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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron

140 The

140 The University of AkronLAZARUS W. MACIOR, D1stmgwshed Professor of Bwlogy (1967) B.A.. M.A., Columbia Umvers1ty;Ph.D. Un1vers1ty of W1scons1n, 1959.SUSAN MACKIEWICZ, Ass1stant Professor of History(1990) BA, Wilson College; M.A., Ph D., Universityof Delaware. 1988.DEVINDER M. MALHOTRA, Professor of Econom1cs; Department Ch81r of EconomiCS (1979) B.A..M.A., Umvers1ty of Delh1; Ph.D, Kansas State University, 1979.YOGENDRA K. MAUK, Professor of Political Sc1ence (19691 B A. M.A., Pun)ab University; M.A.,Ph.D .. Umvers1ty of Florida. 1966.ROBERT R. MALLIK, Associate Professor of Phys1cs; Associate Professor of Chemistry (19881 B.S.,Ph.D., Le1cester PolytechniC, 1985.ELIZABETH MANCKE, Assistant Professor of History 119941 B.A.. Colorado College; M.A., Universityof British Columbia; Ph D., John Hopkins University, 1990DORIS M. MARINO. AssoCiate Professor of Physical and Health Education; Department Chair ofPhys1cal and Health Educat1on 11989) B.A., Umvers1ty of M1ch1gan-Dearborn. M.PH., Ph.D., Umversityof Mich1gan-Ann Arbor. 1984NANCY E. MARION, Associate Professor of Polit1cal Science (August 19901 B S .. Pennsylvania StateUniversity; M.S., American Un1vers1ty; M.A, Ph. D., State Un1vers1ty of New York at B1nghamton,1990.JESSE F. MARQUETTE, Professor of Polit1cal Sc1ence; D1rector of Institute for Pol1cy Stud1es; FellowRay C Bliss Institute of Applied Polit1cs (19711 B.A.. M.A., Ph D., Un1versity of Florida, 1971ROBERTA P. MARQUETTE, Professor of Accountmg; Executive Director of Womens EntrepreneunalGrowth Organ1zat1on (19811 B.S., Univers1ty of Flonda, M.B.A.. The University of Akron; D.B A.,Kent State Umvers1ty, 1980; C.PA., Oh1o.LAWRENCE T. MARTIN, Professor of English (1977) A B. Saint Francis Sem1nary; M A. Ph.D. Universityof W1scons1n, 1977JANET S. MARTING. Professor of Engl1sh (1984) B.A., Un1vers1ty of Vermont; M.A. Colorado StateUniversity, PhD. Michigan State Umvers1ty. 1982WAYNE L. MATIICE, Alex Schulman Professor of Polymer Science (July 1986) B A., Grinnell College;Ph.D .. Duke Umversity, 1968.Me KEEJ. McCLENDON, Professor of Socwlogy(1972) B.A.. M A., Ph.D. Umvers1ty of Kansas. 1972.RONALD C. McCLENDON, Assistant Professor of Education (19901 B.A., M.A., PhD. The Un1vers1-ty of Akron. 1993.DAVID A. McCONNELL, Associate Professor of Geology (August 19891 B.S., The Queen's University;M.S., Oklahoma State University; Ph.D .. Texas A&M Umvers1ty, 1987.MICHAEL A. McDANIEL, Assoc/Bte Professor of Psychology, Fellow lnst1tute for Life-Span Developmentand Gerontology (19921 B.A.. Univers1ty of Delaware, M A .. Loyola University; M A., Ph.D ..George Wash1ngton University, 1986.WILLIAM McGUCKEN, Professor of H1story 11968) B.Sc. (MathematiCS), B.Sc. IPhys1cs), M.A.,Queens Un1vers1ty, Belfast (N. Ireland), Ph.D .. The University of Pennsylvania, 1968.ROBERT A. McGUIRE, Professor of Economics (August 19901 B A .. California State University atLong Beach; M.A. PhD, University of Wash1ngton, 1978.MARTIN M. McKOSKI. Associate Professor of English; General Stud1es Course D~rector: EnglishCompoSition (19741 B.A, Sa1nt Joseph's College; M.A., The University of Akron; Ph D .. Flonda StateUniversity, 1972.GARY E. MEEK, Professor of Management; Department Chair of Management 119711 B S. ClevelandState Umvers1ty; Ph.D, Case Western Reserve Un1vers1ty, 1970.CRAIG C. MENZEMER, Ass1stant Professor of C1v1l Engmeering (1996) B S. M.S. Ph D., Leh1gh University,1992DAVID G. MEYER. Associate Professor of Management (19891 B S. Un1versity of Michigan; M.B.A.Concordia Umvers1ty; Ph.D .. University of M1ch1gan. 1986.CHAND MIDHA. Professor of Mathematical Sciences. D~rector of the Center for StatiStical Consultmg;Program Coordmator of Statistics: Faculty Coordinator of Student Outcomes Assessment(19831 M S .. Indian Agricultural Research Institute; Ph.D. Iowa State Un1vers1ty, 1980ADELA. MIGID-HAMZZA. Professor of Theatre Arts 11980) B.F.A., School of Dramatic Arts. Cairo;M.F.A. Oh1o University, 1972CHRISTOPHER M. MILLER. Ass1stant Professor of Civil Engmeering 119951 B S., M.S. Ph.D. Universityof Iowa, 1995.IRVING F. MILLER, Dean of the College of Engineenng; Professor of B1omed1cal Engmeenng 11995)B.CH E., New York Un1vers1ty; M.S., Purdue Umvers1ty; Ph.D, Umvers1ty of M1ch1gan. 1960.MARIAN A. MILLER. AssoCiate Professor of Polit1cal Science 119901 A A, BA, M.A., Ph.D. Un,versityof Southern California Los Angeles. 1988.AMY MILSTED. Assoc1ate Professor of B1ology (19931 B.S. Ed .. The Oh1o State University; Ph. D .. CityUn1vers1ty of New York, 1977.RANDALL J. MITCHELL. Assistant Professor of B1ology (19951 B S., Umvers1ty of Callforma; M A ..Ph.D., University of Cal1forma-R1verside. 1991WAI YIN MOK, Ass1stant Professor of Mathemat1cal Sciences (19961 B S., MA. Bngham Young Un1-vers1ty, 1992.CHARLES B. MONROE. Professor of Geography and Plannmg; Department Chair of Geography andPlanning; Center Associate, Center for Urban Studies (1981) B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.A.,Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1974.CHARLES K. MOORE, Professor of Accountmg (January 1973) AA, Angelo State University; B.BA.M B.A. D.B.A. Texas Technical Un1versity, 1973; CPA .. Texas.UNDA L. MOORE, Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts; Professor of Commumcation (1978)B S., MA, Bradley University; Ph.D., Kent State Un1vers1ty, 1973BARBARA G. MOSS, Assocrate Professor of Education (1989) B.S., The Oh1o State Un1vers1ty; M Ed.,Ph.D. Kent State Un1vers1ty, 1988RICHARD A. MOSTARDI. Professor of B1ology (19671 BSEd. M.Ed. Kent State Un1versity; Ph.D.The Ohio State Un1vers1ty, 1968DALE H. MUGLER. Professor of Mathematical Sc1ences; Professor of Biomed1cal Engmeenng (1989)BA. University of Colorado; M A. Ph D .. Northwestern University, 1974DAVISON MUNODAWAFA, Associate Professor of Physli;al and Health Education (August 19901B.Sc .. Kansas State University; M.Ed., Ed.D. University of Arkansas. 1990.MARTIN D. MURPHY, Professor of Psychology; Semor Fellow Institute for Lde-Span Developmentand Gerontology (19751 A.B., Dartmouth College; M.S .. Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana, 1975STEVEN C. MYERS, Interim Associate V1ce Pres1dent for Information Services; Associate Professorof Economics (1979) B.S.Ec., MA. West Virg1n1a Un1versity; M.A. Ph.D .. The Ohio State Univer­Sity, 1980DANIEL M. NELSON, Professor of History; Department Chair of H1story (19701 B.A.. Oh10 WesleyanUmvers1ty; M.A., The Oh1o State UmverSity, Ph.D., Univers1ty of Wisconsrn, 1967.CAROLE H. NEWMAN. Associate Professor of Education (1993) B.Ed., Un1vers1ty of M1am1, M.A.,Ph.D., The Un1versrty of Akron. 1987.ISADORE NEWMAN, Professor of Educatwn; AssoCiate D~rector of the Institute for Life-Span Developmentand Gerontology; Semor Fellow, Institute for Life-Span Development and Gerontology(19711 BA. University of M1ami; M.A. New School for Soc1al Research (New York); Ph.D, Southernllllnms Untversity at Carbondale, 1971.ELAINE F. NICHOLS. AssoCiate Dean of Undergraduate Programs m the College of Nursmg; AssOCIateProfessor of Nursmg (1980) BS.N., Western Reserve Un1versity; M.S.N .. Case WesternReserve University; Ed D . The Un1versity of Akron. 1987PETER H. NIEWIAROWSKI, Ass1stant Professor of Bwlogy(1995) B.S .. Marlboro College; Ph.D., Universityof Pennsylvania, 1992.GLEN 0. NJUS, Research i'.ssoc1ate Professor 1n the Institute for Biomed1cal Engmeenng Research(November 19861 B.S. MS. Ph.D. University of Iowa, 1985.ALLEN G. NOBLE. Professor of Geography and Planmng (19641 B.A . Syracuse Un1vers1ty; MA, Universityof Maryland at College Park; Ph.D., Umvers1ty of Illinois at Urbana, 1957.TIMOTHY S. NORFOLK. Professor of Mathematical Sc1ences (January 19841 B Sc .. Exeter University(England); MS., The Un1versity of Akron; Ph D., Kent State Un1versity. 1984.EMEKA 0. OFOBIKE. Assoc1ate Professor of Accounting (19891 B.BA. M B.A., Western Illinois UniverSity;Ph.D .. Un1vers1ty of Oregon, 1984.GARY H. OLLER, Associate Professor of Classics (19791 B.A., D1ckinson College; Ph.D., University ofPennsylvania, 1977.DAVID H. OLSEN. Assistant Professor of Accounting (19931 B S. Califorma State Un1versrty at Fullerton;M.S., Bngham Young Untverstty; Ph.D., Umversity of Anzona, 1993.SUSAN J. OLSON. Assocrate Professor of Educat1on (1989) B S., M.Ed., lnd1ana Umvers1ty of Pennsylvania;Ph 0, Pennsylvanta State Untverstty, 1989F. SCOTT ORCUTT, JR .. AssoCIBte Professor of Biology (19711 B.S. MS., Ph.D. Cornell University,1969.BARBARA A. OSYK. Assoc1ate Professor of Management (1989) AA, Cuyahoga Community College,B.S.I.M., M B.A. The Un1vers1ty of Akron; PhD Kent State University, 1991DONALD W. OTT, Associate Professor of B1ology (19741 B.S., Southeastern Lou1siana University;Ph.D .. Un1vers1ty of North Carolrna at Chapel H1ll, 1973.LYNNE M. PACHNOWSKI, Assistant Professor of EducatiOn (19931 B.A. M.Ed., John Carroll Un1vers1ty;PhD. Boston College. 1994.JOSEPH PADOVAN. Distmgwshed Professor of Mechanical Eng1neenng; Distinguished Professor ofPolymer Engineenng (19701 B.S.M E., M.S.M.E., Ph.D., Polytechnic Institute of New York, 1969.KENNETH J. PAKENHAM, Associate Professor of Engl1sh (August 19801 BA. Tnnlty College (Ireland);M.A. Un1vers1ty of Essex (England), Ph.D .. Univers1ty of Pittsburgh, 1980.ARTHUR L. PALACAS. Professor of Engi1:Sh (1976) B.A. Harvard Un1versity; Ph.D. lnd1ana Universityat Bloomington. 1970.JUDITH A. PALAGALLO. Professor of Mathematical Sciences (1978) B.S. Westmrnster College;M.S., Purdue Un1vers1ty; Ph.D. Colorado State Umvers1ty, 1975DARYL W. PALMER. AssoCiate Professor of English (August 19901 B.A.. Washburn University ofTopeka; M.A. Ph.D, Un1vers1ty of Kansas, 1990.USA E. PARK, Ass1stant Professor of Geology 119951 B.A.. College of Wooster; MS. Ph.D. IJmver­Sity of Anzona, 1995PATRICIA E. PARR. Ass1stant Professor of Education (1993) B S. The Oh10 State University; M.S ..Ph.D .. The Umvers1ty of Akron, 1994.MANOUCHER PARVIN. Professor of Economics (1978) B.S .. Umvers1ty of Toledo; Ph.D .. Columb1aUniversity, 1969.JAYPRAKASH G. PATANKAR. Professor of Management (19781 B.S. Bombay Unrvers1ty (India).MS. Ph.D .. Clemson Umvers1ty, 1978GEORGIA K. PEEPLES, Professor of Mus1c (19831 B M .• Baylor Umvers1ty; MA, Un1versity of NorthCarol1na; D.MA. Umvers1ty of Maryland, 1981WOLFGANG PELZ, Professor of Mathemat1cal SCiences 11978) B.S, Rose Hulman lnst1tute of Technology;M S. Ph.D. (Statistics), M.S. (Computer Science). Virginia PolytechniC Institute and StateUntverstty, 1984BRIAN F. PENDLETON, Protessor of Sociology (1978) BA. University of Minnesota at Duluth; MA,University of North Dakota; Ph D .. Iowa State Univers1ty, 1977.SANDRA L PEROSA, Assoc1ate Professor of Education (19891 B.A., M.A.. M.Ed. Ph.D., State Universityof New York at Buffalo, 1983.DAVIDS. PERRY, Professor of Chemrstry (January 1987) B.Sc .. Ph D .. Umvers1ty of Toronto, 1975.GWENDOLYN D. PERRY. A55istant Professor of SoCial Work (19951 B.S.W, M S.W. Temple University;Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, 1995VICTOR E. PINHEIRO, Associate Professor of Physical and Health Education 11989) B.S. M.S., Jlwa-1' Umvers1ty; Ph.D. Un1versity of Pittsburgh, 1989.DURAND L. POPE. Ass1stant Professor of Theatre Arts (19951 A B., Brown Un1versity, M.A., CaseWestern Un1vers1ty, 1973GEORGES. POPE, Professor of Mus1c (19781 B.M.E .. Univers1ty of Tulsa; M.M., Northwestern Umverslty,1975ROBERT F. POPE, JR., Professor of Engl1sh (1977) B.A., Umvers1ty of Callforn1a at Berkeley; M.A., Cal-1forn1a State Un1vers1ty, San Diego; MFA. Un1vers1ty of Iowa, 1976.THOMAS E. PRICE, JR.. Professor of Mathematrcal Sciences 119761 B.S., M.S. Ph D., Univers1ty ofGeorgia, 1976.HELEN K. QAMMAR, Assoc1ate Professor of Chem1cal Engmeenng !January 19891 B.S .. SyracuseUniversity; MS., Ph D .. University of Virg1nia, 1986.JOHN E. QUEENER. Assistant Professor of Education (January 1996) B.A., College of Wooster; M.A..The Ohio State University; Ph.D., The Untverstty of Akron, 1995ANTONIO R. QUESADA, Professor of Mathematical Sc1ences (1984) M.S .. PhD .. Umvers1ty of Florida,1978.DONALD DANE QUINN. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (19951 B M. E .. Georgia lnstrtuteof Technology; Ph.D., Cornell Un1vers1ty, 1995.RODERIC P. QUIRK. D1stmgwshed Professor of Polymer Science; Department Chalf of Polymer Science,Kumho Professor of Polymer Science (October 19831 B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute;MS. PhD .. Umversrtyof Illinois, 1967.

Directory 141GAURI S. RAI, Professor of Social Work (1980) B.A., M.A.S., Kashi V1dyapith Un'1versity; M.S.W., SaintLouis University; Ph.D., Rutgers University at New Brunswick, 1976.MARY c. RAINEY, Professor of Home Economics and Family Ecology; Fellow, Institute for Life-SpanDevelopment and Gerontology (1980) B.A. Saint Mary's College; M.A. Ph.D., Michigan State UniversitY.1971.JONATHON S. RAKICH, D1st1ngwshed Professor of Management and Health Services Administration;Director of Center for Organizational Development; Fellow, Institute for Life-Span Developmentand Gerontology (1972) B.A., Oakland University; M.B.A., Un1versity of Michigan at AnnArbor; Ph.D., St Louis University, 1970.HARRIDUTT RAMCHARRAN, Assoc1ate Professor of Finance and lntematJonal Business 119861 B.S.,Mankato State College; M.A. Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton, 1978.REX D. RAMSIER. AssJstant Professor of Physics (1996) B.S., M.S., The Un1vers1ty of Akron; Ph.D.,Un1vers1ty of Pittsburgh, 1994.ANDREWS. RANCER. Professor of Communication (August 1991) B.A., M.A. Oueens College;Ph.D. Kent State University, 1979.NICHOLAS RANSON, Associate Professor of English; Department Cha~r of English (19731 B.A., M.A.,Cambridge Un1versity (England); Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1974.SUE A. RASOR-GREENHALGH, Associate Professor of Home Economics and Family Ecology(1987)A.A., B.S., Morehead State Univers1ty; M.S., University of Southern California, 1982.NARENDER P. REDDY, Professor of B1omedical Engmeenng (March 19811 B.E., Osman1a University;M.S, Un1versity of MISSISSippi; Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1974.DAVID A. REDLE, Professor of Busmess Law; Department Ch81r of Fmance (January 19811 B.B.A.,University of Notre Dame; M.B.A. J.D., The University of Akron. 1980.KAREN S. REED. Associate Professor of Nursing 119891 B.S.N., Oh1o University; M.N .. Univers1ty ofPittsburgh; Ph.D, UniversitY of North Carolina-Greensboro, 1988.DIANA C. REEP, Professor of English (19801 BS .. M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee,1979.DARRELL H. RENEKER. Professor of Polymer Science (19891 B.Sc., Iowa State University; M.Sc,Ph.D, Un1vers1ty of Chicago, 1959.NIKOLA RESANOVIC, Assoc1ate Professor of Mus1c (1983) B.M., M.M., The University of Akron;D.M.A, Cleveland Institute of Mus1c, 1981.CYNTHIA A. REYNOLDS, Ass1stant Professor of EducatiOn (1996) B.S, M.Ed., Ph.D .. Kent State University,1996.DONNA B. RICHARDSON, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering 119941 B.S., University ofIowa; M.S. Ph.D., Duke University, 1991.HELEN W. RICHTER, AssoCiate Professor of Chemistry (1984) B.A., The Woman's College of Georgia;M.S., Ph.D., The Ohio State Un1versity, 1974.PETER L. RINALDI, Professor of Chem1:Stry; DJTector of the Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory (May19871 B.S .. Polytechnic Institute of New York; Ph.D., University oflllino1s, 1978.DAVID RITCHEY, Assoc1ate Professor of Communication (August 1990) B.A., Georgetown College;M.A., Ph.D, Louis1ana State Un1vers1ty, 1971.STANLEY E. RITTGERS, Professor of Biomedical Engineering; DJTector of the Institute for Biomed­ICal Engineering Research (19871 B.S., State University of New York at Buffalo; MS., Ph.D., TheOh1o State Un1vers1ty, 1978.DAVID N. ROBINSON, Professor of Civil Engmeering (January 1983) B.Sc., Northern Arizona Univer­Sity; M.Sc., Ph.D., Brown University, 1966.STEPHEN P. ROOKE, Ass1stant Professor of Mechanical Engmeenng (1991 1 B.S.M.E., M1chigan TechnologicalUniversity; M.S.M.E., Ph.D Purdue University, 1992.HAKAN 0. ROSENGREN, Assistant Professor of Mus1c (1995) M.FA., State Academy of Mus1c,Stockholm; M.A., University of California at Santa Barbara, 1987JAMES L. ROSS, Assoc1ate Professor of Anthropology (19961 Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University,1981.KATHLEEN M. ROSS-ALAOLMOLKI, Associate Professor of Nursing (August 19901 B.S.N., Collegeof Mount Sa1nt Joseph; M.S.N., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1985.MARY ANNE ROTHERMEL, Assoc1ate Professor of Management (19941 B.S., M.B.A., The Universityof Akron, Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1981.JEANNE-HELENE ROY, Ass1stant Professor of Modem Languages (1995) B.A .. University of Michl·gan; M.A., Cornell University, 1993.HELEN LENORE RYAN-RANSON, Professor of Modem Languages; Department Chair of ModemLanguages (19681 B.A, Ohio Wesleyan Un1vers1ty; M.A. (Span1shl, M.A. !French), D.M.L., MiddleburyCollege, 1980.ATEF F. SALEEB, Professor of Civil Engmeermg (1983) B.Sc., Cairo University; M.Sc .. Ph.D., PurdueUniversity, 1981.LINDA M. SALIGA, Ass1stant Professor of Mathematical Sciences 11993) B.S.E., Missouri WesternState College; M.S, Ph.D., University of Mlssoun-Rolla, 1993.RONALD L. SALISBURY, Assoc1ate Professor of B10logy (19821 A.B., Greensboro College; M.S., Uni·vers1ty of Richmond; Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University, 1979.EROL SANCAKTAR, Professor of Polymer Engmeering (January 19961 B.S., Robert College, lnstanbul;M.S., Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1979RAYMOND E. SANDERS, Associate Professor of Psychology; Associate Director for Research in theInstitute for Life-Span Development and Gerontology; Senior Fellow, the Institute for Life-SpanDevelopment and Gerontology (19691 B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Anzona, 1969.MOSTAFA H. SARHAN, Professor of Accounting; Department Chair of Accountmg (January 19831B.C., Ca~ro University; M.B.A., Texas A&M Univers1ty; Ph.D., University of Arkansas, 1983.JAMES T. SASAKI, Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences (19951 B.A., lllino1s Institute ofTechnology; M.S., Ph.D., Cornell University, 1986.RITA S. SASLAW, lntenm Dean, College of Education; Professor of Education (19751 B.S., M.A.,Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1971.IRA D. SASOWSKY, Assistant Professor of Geology (19951 B.S., University of Delaware; M.S., Ph.D.,Pennsylvania State Un1versity, 1992.MICHAEL SAVAGE, Professor of Mechanical Engmeenng (19791 B.M.E., Manhattan College;M.S M.E., Ph.D, Purdue Un1vers1ty, 1969; PE., lndmna, Oh10.RUDOLPH J. SCAVUZZO, JR., Associate Dean of the College of Polymer Sc1ence and Polymer EngJneenng,Professor of Polymer Engineenng; Professor of Medlanical Engmeering (1973) B.S.M.E.,Lehigh University; M.S.M.E .. Ph.D, Un1vers1ty of Pittsburgh, 1962; PE., Ohio.MARY G. SCHILLER, Professor of Music (1982) B.M, University of North Carolina at Greensboro;M.M., D. M.A., The Oh1o State Un1versity, 1979.VICTORIA M. SCHIRM, Professor of Nursmg; Semor Fellow, the Institute for Life-Span Developmentand Gerontology(1987) B.S., M.S., Penn State University; Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University,1987PHILLIP H. SCHMIDT, Professor of Mathematical Sciences; Department Chair of Mathematical Sci·ences 119721 B.S., MS., Ph.D., Purdue Univers1ty, 1972.FREDERICK M. SCHULTZ, Professor of Education (1969) B.S., M.S., Ph.D., lnd1ana University atBloomington; B.A., The Un1versity of Akron, 1985.KAREN A. SCHWARZ, Ass1stant Professor of Nursmg; Fellow, the Institute for Life-Span Developmentand Gerontology (19951 B.S.B, University of lllino1s; M.S.N., The University of Akron; Ph.D.,Case Western Reserve, 1995WILLIAM H. SEATON, Associate Dean of Fme and Applied Arts; Professor of Communicative Disorders(1989) B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Un1vers1ty of Illinois, 1976.ALLEN L. SEHN, Ass1stant Professor of Civil Engineering (January 19901 B.S.C.E., M.S.C.E., SouthDakota School of Mines and Technology; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,1990; PE., Ohio, Virginia.JAMES L. SHANAHAN. Professor of Public Administration and Urban Studies (19701 B. B.S., WestVirginia State College; M.A., West Virginia University; Ph.D., Wayne State University, 1972.RICHARD L. SHANKLIN, Associate Professor of Mus1c 119821 B.S., Illinois State University; M.M.Ed.,North Texas State Umversity, 1973.DOUGLAS V. SHAW, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Urban Studies 119721 B.A.,Lebanon Valley College; M.A., Brown Un1vers1ty; Ph.D., Umversity of Rochester, 1972.DANIEL B. SHEFFER, Associate Professor of B1ology; Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering;Director, Biostereometrics Laboratory (July 1980) B.S., M.Ed., Northwestern State College;Ph D, Texas A&M University, 1976.KENNETH T. SILOAC, Associate Professor of Communicative Disorders 11971) B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D.,Wayne State University, 1971.FRANKLIN B. SIMMONS, Ill, Associate Professor of Management (January 19821 B.A. M.A. Ph.D.,Un1vers1ty of Cmcinnat1; JD .. The University of Akron; L.L.M., Cleveland State University, 1991;C PM.JAMES R. SLOWIAK, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts 11989) SA, Macalester College; M.FA,Univers1ty of California-Irvine, 1985.DANIEL J. SMITH, Professor of Chemistry; Faculty Research Associate, IPS 119771 B.S., WisconsinState University; Ph.D, University of California at Berkeley, 1974.DOUGLAS R. SMITH, Assistant Professor of Electncal Engineering (January 19961 B.S.E.E., Universityof New Mexico; M S.E.E., The University of Akron; PhD., Carnegie-Mellon University, 1995.PRISCILLA R. SMITH, Ass1stant Professor of Social Work 119951 A.B .. Indiana University; M.SW,Washington Un1vers1ty; Ph.D., St. Louis Un1vers1ty, 1988.WALTER S. SMITH, Professor of Education (1994) B.S., Cornell Umversity; M.S.Ed., Ph.D., lnd1anaUniversity, 1973.LYNN A. SMOLEN, Associate Professor of Educat1on (1981) B.A. Amen can Un1vers1ty; M.Ed., Ph.D.,Univers1ty of Florida, 1981ANDREA F. SNELL, Assistant Professor of Psychology 119941 B.A., Agnes Scott College; M.S., GeorgiaInstitute of Technology; Ph.D, The University of Akron, 1995.LARRY D. SNIDER. Professor of Music 11977) B.S., Illinois State University; M.M.E., North Texas University;D. M.A., University of Illinois, 1983.NANCY M. SOMERICK, Professor of Commumcat1on 119781 B.S.J., Ohio University; MAJ., KentState Un1versity; Ph.D., Oh10 University, 1974.CAROLYN SORISIO, Assistant Professor of English (1996) B.A., Pennsylvania State Un1versity; M.A.,Temple Univers1ty, 1991.SUSAN D. SPEERS, Professor of Theatre Arts; Coordinator of Arts Administration (1988) B.A., M.A.,University of Houston; Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara, 1982.JAMES C. SPERLING, Professor of Political Science (1988) B.A., UniverSity of California at Santa Bar·bara; M.A., Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., Un1vers1ty of California at Santa Barbara, 1986TlRUMALAI S. SRIVATSAN, Professor of Mechanical Engineering 119871 B.E., University of Bangalore;M.S., Ph.D., Georg1a lnst1tute of Technology, 1984.DAVID B. STARK, Ass1stant Professor of Mathematical Sciences (19811 B.A., Weber State College;M.S., J.D., Brigham Young Un1vers1ty; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1981.RICHARD P. STEINER, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences (19831 B.S., Grove City College;M.S, Clarion State College; M.PH., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1985.RICHARD C. STEPHENS, Professor of Soc1ology (19931 B.A., Louisiana State University; M.A., Ph.D.,University of Wisconsin, 1971.HARVEY L, STERNS, Professor of Psychology; DJTector of the Institute for Life-Span Developmentand Gerontology; Senior Fellow, Institute for Life-Span Development and Gerontology (19711 B.A.,Bard College; M.A., State Un1vers1ty of New York at Buffalo; Ph.D., West Virg1nia University, 1971.SHERYL A. STEVENSON, Associate Professor of Engl1sh (1986) B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University ofMaryland, 1986JERRY N. STJNNER. Professor of Biology; Department ChaiT of B1ology (1982) B.S., Californ1a Bapt1stCollege; Ph.D., Univers1ty of California at RiverSide, 1980.ISABELLE A. STOMBAUGH, Associate Professor of Home Econom1cs and Family Ecology 119891B.S., M.S., Ph.D., The Ohio State Umversity, 1987DONALD P. STORY, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences (19761 B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Univer­Sity of Florida, 1976.RICHARD W. STRATTON, Associate Professor of Economics; Interim Associate Director of the lnsti·tute for Policy Stud1es (19781 B.A., Drew University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 1977JAMES T. STRONG, Associate Professor of Marketing; Associate DJTector of F1sher Institute of ProfessionalSelling (19891 B.A. Lafayette College; M.B.A., University of Toledo; Ph.D., Drexel Univer­Sity, 1990.DONALD E. STULL, JR., Assoc1ate Professor of Sociology 11986) B.A., M.A., Ph D., University ofWash1ngton, 1986.LINDA M. SUBICH, Professor of Psychologyl1981) B.S., Umversity of Wisconsin at Milwaukee; M.A.,Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1981.DANIEL J. SVYANTEK, Assistant Professor of Psychology (19871 B.A., Indiana UniverSity; M.A., BallState Un1vers1ty; Ph.D., University of Houston, 1987GERARD M. SWEENEY, Professor of English (1971) BS, Manhattan College; M.A., New York University;Ph.D., Univers1ty of Wiscons1n, 1971.JOHN P. SZABO, Professor of Geology; Department Chair of Geology (1975) B.S .. Un1versity of NotreDame; Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1975.

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