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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron


Courses of Instruction 117670 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 3 cred1tsPrerequ1sites: 600. 601 or equ1valent An overv1ew of the strateg1c. tact1cal and operat1onal1ssues d1rectly related to the creat1on of goods and serv1ces671 ADVANCED OPERATIONS RESEARCH 3 creditsPrereqUISite· 662 Designed to present 1n more depth and breadth certain toprcs surveyed 1n662, with emphas1s on application of these techniques to student's own business s1tuat1ons673 QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY TECHNIQUES 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite: 601. Introduction to tectm1ques for 1mprov1ng product1v1ty and quality, IncludingstatiStical process control (SPC), matenal requ1rements plann1ng (MRP), JUSt-In-time (JIT}1nventory control and management of the program674 ADVANCED QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY TECHNIQUES 3 creditsPrerequiSites· 673. Examines advanced techn1ques 1n statiStical process control, expenmentaldestgn, determtnation of customer quality needs/customer service, product reltabtllty~labilltyand management of quality systems.675 MATERIALS MANAGEMENT 3 cred1tsPt-erequtstte· 600 Surveys functtons and explores opportun1t1es for prof1t Improvement andcost reduction 111 those functtons Integrated under the organtzatlonal concept of matenalsmanagement676 MANAGEMENT OF PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS 3 cred1ts600 602, 662. Surveys the ma0agement of resources requ1red to transformrnto products or servrces Addresses tssues related to servrces, matertals, people andequipment uttl1zed for production.678 PROJECT MANAGEMENT 3 cred1tsPrerequtsttes 600, 601, 602. Provtdes working knowledge of tools and methods available toproject managers tncludtng computenzed analysts of network models to a1d 111 the planntngand control functtons683 HEALTH SERVICES SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT 3 cred1tsPrerequts1te 580 or 600 or equtvalent or permtss1on of instructor Study of health serv1cesorgantzat1ons, comparattve delivery systems, the roles of thrrd-party payors and governmentpol1cy tn health care Semrnar format: maJOr research paper requ1red686 HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH PROJECT 3 cred1tsPrereqursttes 683 or permiSSIOn of tnstructor. In-depth f1eld study 111 health services admintstrattonwtth applications of research and analysis sktlls Course requ1res rev1ew of ltterature anda maJor research paper687 GRADUATE SEMINAR IN HEALTH SERVICES POUCY AND ADMINISTRATION 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1tes. 683 or permission of 1nstructor. Advanced semtnar: 1n-depth study of contemporary1ssues tn health servtces pol1cy and adm1n1strat10n. Includes examtnat1on of macro-soctetaland mtcro-organ1zattonal tssues. Major paper required688 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION 1-3 cred1tsIMay not be repeated for more than three credttsl Prerequtsttes: 580 or 600 or equivalent orpermiSSIOn of tnstructor Independent study and research of a spectal toptc of interest tn healthservtces admtnJstratton (e.g , management), chosen by the student tn consultation with andunder the superv1s1on of the tnstructor690 SELECTED TOPICS IN MANAGEMENT 3 cred1tsIMay be repeated for a total of six cred1ts) PrerequiSite: 652 Selected top1cs in historical, contemporaryand/or operattonal and functtonal areas of management.695 BUSINESS STRATEGY AND POUCY: DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL 3 cred1tsPrerequtstte to be ftnal course 1n M.B.A. program A case-onented course wh1ch focuses onintegration of theoretrcal and practtcal knowledge acqutred tn core bus1ness courses Studentsanalyze, evaluate, formulate organization objeCtives and strategtes wtth1n domestic and internattonalenvrronmental contexts697 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN MANAGEMENT 1-3 cred1ts(May be repeated for a total of stx credtts} Focus on spectal tOpiCS of study and research inmanagement on an tndependent bas1s.MARKETING6600:540 PRODUCT PLANNING 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: 600 Exam1nes the creatton of new products and the management of ex1sttngproducts through the ltfe cycle. (Graduate credit requtres addtttonal research paper.).550 STRATEGIC RETAIL MANAGEMENT 3 creditsPrerequisite 600 or permrssion of tnstructor. lnvesttgat1on of strategic and tactical retatl deCI­Sions and tssues through the use of case analysis, computer appl1cat1ons, expenenttal games,and field projects (Graduate credit requ1res add1t1onal research paper.)570 BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING 3 creditsPrerequtstte· 600 or permtss1on of tnstructor Studtes tndustnal and organizational buyer behav­IOr. The strategtc markettng management pract1ces of ftrms selling to bus1ness organtzations,government egenctes, and 1nstitut1ons are also exam1ned (Graduate credit requ1res add1t1onalresearch paper)575 BUSINESS NEGOTIATIONS 3 creditsExam1nes bustness negotJatton pnnciples and pract1ces, and butlds skills in the process ofnegottattng bustness agreements580 SALES MANAGEMENT 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 600 or perm1ss1on of instructor. Develops analytical and managenal skills throughcase stud1es and other learntng act1v1t1es relattng to the organization, selection, tra1ntng mottvatton,and control of a sales force. (Graduate cred1t requ1res addtt1onal research paper.)600 MARKETING CONCEPTS 3 creditsIntroductory course exam1n1ng buyer behavror, environmental influences, target marketrng,product development, dtstnbut1on, promotton, and prrc1ng for bustness f1rms and nonprofitorgan1zattons w1th1n a global context620 STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT 3 creditsPrerequtstte: 600 or equtvalent Managenal assessments of opportun1t1es, threats are exploredas are the development and management of appropnate strategiC marketing plans and thetrtactJcallmplementatton.630 MARKETING OF SERVICES 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite: 600 or permisston of instructor Examines marketing strategies within the servtce:ndustry Focuses on both profit (e.g., transportatton, financial) and nonproftt (e.g., educationalsoc1al} organ1zat1ons. Product support services are also covered.640 BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1sites 6500:601 and 602 Covers the sc1ent1ftc methods as well as the gathering andanalysis of Information to identify opportunities and solve problems withtn a bus1ness organtzatton.650 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 3 creditsPrerequtstte: 600. Examtnes the marketplace behavior of tndrvrduals, households and organtzattonsFocus 1s placed on integrattng theorettcal models w1th managenal appltcat1ors655 MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS 3 creddsPrerequ1srte· 600. The total range of marketing commun1cat1on tools are examrned tndr;td.Jallyand tn the context of plannrng, develop1ng, and rmplementtng a systematiC and tntegratEdcommun1cat1ons program670 COMPETITIVE BUSINESS STRATEGY 3 ued1tsPrereqUISites 600 601, 6400·602, 6500·600, and 6600:600 lnvest1gat1on of compet1t1ve businessstrategy from an tndustry perspectrve. The course presents a framework wh1ch can beused to understand and develop compettttve strateg1es680 APPUCATIONS OF MARKETING THEORY 3 creditsPrerequiSite· 600 Exam1nes marketing theories and their appltcattons to busrness problemsolvingand deCISion-making. Selected readtngs and f1eld projects are used to enhance the student'smanagenal skills.697 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN MARKETING 1-3 credns(May be repeated for a total of six credits) Focus on spectal toptcs of study and research tnmarkettng on an rndependent basts.PROFESSIONAL6700:690 PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBIUTY I cred1tPrerequiSite: N1ne graduate credits. Semrnar on the professtonal responslblltttes of bus1nessmen and women to make them and the bustness organ1zatton tn whrch they worh. moreresponsible dec1sron makers692 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS 1 cred1tPrerequis1te- Ntne graduate credtts Enhances understandtng of global bust ness tssues, presentrelevant trends and updates. facrlttates cross-cultural tnteractron, and explores appliedpract1ces of tnternatronal bustness694 APPUED BUSINESS DOCUMENTATION AND CONTACT I cred1tTh1s course 1s des1gned to offer a practtcum approach to the sktlls and strateg1es for handltngspectaltzed documents, contact protocols, and bustness presentatrons695 INTERNSHIP IN BUSINESS 1-3 cred1tsPrerequiSite· permiSSIOn of Instructor. On-the-job expenence w1th cooperatrng prtvate ar,d publicsector organtzations. lndivtduai assrgnments made by supervJs1ng faculty member Pen odicreports and research papers requ1red Credtt!NoncredJt.696 SPECIAL TOPICS IN PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT I cred,rSpecial toptcs and current tssues rn the MBA Program Professtonal Core May be repeatedwtth a change of subject, not to exceed 4 credtts698 COLLOQUIUM IN BUSINESS 1-3 cred1tsPrerequisrte· permisston of graduate director Study of bus1ness admrn1stratron through a seminarof several lectures tn business research and pract1ce. A broad range of toptcs 1n bust nessresearch and tssues wtll be discussed by guests, faculty and graduate students. ~~/!ay berepeated, but Will not sat1sfy degree requirements (Credlt/non-credtt.)INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS6800:605 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTS 3 cred1tsAn tntroductory course designed to develop a broad understandtng of global bustness environments.630 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING POLICIES 3 credttsPrerequ1s1te: 6600.620 and 6800 605 or permtss1on of tnstructor. Explores the pmblems of formulattngand 1mplementrng markettng strategres and tactics withrn complex andmulttnattonal organ1zattons and international markets A planntng framework IS enmhost:,erl685 MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: 605 An advanced course destgned to develop an tn-depth understanding of globalbustnesses, their functions, structures, and strategtc operations.690 SEMINAR IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· 605 and a total of 15 Phase II graduate credits or perm1ss1on ot InstructorAdvanced course covenng several major tssues tn international bustness697 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS 1-3 credits(May be repeated for a total of SIX credits} PrerequiSites· Graduate stand1ng and permiss1on oftnstructor Focus on spectal topiCS of study and research in 1nternat1onal bustness on an Independentbasis

118 The University of AkronCollege of Fineand Applied ArtsART7100:500 ART IN THE UNITED STATES BEFORE WORLD WAR II 3 creditsPrerequisite: 101 or permission of tnstructor. Consideration of development of art 1n the UnitedStates from earliest ev1dences to approximately World War II501 SPECIAL TOPICS IN HISTORY OF ART 7-3 cred1tsPrerequisite: 201 or perm1ss10n. A lecture course focus1ng on a partiCUlar movement. period, artistor medium. (May be repeated when a different subject or level of 1nvest1gatJon 1s selected.)505 HISTORY OF ART SYMPOSIUM 7-3 credits(May be repeated for cred1t when a different subject is tndicated) Prerequistte· one art historycourse beyond 201 or permtsston of instructor. Lecture, 1ndtvtdual research and evaluatton,group dtscussion related to a spectftc ttme penod or to an artisttc problem590 WORKSHOP IN ART 1-4 cred1ts(May be repeated for credit when a different subject or level of investigation IS 1nd1cated- 490to maximum of eight credits; 590 to maxtmum of 12 credits) Prerequisite: advanced stand1ngin art or permission of Instructor. Group 1nvestigat1on of a particular phase of art not offered byother courses 1n curnculum.591 ARCHITECTURAL PRESENTATIONS I 3 cred1tsPrerequisites: Junior level or permission. Studio pract1ce in architectural des1gn and presentationmethods in residential and commercial interiors592 ARCHITECTURAL PRESENTATIONS II 3 cred1tsPrerequisites: 491/591 Continuatton of concepts covered m Architectural Presentations I wtthadditional work in color rendering ted1niques. Emphasis on a variety of rendenng med1ums.597 INDEPENDENT STUDIES 7-3 cred1ts(May be repeated) Prerequisttes for art majors: advanced stand1ng 1n area chosen and permissionof instructor. Prerequisite for non-art maJorS: perm1sS10n of tnstructor. InvestigatiOn 1ndepth of aesthetic and teohnical problems with1n a studio-selected area of specialization. Studentmust present in writing a proposed study plan and t1me sd1edule for Instructor approvaL598 SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN HISTORY OF ART 1-3 cred1ts(May be repeated for credit when a different subject or level of 1nvest1gation IS 1nd1catedl PrereqUISites:14 credits in art h1story and permission of tnstructor. lndiv1dual research 1n art historycentered around l1m1ted topic, such as specific t1me penod, h1story of spec1f1c techniques,a single artist or movement 1n art history. No more than 10 cred1ts will be counted towardmaJOr.HOME ECONOMICS ANDFAMILY ECOLOGY7400:501 FAMIL\

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