequisites: 25 hours of graduate study rn special educatron and/or permrssron of the mstructor.A culminating semrnar for graduate students in specral educatron designed to study, examineand reflect upon current trends, issues and pract1ces691 STUDENT TEACHING SEMINAR 7 cred1tTaken concurrently w1th Student Teaching. Rev1ew and discussion of issues ra1sed dunngteaching expenence692 STUDENT TEACHING: SCHOOL AUDIOLOGY 6 cred1tsPrerequisite: Permission of advisor. Directed teaching under supervision of a special teacherand a Un1versity superv1sor693 STUDENT TEACHING: SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY 6 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. PermiSSion of advisor. Directed teach1ng under superv1s1on of a spec1al teacherand a Univers1ty supervisor.694 RESEARCH PROJECT IN SPECIAL AREA (SCHOLARLY PAPER) 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite· Culm1nat1ng expenence 1n master's program An 1n-depth study of an 1dent1f1edtop1c m a scholarly paper.695 AELD EXPERIENCE: MASTER'S 7-4 cred1ts(May be repeated for a total of e1ght credits) Des1gned to provide on-the-job expenence 1n aspec1al education program on an Jnd1v1dual basis.697 INDEPENDENT STUDY 7-3 cred1ts(May be repeated for a total of n1ne cred1tsl Prerequ1sites: perm1ssion of adv1ser and supervisorof independent study. Specific area of 1nvestigat1on determ1ned 1n accordance w1th student'sneeds698 MASTER'S THESIS 2-4 cred1tsPrerequisite: permission of adviser. In-depth study of a research problem in education. Studentmust be able to demonstrate crit1cal and analytical skills 1n dealing w1th a problem 1n spec1aleducation.699 MASTER'S THESIS 4-6 creditsThorough study and analysis 1n depth of an educational problem, f1eld projects 1n spec1al areas.synthesis of ex1st1ng knowledge 1n relationship to a spec1f1c topicSCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY5620:590 WORKSHOP 1-2 cred1tsPrerequisite: perm1ss1on of Instructor. Opportune topical experience provided penodically asneeded and/or as resources become available.591.2 WORKSHOP 7-3 cred1ts eachPrerequisite: permiSSIOn of instructor. Opportune topical expenence provided periodically asneeded and/or as resources become available.594 SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY INSTITUTES 7-4 cred1tsPrereqUISite: perm1ssion of Instructor. Spec1f1cally designed learn1ng expenence for programgraduate focus1ng on cnt1cal top1cs600 SEMINAR: ROLE AND FUNCTION OF THE SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST 3 cred1tsPrerequisite permiSSIOn of Instructor. Sem1nar on role and funct1on of school psycholog1stThe course, tailored to meet 1nd1vidual needs of trainees, 1s a cons1derat1on of professtonalstandards of school psychology practice601 COGNITIVE FUNCTION MODELS FOR PRESCRIPTIVEEDUCATIONAL PLANNING3 cred1tsPrerequisite: permisston of instructor. Consideration of cogn1t1ve development theones andthe1r application for educattonal programm1ng602 BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT 3 cred1tsPrerequisite: permission of mstructor. Overv1ew of behav1oral theory and 1ts application focus­Ing upon the role of the school psychologist as an agent of behav1or change603 CONSULTATION STRATEGIES IN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY 3 cred1tsPrerequisite: permission of Instructor. A cons1derat1on of consultant roles 1n the practtce ofschool psychology as related to consultant process and With school and agency personnel,parents and children.610 EDUCATIONAL DIAGNOSIS FOR SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS 4 credrtsPrerequisites: perm1ssion of Instructor. Clin1cal study and application of current assessmentapproaches applicable in assessment of children's learning problems611 PRACTICUM IN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY 4 cred1tsPrerequisite: permiSSion of instructor. Laboratory expenence 1n psycho-educational study ofindividual chtldren who have learntng problems in school. (Repeat requirement).630,1 INTERNSHIP IN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY: FALL/SPRING 3 cred1ts eachPrerequisite: permtssion of 1nstructor. Full-t1me patd work assignment under superv1sion of aqualifted school psychologist for an academic year structured accord1ng to provis1ons of StateDepartment of Education Additional read1ngs requ1red.640 AELD SEMINAR 1: CURRENT PROFESSIONAL TOPICS/ISSUESIN SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY3 cred1tsPrerequistte: permission of Instructor. Cons1derat10n of pert1nent toptcs(Jssues 1n pract1ce ofschool psychology with emphasis upon field-based concerns of a practicing school psychologist.641 AELD SEMINAR II: LOW INCIDENCE/RELATED INQUIRIES 3 cred1tsPrerequis1te: permtssion of mstructor. Cons1derat1on of pertinent top1cs/Jssues 1n pract1ce ofschool psychology with emphasis on field-based concerns of a pract1C1ng school psycholog1st.694 RESEARCH PROJECT IN SPECIAL AREAS 7-3 cred1tsPrerequisite: permission of adv1ser. Study, analysis and reporting of school psychology problem.695 AELD EXPERIENCE: MASTER'S 7-3 cred1tsPrerequiSite· permiSSIOn of instructor. Practical school psychology-related expenence 1n schoolsetting.697 INDEPENDENT STUDY 1-4 creditsPrerequ1s1tes: permiSSIOn of adv1ser and superv1sor of the Independent study. Documentattonof spec1fic area of Jnvest1gat1on. Nature of the 1nqu1ry to be determined by student-supervisorag;eement.698 MASTER'S PROBLEM 2-4 credrtsPrerequiSite permiSSIOn of adv1ser. In-depth study of a research problem in education. Studentmust be able to demonstrate cnt1cal and analytical sk1lls 1n dealing w1th a problem 1n schoolpsychology.699 MASTER'S THESIS 4-6 creditsPrerequ1s1te· permiSSIOn of 1nstructor Thorough study, analysis and reporting tn depth of aneducat1onal problem; t1eld projects 1n special areas; synthesiS of ex1st1ng knowledge 1n relationshipto spec1f1c toptcMULTICULTURALEDUCATION5630:581 MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION IN UNITED STATES 3 cred1tslnqutry 1nto multicultural dtmens1ons of Amencan education. Compansons of urban, suburbanand rural educ.Jt1onal sett1ngs w1th reference to socJoeconomtc differences.582 CHARACTERISTICS OF CULTURALLY DIVERSE POPULATIONS 3 creditsCharactenstics of culturally d1verse populattons with focus on youth 1n low-income areasEmphas1s on cultural, soc tal. economic and educat1onal considerations and thetr 1mpltcat1ons583 PREPARATION FOR TEACHING CULTURALLY DNERSE POPULATIONS 3 cred1tsGa1n kr;o\vledge of iearntng styles; mot1vat1onal, 1nstruct1onal, and management techniques,and prepare/adapt :nstructtona: matenals for d1verse populations584 PRINCIPLES OF BIUNGUAUMULTICULTURAL EDUCATION 3 cred1tsAn 1ntroduct1on to the theoretiC, cultural, socJoiJnguiStJC bases of bilingual/multicultural education.Leg1slatJon, court dectSIOilS, program 1mplementat1on Included585 TEACHING READING AND LANGUAGE ARTS TO BIUNGUAL STUDENTS 4 creditsPrerequ1s1te perm;ss1on of 1nstructor Course applies methodolog1es for teach1ng readtng, languagearts 1n the bilingual/multicultural classroom. The bilingual student's nat1ve language, culturestresses586 TEACHING MATHEMATICS, SOCIAL STUDIES AND SCIENCETO BIUNGUAL STUDENTS3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes elementary education majors, 5200:333, 336, 338; for secondary educationmaJOrs, 5300 311 isc1ence, soCial stud1es in the bilingual/multiCultural classroom Courseapplies methodologieS for teachtng mathematiCS, science, soc1al stud1es in the bilingual multiculturalclassroom. The bilingual student's nat1ve language stressed587 TECHNIQUES FOR TEACHING ENGUSH AS A SECOND LANGUAGEIN THE BIUNGUAL CLASSROOM4 cred1tsPrerequtstte· permiSSIOn of Instructor. Course 1ncludes teach1ng language skills to Lim1ted EnglishProf1c1ent students 1n grades K-12, adm1nJstrat1on of language assessment tests, selectionand evaluat1on of materials.590 WORKSHOP: BIUNGUAUMULTICULTURAL 7-3 cred1tsEmphasizes development of teaching dev1ces and/or cumculum un1ts, demonstration ofteaching techn1ques. ut1l1zation of commun1ty resources.686 SEMINAR: EDUCATION OF CULTURALLY DIVERSE POPULATIONS 2 cred1tsOes1gned to help students become more knowledgeable about and work cooperatively withhuman/social service agencies to allev1ate risk factors assOCiated With diverse populationsEDUCATIONALADMINISTRATION5700:590, 1,2,3 WORKSHOP 7-3 creditslndiv1dual work under staff guidance on curnculum problems, ut1hzat1on of communityresources. planntng of curnculum untts.594 EDUCATIONAL INSffiUTES 7-4 creditsSpectal courses designed as 1n-serv1ce upgrading programs, frequently provided w1th the supportof cumculum un1ts601 PRINCIPLES OF EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsA perspective of educat1onal administration and the context in wh1ch 1t operates, w1th empha­SIS on the processes, tasks, roles and relationships Involved and career opportunities.602 SCHOOL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2 cred1tsAn exam1nat1on of the chang1ng role of today's school bus1ness adm1n1strator and study ofmaJOr bus1ness funct1ons from the perspectives of principals, bus1ness administrators andsupenntendents.603 ADMINISTRATION OF EDUCATIONAL PERSONNEL 2 creditsA perspect:ve on human resources management and a practtcal onentat1on to the majordimensions of the personnel function604 SCHOOL-COMMUNrTY RELATIONS 3 cred1tsAn analysis of the pnnc1ples, praCtices, and matenals that facditate the adjustment and Interpretationof schools to their Internal and external publics.606 EVALUATION IN EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 3 cred1tsAn examination of the general concepts, models, practical applicat1ons and consideratiOnsInvolved 1n the evaluat1on of educational organizations Including program evaluation, periormanceappratsal and operational evaluation607 SCHOOL LAW 2 cred1tsAn exam1nat1on of the legal pnnciples underlymg education 1n Un1ted States as reflected instatutory prov1S1ons, court deciSions and admtnistrattve orders608 SCHOOL FINANCE AND ECONOMICS 3 creditsA study of f1nanc1al operat1ons of school systems, 1ncluding taxes, other sources of revenue,expenditures, budgeting and the effects of economic factors.609 PRINCIPLES OF CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT 3 cred1tsAn overvtev. and analysts of educational and Instructional programs emphas1z1ng the bastc purposes,funct1ons and structures necessary to shape, Implement and evaluate them.

114 The University of Akron610 PRINCIPLES OF EDUCATIONAL SUPERVISION 3 c1ed1tsStudy of principles, organtzatlons and techntques of supervts1on wtth vtew to Improvement oftnstruct1on611 SUPERVISION OF STUDENT TEACHING 2 creditsPnmarily for superv1s1ng teachers 1n gu1dance of student teachers Topics tnclude readiness forstudent teaching, d1rect1ng teacher and college supervtsor relattonshtps, use of the conference,demonstration and observatton.612 ADMINISTRATION OF EDUCATIONAL FACIUTIES 2 creditsA comprehens1ve v1ew of the pnnctples, practices and new dtmens1ons tnvolved 1n the planningand management of educational faciltttes.613 ADMINISTRATION OF PUPIL SERVICES 2 cred1tsOverview of pupil services 1nclud1ng analysts of the nature and development of each componentprogram and discussion of current 1ssues and trends615 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION 2 cred1tsA practical course prov1d1ng hands-on expenence w1th bas1c software programs, computerass1sted 1nstruct1or< and word processing for administrators and educational organ1zat1ons620 SECONDARY SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsAn onentat1on to the secondary pnnc~pal's role and work1ng relat1onsh1ps and an exam1nat1onof the pnnc1ples and strategieS Involved 1n successfuliy adm1n1ster1ng a secondary school631 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsExam1nat1on of the elementary school pr1nc1palsh1P as 1t relates to the development and maintenanceof a school cl1mate most conduc1ve to learn1ng684 FIELD EXPERIENCE 1: ELEMENTARY ADMINISTRATION 2 cred1tsA superv1sed. on-the-Job adm1n1strat1on expenence 1n staff personnel, pupil personnel, curnculum,community relat1ons, f1nance and phys1cal fac11it1es686 FIELD EXPERIENCE 1: SECONDARY ADMINISTRATION 2 cred1tsA cooperative f1eld-based expenence 1n a secondary school 1nvolv1ng observat1on and actiVIties1n the adm1n1strat1ve task areas694 FIELD EXPERIENCE II: ELEMENTARY ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsPrerequiSites: 684 and permiss1on of instructor. Culmination of the preparatory program forelementary school pnnc1pals 1n wh1ch students perform adm1n1strative tasks superv1sed byexpenenced pnnc1pals.695 FIELD EXPERIENCE FOR SUPERVISORS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te· complet1on of all course work 1n the program Des1gned to help the student applythe knowledge and sk1lls related to d1rect assistance, cumculum development 1n serv1ce/staffdevelopment group work, and act1on research.696 FIELD EXPERIENCE II: SECONDARY ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsA cooperative, f1eld-based expenence 1n a secondary school w1th emphas1s on proJect performance1n the adm1n1strat1ve task areas.697 INDEPENDENT STUDY 7-3 cred1ts(May be repeated for a total of SIX creditS) PrerequiSites: permiSSIOn of adv1ser and superviSOrof the Independent study. Area of study determ1ned by student's needs698 MASTER'S PROBLEM 24 creditsPrerequisite permiSSIOn of adv1ser In-depth study of a research problem 1n educat1on. Studentmust be able to demonstrate cnt1cal and analyt1cal skills 1n deal1ng w1th a problem 1n educationaladm1n1strat1on699 MASTER'S THESIS 4-6 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te permiSSion of adv1ser. In-depth study of a research problem 1n educat1on. Studentmust be able to demonstrate cr1t1cal and analyt1cal skills 1n deal1ng w1th a problem 1n educationaladm1n1strat1on704 ADVANCED PRINCIPLES OF EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION 2 cred1tsStudy of organizations and strengths and weaknesses of common methods of adm1n1stenngthem Pract1cal means by which overcoming bureaucratiC weaknesses of bureaucracies areoffset or lessened 1n educat1onal 1nst1tUt1ons705 DECISION MAKING IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsDec1S1on mak1ng IS portrayed as a central function ot the educat1onal adm1n1strator w1th a unitedpresentation of the theory, research and pract1ce of dec1sion mak1ng706 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND EMPLOYEE RELATIONS 2 cred1tsAn overv1ew of collective barga1n1ng 1n educat1on and a comprehenSive look at the mechaniCSand 1ssues 1nvolved 1n the barga1n1ng process and contract adm1n1stration707 THE SUPERINTENDENCY 3 cred1tsAn onentat1on to the supenntendent's role and an exam1nat1on of the strategies for deal1ngw1th the maJor relat1onal and functional aspects of the supenntendency720 TOPICAL SEMINAR: EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION 7-3 cred1ts(May be repeated) PrereqUISite: permiSSion of Instructor. Topical studies 1n selected areas of concernto students, pract1c1ng adm1n1strators 1n public, pnvate educational institUtions, organizations.730 RESIDENCY SEMINAR 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te 601. Focus on recent research 1n adm1nistrat1on and educational administrationtheory731 RESIDENCY SEMINAR 3 cred1tsCurrent adm1nistrat1ve problems 1n educational 1nst1tutions as perce1ved by student and practicingschool execut1ves. Emphasis on problem management amel1orat1on or solutiOn F1eldv1S1ts or resource persons 1nv1ted to classroom.732 ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS AND THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR 3 cred1tsFundamentals 1n Interpersonal commun1cat1on. application of these pnnc~ples to roles of educationaladministrators. Sk1ll development 1n wntten and spoken communications, w1th attentionto nonverbal commun1cat1ons. s1mulat,on and role play1ng733 THE EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATOR AND PLANNED CHANGE 2 cred1tsPrerequiSites 601 and 704. Relationship between technological and soc1al change and neededchange 1n educat1on, theones, pnnc1ples and mechan1sms 1n planned educat1onal change740 THEORIES OF EDUCATIONAL SUPERVISION 3 cred1tsPrerequiSites 610, 5200 732 or 5300 721 Extends 5700 610, 1nclud1ng superv1sory models,staff development and the organ1zat1onal environment's 1mpact on the climate for effect1vesuperviSIOn745 PRACTICUM IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION: URBAN SETTING 2 cred1tsPrerequis1te. completion of three-fourths of doctoral prog1am courses. Analysis of un1quenessof urban sett1ng, e , multicultural and pluralistic urban populations Stress on administrator'shuman relat1on746 POLITICS, POWER AND THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR 3 cred1tsImpacts of formal and informal commun1ty power structures and 1nfluent1al persons on educationalplann1ng and dec1s1on mak1ng Adm1n1strator as an 1nfluence on the power structurefor educational benefit747 PRACTICUM: COMPETING AND COMPLEMENTARY SOCIAL SYSTEMS 3 cred1tsDesigned to bnng nducat1onal adm1n1strato: 1nto d1rect contact w1th Jnd1v1duals respons1ble torother community serv1ce del1very systems. e.g . c1ty government Methods of Interagencycooperation to prov1de client serv1ces795,6 INTERNSHIP IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION 2 cred1ts each(May be repeated for a total of s1x cred1ts) Work under a practiCing adm1n1strator 1nvolv1ngexperience in opt1mum number of admin1strat1ve tasks. Includes seminars and wntten work.895 AELD EXPERIENCE: THE SUPERINTENDENCY 2 cred1tsPrerequiSite· permiSSIOn of Instructor Cooperat1ve. field-based expenence 1n central off1ce ofa school d1stnct 1n wh1ch student performs ass1gnments 1n adm1n1strat1ve task areas896 AELD EXPERIENCE IN SCHOOL PLANT PLANNINGPrerequiSites· permiSSIOn of Instructor Selected f1eld expenencesschool enrollments evaluat1on of school plants and f.nanc1a: aspe:=ts of2 cred1tson analys1s ofplann1ng897 INDEPENDENT STUDY 7-3 cred1ts(May be repeated for a total of s1x cred1tsl Prerequ1s1tesof adv1ser In-depth studyof a research problem 1n education Student must be to den",onstrate cnt1cal and analyticalsk1lls 1n deal1ng vv1th a problem 1n secondary education898 RESEARCH PROJECT IN SPECIAL AREAS 7-2 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te permtsslon of adv1ser Cnttcal and In-depth study of spec1f1c problem 1n educationaladm1nJstrat1on899 DOCTORAL DISSERTATION 1-20 cred1tsPrerequiSite perm1·3s1on of adv1ser. Speclf1c research problem that requ1res student to applyresearch skills and techn1ques to the problem betng stud1edSPECIAL EDUCATIONALPROGRAMS5800:590 WORKSHOP IN ECONOMIC EDUCATION OR IN SOCIAL STUDIES 7-3 cred1tsIndividual work under staff guidance on cumculum problems. ut1hzat1on of commun1tyresources, plann1ng of cumculum un1ts591 WORKSHOP IN ARITHMETIC OR IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE 7-3 cred1tsIndividual work un:ler staff gu1dance on curnculum problems, ut111zat10n of commun1tyresources, plann1ng of cumculum untts592 WORKSHOP IN READING 7-3 creditslnd1v1dual work un:Jer staff gu1dance on curnculum problems Jtlllzatlor. of comrcun1tyresources; plann1ng of cumculum un1ts.593 WORKSHOP ON EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN 1-3 cred1tslnd1vtdual work under staff gu1dance on cumculum problerns. ut::~zatlon of commun1tyresources; planning of curnculum un1ts594 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL STUDY 3-6 cred1tsOn-the-scene study of educat1on 1n fore1gn countnes usually by concentrating on the study ofschools 1n one restncted geographical area

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