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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron

Research Centers and

Research Centers and Institutes 79Fisher Institute for ProfessionalSellingJon M Hawes, PhD., DirectorJames T Strong, Ph.D., Associate DirectorThe F1sher Institute for Professional Selling was founded in 1993. Its mission is toenhance the image of the sales profession, to promote professional selling andsales maragement as a rewarding lifetime career, to provide quality sales trainingand learn1ng experiences, and to advance the knowledge of professional sellingt~rough the support ot applied researoh.William and Rita Fitzgerald Institutefor Entrepreneurial StudiesJames E. Inman, LL.M, Director!n 1995, a generous g1ft frorn William and Rita Fitzgerald created the Fitzgeraldlnsttute tor Entrepreneurial Studies in the College of Business Administration.The Institute was established to promote the principles of free enterprise andencourage entrepreneurial spirit and practices both within the University's curriculumand throughout the business community.The Fitzgerald Institute focuses on the development of curriculum appropriate forboth new ventures and the entrepreneurial development and growth of existingbus1nesses. The Institute prov1des the needed link between the University andthe community of entrepreneurs critical to business development in the future.The F1tzgerald Institute also sponsors several outreach projects, such as the Centerlor Family Bus1ness, The Center for Small Business, and Students in FreeEme1priseInstitute for Futures StudiesGary Gappert Ph.D., DirectorThe Institute lor Futures Studies and Research exists to initiate and provide comprehensiveprograms 1n salient and vital policy researoh, Including a structuralframework wh1oh encompasses strategic planning, enwonmental scanning,trends analysis and other 1nnovative research methods.The Institute lor Future Studies and Researoh was established in 1978, with itslocus on interd1sc1plinary courses, lectures, publ1cat1ons, and activities relat1ng torelevant issues which w'!: 1mpact the future of the local, state, national, and internationalarenas. It cooperates w:th the Center lor Urban Studies and otherresearch 1nstitutes.Through its re1ationship w1th the Department of Public Administration and UrbanStud1es and The Center lor Urban Studies. the Institute has organized and producedseveral books relat1ng to the urban future 1nclud1ng the 1990 publication,Cities 111 a Global Society and the lorthcom1ng The Future of Urban Environments.It has also sponsored major conferences on George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, andEdvvaro Bellamy in cooperation with the On1o Humanities Council.Center for Global BusinessJames W Barnett, B.BA, DtrectorThe Un1vers1ty of Akron rece1ved special funding from the State of Ohio to expand1ts offenngs of undergraduate and graduate degree programming 1n internationalbusiness Thus, the College of Bus1ness Administration created the Institute lorGlobal Bus1ness. which coord1nates both credit and noncredit programming in1nternatm:al business. The lnst1tute also develops short courses and sem1narsdesigned to help improve the international competitiveness of area business.Institute for Life-SpanDevelopment and GerontologyHarvey L. Sterns, Ph.D., DirectorIsadore Newman, Ph.D., Associate DtrectorBecky Snyder Warner, MA, Program Coordinator,Gerontology Certificate ProgramTerry H. Albanese, Ph.D., Practicum CoordinatorJerome Kaplan, PhD., Program Coordinator,Nursing Home Admtntstrator ProgramThe Institute lor Life-Span Development and Gerontology, founded 1n 1976, coordinatesrT1:Jit:cilsciplinary cred:t ce11if1cate programs 111 gerontology at the undergraduateand graduate levels. In addition. this ce111ficate is included in the OhioBoard of Exam1ners of Nurs1ng Home Administrators approved course of study in1\lursing Home Admmistration which comb1nes a Bachelor of Sc1ence degree 1nindustrial Management !Personnel Option) with a Cert1f1cate in GerontologyFaculty fellows at the institute representing 23 University departments conductresearoh, and provide special courses, workshops, and seminars as well as participatein community researoh and demonstration projects. Students in the certificateprograms carry out field placements at numerous community service settings.Examples of outreaoh activities include the Elderhostel program, offered eaoh summerfor older adults who participate in a week-long residential learning experience.The institute is a member of the Northeastern Ohio Consortium on Geriatric Medic.lneand Gerontology, joining together with the Office of Geriatric Medicine andGerontology, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicines; GerontologyCenter, Kent State University; and Gerontology Committee, Youngstown StateUniversityCenter for NursingElizabeth Kinion, Ed.D, R.N., DirectorThe Center for Nursing is a part of The University of Akron's College of Nursing. Itis an education and practice center for College of Nursing faculty and students aswell as faculty and students from other health care disciplines on campus.Since 1981 the Center lor Nursing has prov·1ded wellness services to campusstudents, faculty and staff as well as outreach services to community residentsof all ages. Services include health assessments and nursing physicals, stressmanagement and self-care assistance, family and group education and supportsessions. Community outreach to vulnerable populations is a major emphasisof the center.Center for Peace StudiesFor information, contact the office, 201 Leigh Hall, (330) 972-6513.The Center lor Peace Studies provides students with the opportunity lor aninterdisciplinary program of study in one of the related fields of internationalpeace or conflict resolution and management. Course programs draw on theresources of a wide spectrum of the University's academic departments. Uponcompletion of all selected courses, students receive not only academic credits lorthe courses but a Certificate in Peace Studies or a Certificate in Conflict Resolution/Management,respectively. The Center also sponsors workshops for teachers,special campus programs, and researoh projects. It also collaborates withcommunity organizations and peace centers on other campuses.Institute for Policy StudiesJesse F Marquette, Ph.D., DirectorAnneMarie Scarisbrick-Hauser, Ph.D., Associate DirectorRichard W Stratton, Ph.D., Interim Associate DirectorThe Institute for Pol1cy Studies houses a number of programs, located in twounits, the Urban and Policy Researoh Division and Institutional Research.The Urban and Policy Research Division houses the University of Akron SurveyResearch Center with responsibility for external grant and contract researoh,researoh support for the Urban University Linkage Program, sponsored researohfor faculty, and internal University surveys The researoh facility is equipped to facilitatetelephone interviewing, mail surveys, focus group administration, interceptstud1es and personal Interviews, database analysis, and computer assisted dataentry and multiple rnethod studies. Most of the work conducted at the Urban andPolicy Research Division is on behalf of government or non-profit agencies. Institutionalprofessional staff are available lor consultation in the development of grantproposals and budgets.The Urban and Policy Research Division (URPDI also has responsibility lor theadministration of the Ohio Board of Regent's Urban University Program (UUP)whioh links eight state universities to collaborate on the identification of urbanproblems and propose solutions designed to improve urban regions in Ohio. TheUniversity of Akron Urban University Program, in addition to the collaborative missionof the Ohio UUP, coordinates community oriented researoh and policy analysis.The URPD also houses an Ohio State Data center and coordinates GISactivities with the Department of Geography and Planning.The Institutional Research Division has responsibility for researoh and analysis ofUniversity operat1ons and assessment. The Institutional Researoh Division missionis to ensure the timely submission of all appropriate Oh1o Board of Regentsreports and to coordinate the development and maintenance of the appropriatedata structures lor the continuing analysis of university operations and assessment.The Institutional Research Division also maintains a regularly updated website of institutional information.

80 The University of AkronInstitute of Polymer EngineeringJames L. White, Ph.D., DirectorThe Institute of Polymer Engineering carries out fundamental and applied researchin polymer processing, engineenng performance and associated characterizations.The institute, founded in 1983, seeks to be a major intellectual and researchresource in northeast Ohio. The institute maintains up-to-date and futuristic processingand characterization laboratones, w1th continued 1nterest in developmentinvestigation of new process technology and new materials. Its activities alsoinclude organization of SCientific symposia and various seminars related to polymerprocessing and engineenng.The Maurice MortonInstitute of Polymer ScienceFrank Harris, Ph.D., DirectorThe institute is concerned with basic and applied research 1n polymers. It wasestablished in 1956 as the Institute of Rubber Research and in 1964 became theinterdisciplinary Institute of Polymer Science. The University's first Ph.D. programin polymer chemistry was started in 1956 and was administered by the instituteuntil a separate Department of Polymer Science was established in 1967. Theinstitute maintains extensive laboratory facilities, an applied research group, amacromolecular modeling center, and a mini pilot plant for polymer synthesis. Itis the principal organization responsible for external funding of research projectsand graduate fellowships in polymer scienceCenter for Urban StudiesNancy K. Grant, Ph.D., DirectorThe Center for Urban Studies (CUS) is The University of Akron's oldest policyresearch and professional service unit. Established in 1965, the Center acts as abridge between the University and the Akron community, Ohio and beyond in pursuitof the University's urban mission. To meet the needs of urban communitiesthe Center engages in a wide variety of scholarly and applied research projects,research consultation, and information and data services.Using the talents of faculty, researchers, support staff, and students, the Centerexplores important economic, social, and political issues; works with others toreach a better understanding of these issues; and assists groups and organizationsactively engaged in problem solving, coalition building, or strategic planning.This multidisciplinary approach encourages faculty and graduate student partie~pation from all departments with an urban focus. A part of the Buchtel College ofArts and Sciences, the Center for Urban Studies provides the setting and facilitiesthrough which interested faculty and graduate students do become involved inurban research or professional service activities in the urban community. For manygraduate students, experience gained in the Center for Urban Studies becomesan important complement to formal classroom training in their career participation.Microscale PhysiochemicalEngineering Center (MPEC)George G. Chase, Ph.D., DirectorThe Microscale Physiochemical Engineenng Center (MPECI was established in1996 by faculty with a common research interest in materials composed of verysmall particles. These small particles occur, for example, in heterogeneous catalysts.fluid/solid separations, paper-pulp processing, soil remediation, waste waterdecontamination. and solid transport.The unique feature of MPEC is the ability to form multi-diSCiplinary teams of facultyand graduate students to solve specific industnal problems.The Center hosts an annual conference, promotes networking, prov1des a forumfor industnal-university cooperation, and is a consortium of industrial sponsors forfundamental and applied research in microscale phys1ochem1cal engineering.Process Research Center (PRC)Sunggyu Lee, Ph.D., DirectorKathy L. Fullerton, Ph.D., Assistant DirectorThe Process Research Center (PRC), founded 1n 1990, focuses on fundamentaland applied research involving new chemical processes and novel materials.The specialties of the PRC 1nclude chemical reactions, separation technology, newpolymeric materials, biotechnology, and environmental engineenng. In conjunctionwith this, the Center operates several scale-up and minipilot plant facilities.The PRC aims at responding more positively to the needs of industries enhancingcooperation between the Univflrsity and industries. Great opportunities areavailable for both graduate and undergraduate students to conduct practicalresearchCenter for Small BusinessJeffrey C. Dilts, Ph.D, DirectorEstablished in 1973, the Center for Small Business (formerly the Small BusinessInstitute) offers full management assistance counseling to area businessesthrough the utilization of senior students, working as advisers under the supervisionof the College of Business Administration faculty. Over 350 firms have beenserviced by the Center s1nce its founding.

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