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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron


Courses of Instruction 123645 EVOKED POTENTIALS 2 cred1tsPrerequisite: permission of Instructor. A study of auditory, visual and somatosenson evokedpotentials and their clinical applications 1n audiology and neuro-otology.647 EXPERIMENTAL AUDIOLOGY 2 creditsPrerequisites: six gradua~e aud·1ology credits or permiSSIOn. of instructor. Pn~ciples of psydloacoustics.Review of rnstrumentation and research techn1ques. Study of Significant literature1n the field.649 ELECTRONYSTAGMOGRAPHY 2 creditsPrerequisite: permission of instructor. Study of the anatomyand physiology of the vestibularsystem; nystagmus; electronystagmograph1c (ENG) record1ng procedures; ENG protocols;Interpretation of ENG results.650 ADVANCED CUNICAL PRACTlCUM: DIFFERENT DIAGNOSIS 7 creditPrereqUISite: Permission. (May be repeated for a max1mum of six credits.) Supervised clin1ca1practicum 1n diagnostrc procedures. Includes preparation of reports651 ADVANCED CUNICAL PRACllCUM: VOICE 1 creditP~e~equis1te: 626 or permiSSIOn. (May b~ repeated for a maximum ?f SIX credits.) Superv1sedcl1n1cal pract1cum in treatment of vo1ce disorders. Includes diagnostiC/therapy procedures andpreparation of reports652 ADVANCED CUNICAL PRACTlCUM: FLUENCY 1 cred1tPrerequisite: 627 or permission. (May be repeated for a maximum of SIX credits.) Supervisedclinical practicum 1n treatment of fluency disorders. Includes diagnostic/therapy proceduresand preparation of reports654 ADVANCED CUNICAL PRACllCUM: DIAGNOSTIC AUDIOLOGY 1 creditPrerequisite: Permission. (May be repeated for a maximum of s1x creditS.) Supervised clin1calpracticum in audiology diagnostics. Includes diagnost1c procedures and preparatron of reports655 ADVANCED CUNICAL PRACllCUM: ARTICULATION 7 creditPrerequiSite: 321 or perm·Jssion. (May be repeated for a maximum of SIX cred1ts.l Superv1sedclinical practicum in treatment of articulation disorders. Includes diagnostic/treatment proce-­dures and preparation of reports.656 ADVANCED CUNICAL PRACTlCUM: LANGUAGE 1 creditPrerequisrte: Permission (May be repeated for a max1mum of SIX credrts.) Supervised clinicalpracticum in treatment of language disorders. Includes diagnostic/treatment procedures andpreparation of reports.657 ADVANCED CUNICAL PRACTlCUM: REHABIUTATIVE AUDIOLOGY 1 creditPrerequisite: Permission. (May be repeated for a maximum of six cred1ts). Supervised clinicalpract1cum 1n hearing rehabilitation. Includes dragnostic/treatment procedures and preparationof reports.695 EXTERNSHIP: SPEECH PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY 2-4 creditsPrerequisite: Permission. (May be repeated for a maximum of six credits) Clinical pract1cumin a selected speech-language-hearing facility.697 SPECIAL PROBLEMS: SPEECH PATHOLOGY AND/OR AUDIOLOGY 7-3 credits(May be repeated for total of six credits) Prerequisite· permiss1on of Instructor. Guidedresearch or reading in selected topics in speech pathology, audiology, or language disorders.699 MASTER'S THESIS 4-6 credits{May be repeated for a total of six credits) Prerequisite: permission of School D1rector.SOCIAL WORK7750:501 SOCIAL WORK PRACTlCE I 3 cred1tsPrerequisite: 276 or permission of instructor. Bas1c concepts and methods of soc1al work practice,particularly relating to understanding and working with rnd1viduals and families.502 SOCIAL WORK PRACTlCE II 3 creditsPrerequisite: 401 or permission of rnstructor. Concepts and methods of soc1al work practice particularlyrelating to understanding and working with groups 1n vanous settings in our society.503 SOCIAL WORK PRACTlCE Ill 3 creditsPrerequisite: 401 or permission of Instructor Development of understanding and practicemethods for utilization of community organization and soc1al planning as soc1al work processin assessing problems and develop1ng programs to meet needs504 SOCIAL WORK PRACTlCE IV 3 creditsPrerequisite: 401 or permission of instructor. Professional social work practice w1th families insocial services; the dynamics of fam1ly systems, assessment of family funct1on and dysfunction,profess·Jonal helping processes.510 MINORITY ISSUES IN SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE 3 creditsPrerequisite: 276 or permrssion of instructor; must be taken prior to or concurrently w1th 401and one of the other pract1ce courses (402, 403, 404). Racial, ethn1c and cultural issues insocial work related to vanous practice and theoretical perspectives, to vanous types of socialproblems, service agencies, individual family, group, community and societal contexts integratedwith the methodologrcal processes of the social work practitioners.511 WOMEN'S ISSUES IN SOCIAL WORK PRACllCE 3 creditsPrerequisrte: 276 or permission of instructor. Social work practice, knowledge and skill, socialwelfare institutions and social policy in relation to women's 1ssues and concerns 1n the UnitedStates.525 SOCIAL WORK ETHICS 3 creditsPrerequisite: 276 or permission of instructor. Sacral Worker's code of eth1cs as applied to practices,problems and issues in social work.527 HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT I 3 creditsPrerequisite for 427: 276 or permission of instructor; for 527: permission of instructor. Socialwork perspective on human development across the life cycle. Human d1vers1ty approach con­Sistent w1th the needs of social work students prepanng for practice.530 HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT II 3 creditsPrerequisites for 430: 276, 427 or permission of Instructor; for 530· permission of instructor.EmphasiS on social workers' understanding of and use of rndivJdual rnteraction and growthwithin family as a system, groups, roles, organizations, community, and culture.540 SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH I 3 creditsPrerequisites for 440: 276 or permission of instructor: for 540: permission. Social work practitioner'srole in utilization of sc1entific method in the conduct of practice and utilization of soc1alwork research as found in social work and social science literature for improvement andadvancement of social work practice.541 SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH II 3 creditsPrerequisite for 441:440 or permission of instructor: for 541: permis~ion of rnst~ctor. E~aluationof social work intervention with 1ndiv1dual, group and commun1ty. Processing and Interpretingagency rnformat1on for better practrce, policy and administrative decisions.545 SOCIAL POUCY ANALYSIS FOR SOCIAL WORKERS 3 creditsPrerequisrte for_ 445: 276 or permission of instructor: for 545: undergraduate ~ocial ~arkdegree or permiSSIOn. Descnpt1on, analysis and constructton of social policy 1n soctal services;to understanding forces and processes which establish or change social policies, to pred1ctconsequences of social policres, and to establish goals for soc1al policy development; Integratedinto effective social work methodology550 SOCIAL NEEDS AND SERVICES FOR LATER ADULTHOOD AND AGING 3 cred1tsPrerequisite: 276 or permission of instructor. Application of knowledge and principles of professionalsocial work practice to understanding, development and provision of soc1al servicesto meet needs of aging and later maturity individuals, famil1es and communities and instrtutionsserving them and their relatrves.551 SOCIAL WORK IN CHILD WELFARE 3 creditsPrereqursite: 276 or permission of rnstructor. In-depth exploratron of structure and functioningof sacral services designed to help children, and of practice of sacral work in dlild-wetfare settings.consrderation of supportrve, supplementary, and substitutive services.552 SOCIAL WORK IN MENTAL HEALTH 3 creditsPrerequisite: 276 or permission of rnstructor. Issues, organization, development, and methodologiesof current professional social work practice in mental-health settings.554 SOCIAL WORK IN JUVENILE JUSTICE 3 creditsPrerequisrte: 276 or perrn1ssion of 1nstructor (undergraduate). The theory and practice of socialwork 1n the juvenile justice systems of the United States. Traditional procedures and recentdevelopments, prevention, diverston and communrty outreach, legal concerns, case management,institutional functioning.555 THE BLACK FAMILY 3 creditsPrerequisite: 276 or permiss1on of Instructor. Contemporary problems facing black fam1lies;male-female relationships, single parent households, black teens and elderly, public pohcy, theoreticalmodels, explaining development of the black family.556 SOCIAL WORK IN HEALTH SERVICES 3 creditsPrerequisite: 276 or permission of Instructor. Policies, programs and pract1ce in health--care settings:short-term, intermed.Jate and long-term, hospitals, out-pat1ent serv1ces, emergency services,clinics, visiting nurse services, nursing homes, pediatric services, self-help organizations.557 ADVANCED PRACllCE WITH INDMDUALS 3 creditsPrerequisite: 401 or permission of instructor (undergraduate); undergraduate social work degreeor permission (graduate). Advanced professional development of direct and indirect strategiesand tedlniques of intervention to aid individuals in improving psychosocial functioning.558 ADULT DAY CARE 3 cred1tsPrerequisite for 458: 276 or permission of instructor; for 558: permiss1on of rnstructor. Planning,development, implementing, evaluating, and delivery of adult day-care services.559 SOCIAL WORK WITH THE MENTAUY RETARDED 3 creditsPrerequisite: 276 or permission of instructor. Application of social work principles in the provisionof social services to meet the need of the mentally retarded and developmentally disabledand therr families565 ADMIMSTRATION AND SUPERVISION IN SOCIAL WORK 3 cred1tsPrereqUisite: 401 or permission of instructor. Preparation for use of supervision, staff developmentand program planning 1n a social work agency. Examines the social work/vvelfare agencyin its community as it affects its organizational goal-setting and program-implementation problems.570 LAW FOR SOCIAL WORKERS 3 cred1tsPrerequisite: 276 or permission of instructor. Basic terminology, theories, principles, organizatiOn,and procedures of law will be explored along with the relationships between social workand law and comparisons of the theoretical bases of the two professions.575 SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND SOCIAL WORK PRACTlCE 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 276 or permiSSIOn of instructor. Provides students w1th the essential knowledgeand sk1ll for successful social work practice with people involved in substance abuse.580 SPECIAL 10PICS IN SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL WELFARE 1-3 creditsPrerequisite: permiSSion of instructor. AnalysiS of current social work and soc1al welfare theoryand policy, settings, innovative Interventions and trends in delivery systems in relation toselected areas of concern. Topics and cred1ts variable.590 SOCIAL WORK WORKSHOP 7-4 credits(May be repeated for a total of six credit) Prerequisite: permission of Instructor. Group Investigationof a particular phase of social work or soc1al welfare not offered by other courses 1ncurriculum.597 INDMDUAL INVESTIGATIONS IN SOCIAL WORK SOCIAL WELFARE 1-3 creditsPrerequiSites: permrss1on and prearrangement WJth instructor. Individual readrngs, research orprojects 1n area of interest in social welfare theory or instiMional operations or in social workpractice under guidance of social work faculty member. Preparation of report paper appropriateto nature of top1c. For social work major.601 FOUNDATION RELD PRACTlCUM 3 creditsPrerequisites: graduate status; currently enrolled ·,nor completed foundation coursework. A 2semester course consrsttng of a 400 clock hour, supervised 1nternsh1p at a social serviceagency. !Offered every Fall Semester)602 FOUNDATION RELD PRACllCUM 3 creditsPrerequisites: graduate status; currently enrolled 1n or completed foundation coursework. A 2semester course consisting of a 400 clock: hour, supervised intemsh"1p at a social serviceagency. !Offered every Spring Semester.)603 ADVANCED RELD PRACTlCUM 3 creditsPrerequisites: graduate status; currently enrolled in or completed second year coursework. A2 semester course consisting of a 600 clock: hour, supervised internship rn a social serviceagency, based on the student's concentration and specialization !Offered every Fall Semester.)604 ADVANCED RELD PRACTlCUM 3 creditsPrerequisites: graduate status; currently enrolled in or completed second year coursework. A2 semester course consisting of a 600 clock hour, supervised 1nternshrp in a soc1al serviceagency, based on the student's concentration and specialization. (Offered every SpnngSemester.)605 SOCIAL WORK PRACTlCE WITH LARGE SYSTEMS 3 creditsPrerequisite: 604 or permission of instructor. Provides the bas1c knowledge, skills, and strategiesof soc1al work practice with task groups, organizations and communities.607 ADVANCED PRACTlCE WITH SMAU SYSTEMS I 3 cred1tsPrerequisite: second level graduate student or permission of instructor. This course focuseson the differential assessment of Individuals, families and small groups and the application ofa range of theory bases.

124 The University of Akron608 ADVANCED PRACTICE WITH SMAU SYSTEMS II 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te. 704 or permtssion of tnstructor. As a conttnuatton of Advanced Practtce I, thtscourse focuses on the development and tmplementatton of tnterventton strategies wtth andon behalf of small systems.609 SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE WITH SMAU SYSTEMS 3 cred1tsPrerequtstte: graduate status or permtsston of 1nstructor. Prov1des the bas1c knowledge. skills,professional eth1cs and values necessary for beg1nn1ng soc1al work pract1ce With small cl1entsystems611 DYNAMICS OF RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION 3 cred1tsPrerequiSite graduate status or permiSSion of instructor. Prov1des knowledge of analyzing andunderstanding the factors lead1ng to and sustain1ng rac1sm. sex1sm, homophobia, and the like,at m1cro and macro levels622 FUNDAMENTALS OF RESEARCH I 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te gradua~e status or permiSSIOn of 1nstructor Th1s course prov1des an Introductionto the log1c of sc1entlf1c 1nquiry, the research process, and the relationship between researchand soCial \lliork pract1ce.623 FUNDAMENTALS OF RESEARCH II 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te 622; statiStics course; or permiSSIOn of Instructor. Prov1des students w1th anunderstanding of quant1tat1ve and qual1tat1ve methodologies and the use of descnpt1ve andtnferert1al statiSticS 1n analyz1ng research data631 HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT: SMALL SOCIAL SYSTEMS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te graduate status or permiSSion of Instructor. Th1s course focuses on understand­Ing the human behav1or and l1fe cycle development of people as IndiViduals and as membersof fam1l1es and other small groups632 HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT LARGE SYSTEMS 3 CJed1tsPrerequisites 631 or permiSSIOn of instructor. This course focuses on the human behav1or ofpeople as members of larger soctal systems 1nclud!ng formal and 1nformal organ1zat1ons,commun1t1es and 1nst1tuttons646 SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY I 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te graduate status or permiSSion of tnstructor Exammes the h1stoncal, philosophicalarod value bases of soc1al welfare as well as the relat1onsh1p between soctal work pract1ce,policy and serv1ce de11very647 SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY II 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te 646 or permiSSIOn of Instructor. Th1s course prepares students wtth the beg1nn1ngsk1lls to engage 1n soctal problem/poltcy analysis.650 ADVANCED STANDING INTEGRATIVE SEMINAR 6 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. advanced stand1ng. Provtdes an 1ntegrat1ve vtew of soc1al work pract1ce With anemphasiS on values. foundation knowledge and skillS, and evaluation of professional Interventions656 SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE WITH GAYS AND LESBIANS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. second level graduate status or perm1ss1on of 1nstructor Thts course exam1nesgay and lesb1an culture and lifestyles, d1scnm1natton based _on sexual onentat1on, and InterventiOnstrategies appropnate to pract1ce w1th gays and lesbtans.663 PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND SOCIAL WORK3 cred1tsPrerequ1s:te second level graduate student or perm1ss1on at tnstructor An exam1nat1on of thesymptoms. theones, and psychosoc1al aspects of mental tllness, and the role of the soc1alworker 1n the treatment of mental dtsorders664 SINGLE SYSTEM DESIGN3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. second level graduate student or permiSSion of Instructor Prov1des students w1thadvanced knowledge about the methodology of single system des1gn and sk1lls to tmplementan evaluation study of thetr intervention Wtth clients665 SUPERVISION AND STAFF DEVELOPMENT3 creditSPrerequ1s1te second level graduate student or permiSSion of Instructor. An ~xaminat1on at thepurpose. funct1ons, and theones of superviSion: the 1mpact of cultural, ethntc and raCial differences1n superVISIOn/staff development; and problems encountered671 SOCIAL WORK ADMINISTRATION3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. second level graduate student or permiSSion of Instructor. Th1s course focuseson supervisory and managenal roles and funct1ons as they are earned out at drtferent hterarchlcallevels1n human serv1ce organizations672 STRATEGIES OF COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor. Empha~1zes_ the hlstoncaldevelopment and appl1cat1on of several commun1ty strategies used to 1dent1fy communityproblems, and how to organtze and empower diverse community groups673 CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL WORK APPLICATIONS3 cred1tsContemporary social work concepts and methods compared and applied 111 vanous soc1al welfare,community serv1ce. educational and health setttngs PartiCularly useful tor professionalsfrom related fields and for advanced pract1t1oners674 COMMUNITY, ECONOMIC SYSTEMS AND SOCIAL POLICY ANALYSIS3 creditsPrerequ1s1te. second level graduate student or permtss1on of Instructor. Th1s course providesa base for understandtng econom1c systems and analyz1ng the polittcal framework at federalstate. and local levels and their 1mpact on communities.675 PROGRAM EVALUATION3 cred1tsPrerequiSite second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor. Th1s course provtdesstudents w1th methods of evaluat1ng programs 1n agenc1es, 1nclud1ng approaches, measurement,des1gn, data collect1on and analyses employed 1n program outcome research676 ASCAL MANAGEMENT OF SOCIAL AGENCIES3 cred1tsPrerequiSite: second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor. Th1s elective coarseconcentrates on the fmanc1al management of social adm1n1stratton, ftnanctal plann1ng and management,pnnc1ples of economic and f1scal exchange, accountability and f1scal accounttng680 AGING AND SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te· second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor An examtnatton andevaluatiOn of ag1ng programs and pol1c1es. demographic trends and the chang1ng role of soctalwork serv1ce provtders681 AGING: POLICIES AND PROGRAMS3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor. An exam1nat1on andevaluation of ag1ng programs and poliCies, demographic trends and the changtng role of soc1alwork serv1ce prov1ders.685SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE: FAMILY AND CHILDREN3 cred1tsPrerequiSite second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor Exam1nes the maJorproblems encountered by children and families 111 the life cycle and explores tntervent1onstrateg1es and programs to address their needs and strengths686 SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY AND SERVICES: FAMILY AND CHILDREN3 cred1tsPrerequiSite· second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor. Examtnes the federaland state laws, poi1C1es, and serv1ces govern1ng children and fam1\1es, 1nclud1ng the support­Ive. supplemental and substitutive aspects of serv1ces690 ADVANCED PRACTICE AND POLICY IN SUBSTANCE ABUSE 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te: second level graduate student or perm1sston of Instructor. Th1s course prov1desstudents the knowledge and sk1ll base necessary for managing and pract1ce w1th peopletnvolved 111 substance abuse, evaluat1ng programs, and preventive work.695 HEALTH CARE: PLANNING AND POLICY ISSUES 3 cred1tsPrerequisite· second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor Th1s course 1sdesigned to anent students to the plann1ng and pol1cy 1ssues 1n health care, and how soctalwork can 1nteriace vvtth health care696 EPIDEMIOLOGIC ANALYSIS OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL PROBLEMS 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te. second level graduate student or perm1ss1on of Instructor Th1s course appl1es theep1dem1ologtcal method to soc1al work pract1ce, such as treatment groups mak1ng adm1n1strat1vedeciSions, 111 plann1ng and evaluation, and do1ng prevent1ve work755 IMPLICATIONS OF DIVERSITY FOR SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE 3 creditsPrerequ:stte second level graduate status or permiSSion of 1nstructor Prov1des content on theculture and un1que strengths of d1verse groups and the 1mpl1cat1ons tor soc1al work practtce atthe commun1ty leve1773 INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION AND PLANNING 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite· second level graduate student or permiSSIOn of Instructor A descnpt1on andanalys1s of vanous theoretical concepts and strategic :deas that are used as a framework forCommun1ty Organ1zat1on (COl practiceTHEATER7800:567 CONTEMPORARY THEATER STYLES 3 credrtsA detailed exam1nat10n of representat1ve plays of the contemporary theater.575 ACTING FOR THE MUSICAL THEATER 3 cred1tsPrerequis1te permiSSion A scene study course 1n analyzlrog and periorm1ng roles 111 Ame~1canmus1cals Accompar11st provtded590 WORKSHOP IN THEATER ARTS 7-3 credits'May be repealed fo' a total of SIX credtts toward degree) Prerequ1s1te advanced standing orpermisSion Group study or group projects 1nvest1gattng particular phase of theater arts notcovered by other courses 1n curnculuM600 INTRODUCTION TO GRADUATE STUDIES 3 cred1tsExploration of the bas1c research tools and methods appropnate to the disCipline, 1nclud1ng utilizationof the computer Gu1del1nes for wnt1ng thesis603 SPECIAL TOPICS IN THEATER ARTS 1-4 cred1ts(May be repeated as dtfferent subject areas are covered, but no more than 12 credtts may beappl1ed toward M A. degree) Trad1t1onal and expenmental courses 1n theater, supplementingthose listed 111 the General Bulletin605 COLLOQUIUM ON THE ARTS 3 credl[sA bnef explorat1on of the maJor vtsual and periormtng art forms and organ1zat1ons exam1ned1n relattonship to the bustness management of arts. Team-taught.633 SUMMER THEATER 3 cred1tsPrereqUISite. permiSSIOn of Instructor/audition Pract1cal laboratory expenence 1n on or mored1SC1pl1ne dunng the summer dotng production and/or management work at advanced level.(May be repeated to 12 cred1ts l641 PROBLEMS IN DIRECTING 3 creditsAdvanced directing course w1th spectal emphas1s on stag1ng of complex plays from all penadsof dramat1c l1ter ature645 SEMINAR IN DRAMATIC LITERATURE 3 creditsRepresentative Western stage play (non-Amencan) are exam1ned 111 theatncal, h1stoncal, andcntiCal/theoretlcal contexts646 GRADUATE ACTING: TECHNIQUES 3 cred1tsAdvanced study of bas1c act1ng techniques, espec1ally Stan1slavskl, through analysis and performanceVo1ce/Mo',rement Lab requtred648 GRADUATE ACTING: PROBLEMS 3 creditsStudy of problems confronting the advanced actor 1n vanous modern styles of performanceVo1ce/Movement Lab reqUired655 DRAMATIC THEORY AND CRmCISM 2 creditsAn exploratiOn of thE• major dramatiC theonsts and cnt1cs from Class1cal Greek to the present,wtth an emphasis on the 20th Century.658 HISTORY OF TECHNICAL PRODUCTION 3 cred1tsTheater h1story from the Greeks to the present w1th emphas1s on phys1cal theater, conventions.and theater architecture of each period659 HISTORY AND THEORY OF STAGE LIGHTING 3 creditsH1stoncal survey of evolut1on of stage lighting g culm1nat1ng 1n understanding of modern lighttngdes1gn skills and the1r pract1cal application Term paper or major project requ1red660 ADVANCED TECHNICAL THEATER 2 cred1tsProcesses 1nclud1ng multiple set productions, revolves and the1r ngg1ng, techn1ques 1n s1mplehydraultcs, pneumat1cs and load capac1t1es, and properties and techniques 1n mult1-med1a662SEMINAR IN SCENT DESIGN3 cred1tsPrereqUISite 106 or undergraduate scene des1gn course or permiSSIOn of Instructor Study ofproblems 111 scene aes1gn portfolio projects, research of noted des1gners. stud1es of theaterspaces, and new scenographic materials665 AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT3 creditsDeveloping aud1ences for the Arts through Arts market1ng ~echn1ques. 1nclud1ng season ands1ngle ticket campatgns, promot1onal strateg1es, media/public relattons, market research, andtelemarketing.666 PRINCIPLES OF ARTS ADMINISTRATION3 cred1tsPnnctples and pract1ces 1n non-prof1t arts management, tncluding orga_ntzattonal structure,funct1on of boards, personnel and volunteer management and publ1c policy for the arts682 FUND RAISING AND GRANTSMANSHIP IN THE ARTS3 cred1tsTechniques and execut1on of a development campatgn for Individuals, corporat1ons. foundations,federal and state grants, and endowment, tnclud1ng research and proposal writing690 GRADUATE RESEARCH/READINGS7-3 credits(May be repeated for a total of nine credits) Prerequ1s1te: permiSSIOn lndtv1dual research or:ndependent readtngs under superviSion of member of theater graduate faculty

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