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Graduate School - The University of Akron

Graduate School - The University of Akron


Courses of Instruction 93695 PRACTICUM IN COMPUTER SCIENCE1-3 credrtsPrerequisite: graduate teadling assistant or permission. Train1n~ and expenence in collegeteaching of computer science under the supervision of an experrenced faculty member Maynot be used to meet degree requ1rements. May be taken only on a cred1Vnon-credit bas1s.698 MASTER'S RESEARCH7-6 credrts(May be repeated) Prerequ1s1te: permission of adv1sor. Research in su1~able top1cs 1n comp~tersc1ence culm1nat1ng in a research paper. No more than two cred1ts applicable to maJOrrequirements.699 MASTER'S THESIS2 creditsPrerequisite: permission. (May be repeated for a total of four credits ) A properly qualified candidatefor a master's degree may obtain 2-4 credits for researdl experience whidl culminates1n presentation of a faculty-supervised thes1s710 ADVANCED COMPUTING TECHNIQUES IN PHYSICAL SCIENCES3 credrtsPrerequisites: Programming experrence 1n FORTRAN; 3450:427/527 or428/528 or 627; a knowledgeof. the UN. IX operat1ng syst~m. Introduction to current trends and ted1n1ques 1n sctent1f1ccomput1ng. Top1cs 1nclude numencal software des1gn, symbolic computatron, and parallel computingSTATISTICS3470:515 MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS FOR STATISTICS 4 credrtsPrerequisites: 3450·.223, 3450:312, or equivalent. Topics from matnx alg~bra and a.nalys1s: quadratiCforms. e1genvalues and roots, generalized Inverses. vector functions, continUity, differentiation.extreme problems, multivanate integration, inf1nite senes, and application. May notbe used to meet graduate degree requ1rements for mathematical sciences maJors.550 PROBABIUlY 3 credrtsPrerequisite: 3450:221. lntroductron to probability, random variables and probabilrty distributions,expected value, sums of random vanables, Markov processes.551.2THEORETICAL STATISTICS I AND II3 credits eachSequential. Prereqursite: 3450:223. Elementary combinatorial probability theory, probabrlitydtstnbut1ons, mathematical expectatiOn. funct1ons of random vanables, sampling dJstnbutJons,point and 1nterval estimatton. tests of hypotheses. regresston and correlatton, introduction toexperimental designs.560 STATISTICAL METHODS 4 credrtsApplication of statistical_ ~ethods to the social sctences including: descnptton statistics, pro_babilitydistnbuttons, statrsttcaltnference (parametnc, nonparemetnc), categoncal data analysts,ltnear regresston, correlation, computer applications. May not be used to meet MathemattcalSciences degree requirements.561 APPUED STATISTICS I 4 creditSPrerequisite: 3450:222 or 216 or equrvalent Applications of statrstrcal theory to natural and physicalsctences and eng1neenng, including probability distributions, in.terval estimatto.n, hypothesestesttng {parametric and nonparametnc), and simple linear regress1on and correlatiOn.562 APPUED STATISTICS II 4 creditsPrereqUISite: 461/561 or equ1valent. Applications of the tedm1ques of regression and multJfactoranalys1s of vanance.565 DESIGN OF SAMPLE SURVEYS 3 credrtsPrerequiSite· 461/561 or equ1valent. Des1gn and analys1s of frequently used sample surveytechn1ques569 REUABIUlY MODELS 3 credrtsPrerequisite: 461/561 Selected topics in reliability modeling 1nclud1ng parametric and nonparametricmodels, competing modes of failure, censored data and accelerated life models.571 ACTUARIAL SCIENCE I 3 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: 551 or 561 or equ1valent. Study of various statiStical, fJnanc1al, and mathematicalcalculat1ons used to determine insurance prem1ums related to contingent risks based on ·,ndJ­VJdual nsk model frameworks.572 ACTUARIAL SCIENCE II 3 credrtsPrereqursrte: 471/571 Contrnuatron of Actuanal Scrence I. Study of multiple hfe functions, multipledecrement models. valuat1on theory for pension plans, insurance models tncludingexpenses. nonforfeiture benefits and d1v1dends575 FOUNDATIONS OF STATISTICAL QUAUlY CONTROL 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 461/561 or equrvalent. Course prov1des a solid foundation 1n the theory and applicatiOnsof statiStiCal tedm1ques widely used in industry.560 STATISTICAL COMPUTER APPLICATIONS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1tes: 3450:222 and one semester course in statJstJcs or perm1ssion. Translation ofstat1st1cal operat1ons 1nto computer languages, iterative procedures, generating data, MonteCarlo techniques. use of statistical packages589 TOPICS IN STATISTICS 1-3 credrts(May be repeated for a total of. s1x credits) Pre_r~quis1te: permission. Select~d topics 1nadvanced statistrcs, 1ncludrng quality control, reliability, samplmg techniques, dec1sion theory,advanced 1nference, stodlast1c processes and others.591 WORKSHOP IN STATISTICS 1-3 credrts(May be repeated wrth change of toprcl Group studres of specral topics 1n statistics. May notbe used to meet undergraduate or graduate maJor reqUirements 1n mathematics and statiSticsMay be used for elective credit only595 STATISTICAL CONSULTING 7-3 creditsPrerequisite· 480/580 or perm1ssion. Students wt/1 be ass1gned to work with an 1nstructor oncurrent projects 1n the Center for Statistical Consulting. May be repeated for a total of 4 cred­Its; however, only 2 cred1ts will count toward major requirements. Does not count for elect1vecredtt for math sc1ence department majors.650 ADVANCED PROBABIUlY AND STOCHASTIC PROCESSES 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 651 Random walk, drstnbuttons, unlimited sequence of tnals, laws of large numbers,convolutions, branch1ng processes, renewal theory, Markov chains, time-dependent stochastiCprocesses651 PROBABIUlY AND STATISTICS 4 credrtsPrerequisites: 3450:521!522 or 515 or equrvalent. Probability, random variables, moments andgenerating functions, random vectors, spec1al distributions, limit theorems, sampling, pointest1mat1on, hypothesiS test1ng, confidence est1mat1on.652 ADVANCED MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 651. Convergence of random variables, the Centra! Lim1t Theorem; theory of estimation;theory of hypothesis test1ng; the mult1vanate normal density; Introduction to linearmodels; Bayesian statiStiCS.655 UNEAR MODELS 3 creditsPrerequisites: 3450:312 and 651 or equivalent. General linear model in matri~ notation, generallinear hypothesis, regress1on models, expenmental des1gn models, analys1s of vanance andcovariance, variance components.660 ADVANCED STATISTICAL METHODS 4 credrtsPrerequisite: 560 or 561 or 664 or equivalent. Theory and applications of the techniques ofregress1on and mult1factor analysis of variance.663 EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3 credrtsPrerequisite: 561 or equivalent. Selected top1cs 1n expenmental design ·Including random andf1xed effects, nested designs, split plot des1gns, confoundtng, fractional factonals, Lat1nsquares, and analysis of covanance.664 STATISTICS FOR THE HEALTH SCIENCES 4 credits(May not be used to meet degree requirements_ for ma~h~mat1cal sciences majors) Prer~quJsrte:college-level algebra or equ1vale~t. Descriptive stat1st1cs, probability and probability distribution,tests of hypotheses and confidence Intervals, nonparametnc statiStiCS, regress1on andcorrelation665 REGRESSION 3 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: _561 or. equ1valent. Correlatron, s1mple and rr:ult1ple linear. regress1on: l~astsquares, matnx_ notat1o~, model building and check1n.g estimatiOn, hypo~hes1s test1ng, outliers,influence, mult1coll1neanty, transformations, categoncal regressors; log1st1c regress1on.666 NONPARAMETRIC STATISTICS-METHODS 3 creditsPrerequisite: 560 or 561 or equivalent. Theory and practice us1ng techn1ques requiring lessrestnct1ve assumptions. Nonparametnc analogues tot- and F-tests, ANOVA, regression andcorrelation. Computer applications.667 FACTOR ANALYSIS 3 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: 560 or 561 or 664. Theory and technrques for 1dent1fying vanables through useof pnncipal components and factor analysis. Identification of groups us1ng cluster analysis.Computer applications.668 MULTIVARIATE STATISTICAL METHODS 3 credrtsPrerequisite: 562 or 663 or 665 or equivalent. Multivanate techn!ques 1ncluding distance co_ncept,Hotell1ng T2, mult1vanate ANOVA, regression and correlat1on, linear contr~sts~ factonalexpenments, nested and repeat measure des1gns, Bonferron1 x2 tests, linear d1scnm1natJonanalysis, canon1cal correlations, application.670 BIOSTATISTICS 3 credrtsPrerequ1site: 561 or 664 or equivalent. Statistical 1ssues and methods for biological, medicaland health sciences including: clin1cal tnals, sample size, power, log-linear models, survivalana/ys1s, and b1oassay. Computer appl1cat1ons675 RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY 3 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: 562 or 663 or 665 or equivalent. F1rst and second order response designs, effi­Cient expenmental plans, methods for the analysis, and optimization of response funct1ons689 ADVANCED TOPICS IN STATISTICS 7-3 credrts(May be repeated for a total of s1x credits) P_rerequisite: 651. Sel.ected topics in stat1~t1cs Includingconcepts in order, statistics, advanced Inference, sequential analysis, stochastic processes,reliability theory, Bayes1an statistics and regression.692 SEMINAR IN STATISTICS 7-3 credrts(May be repeated) Prerequisite: permission of advisor. Seminar-type discussion on top1cs 1nstatiStiCS leading to supervised research project. No more than 2 cred1ts apply to majorrequirements.695 PRACTICUM IN STATISTICS AND MATHEMATICS 7-3 credrtsPrerequisite· graduate teach1ng assistant or permrss1on Tra1ning and experience 1n collegeteaching of statistics May not be used to meet degree requirements. May be taken only ona cred1t/non-cred1t basis.697 INDIVIDUAL READING 7-2 credrts(May be repeated for a total of four credits) PrereqUISites: graduate standing and permisSion.D1rected stud1es 1n stat1st1Cs under gUidance of selected faculty member.698 MASTER'S RESEARCH 7-6 credrts(May be repeated) Prerequ1s1te: perm1ssion of adv1sor. Research 1n suitable top1cs in stat1st1csculm1nat1ng 1n a research paper No more than 2 credits appltcable to maJor requirements699 MASTER'S THESIS 2 credits!May be repeated for a total of 4 credits) Prerequisite: Permissron. Properly qualifred candidatesfor master's degree may obtain 2-4 credits for research expenence which culminates 1npresentaf1on of faculty-supervised thesis.ENGINEERINGAPPLIED MATHEMATICS3490:701,21NTERDISCIPUNARY RESEARCH SEMINAR3 credits eachPrerequisite. PermiSSIOn. For students seek1ng graduate degrees in Applied Mathematics. AnJntroductron to applied mathematics research 1n the mathematical sc1ences, physical sc1ences,and eng1neering.790 ADVANCED SEMINAR IN APPUED MATHEMATICS 7-4 credrtsPrerequisite: Perm1ss1on (May be repeated for a total of 12 credits.) For students seek1ng graduatedegrees 1n Applied Mathematics Advanced projects and studies in various areas ofapplied mathematics898 PREUMINARY RESEARCH 7-75 creditsPrerequisrte: Permrss1on. (May be repeated.) Completion of qualifying exam1nat1on andapproval of Student Advisory Committee_ Prelim1nary investigation of Ph.D. dissertation top1c.899 DOCTORAL DISSERTATION 7-75 credrtsPrerequ1s1te: Perm1ss1on. {May be repeated) Completion of Candidacy exam1nat1on andapproval of Student Advisory Commrttee. Orig1nal research by a Ph.D. candidateMODERN LANGUAGES3500:590 WORKSHOP 2 credits(May be repeated) Group studies of spec1a! topics in modern languages.

94 The University of AkronFRENCH3520:502 ADVANCED FRENCH GRAMMAR 3 creditsPrereqUISite. 302 or equ1valent. Advanced study of normat1ve F1ench grammar with emphasison syntax, morphology, grammatical structure and phonetiC pnnc1ples.507 FRENCH LITERATURE OF THE MIDDLE AGES AND THE RENAISSANCE 4 cred1tsPrerequiSite· 305 or 306 or equivalent. Reading and discuss1on of selected Medieval andRenaissance literary works. Conducted 1n French511 17TH CENTURY FRENCH LITERATURE 4 cred1tsPrerequiSite. 305 or 306 or equ1valent Read1ng and d1scuss1on of selected works 1n poetry,drama and novels. Conducted 1n French.515 18TH CENTURY FRENCH LITERATURE 4 creditsPrerequiSite. 305 or 306 or equ1valent. Reading and discussion at selected authors: emphas1son the PhrlosophieS. Conducted 1n French519 19TH CENTURY FRENCH LITERATURE 4 creditsPrerequiSite· 305 or 306 or equ1valent Reading and d1scuss1on of selected works perta1n1ngto romantic, realistiC and naturaltst1c movements Conducted :n French522 SPECIAL TOPICS IN ADVANCED LANGUAGE SKILLS OR CULTUREOR LITERATURE 7-4Prerequisite. 202 or equ1valent (May be repeated.) Development oi spec1ai1Zed languageor reading of S1gn1f1Cant works of literature or culture not studied 1n other courses527 20TH CENTURY FRENCH LITERATURE 4 creditsPrerequ1s1te 305 or 306 or equivalent Reading and diSCUSSIOn of the most representativeworks at penod. Conducted 1n French.529 FRANCOPHONE CARIBBEAN LITERATURE 3 oeditsPrerequiSites· 305 or 306 or equtvalent A study of selected literary works from Hattt, Guadeloupe,and Ma111n1que 1n l1ght of the1r geographic, htstonc. SOCioethniC, and cultural determtnants.560 SELECTED THEMES IN FRENCH LITERATURE 3 cred1ts(May be repeated.) Conducted 1n French. PrereqUISite. 305 and 306 or eqLJIValent Read1ng anddtscuss1011 of literary works selected accord1ng to an Important theme571 FRENCH LANGUAGE READING PROACIENCY 4 cred1tsDestgned to develop prof1c1ency in read1ng comprehension Prepares students for graduateread1ng exam1nat1oll Does not count toward French major597,8 INDIVIDUAL READING IN FRENCH 1-4 creditsPrerequiSites: 302 and permiSSIOn of the French sect1on. IndiVidual readtng 1n French, offeredat the graduate level \May be repeated tor a total of e1ght cred1ts.)603,4 ROMANCE AND APPLIED LINGUISTICS 4 cred,ts eachH1story of French language from 842 to present. Second semester dea1s With application ofl1ngutst1c research to teach1ng of French607,8 SELECTED TOPICS IN THE MOVEMENT OF IDEAS INFRENCH LITERATUREStudy of 1deas 1nstrumental1n shaptng French thought and culture4 cred1ts each619.20 FRENCH CULTURE EXPRESSED IN LITERATURE 4 cred1ts eachAnthropological approach emphasizing soc1al and c1vic 1nSt1tUt1ons. educatton, mus1c and arts.value systems and nat1onal characteriStiCS.641 SEMINAR: FRANCOPHONE LITERATURE. CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION 2 cred1tsStudy of vanous aspects of culture. civtl1zat10n and literature of French express1on outside ofFrance642 SEMINAR: THE IMAGE OF THE WOMAN IN FRENCH LITERATURE 2 cred1tsStudy of the woman as charactenzed m French literature from Middle Ages to present661 FRENCH TEACHING PRACTICUM 2 cred1tsPrerequisite teach1ng ass1stantsh1p or permiSSIOn. Onentation and prac:t1ce of part1cularaspects of teachmg language and culture. Penodica\ revtew and evaluation Cred1ts may notbe applied toward degree requ1rement697,8 INDIVIDUAL READING AND RESEARCH IN FRENCH 7-4 cred1ts eachPrerequiSites. 202 and perm1Ss1on of Department Chair. Independent study and research 1nspeCific areas Considerable read1ng and wnt1ng requ1red699 MASTER'S THESIS 4 credrtsGERMAN3530:519 THE AGE OF GOETHE I 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te. 302 or 306 or permiSSIOn Enlightenment and generatiOn of Sturm und Orang,1ncluding works of Wteland, Lessmg. Kloptock, Herder. the young Goethe and others Conducted1n German520 THE AGE OF GOETHE II 3 cred1tsPrerequisites· 302, 306 or permission Faust, selecttons from parts I and 11 Ballads of Goetheand Schiller. Conducted in German522 SPECIAL TOPICS IN ADVANCED LANGUAGE SKILLS,CULTURE, AND LITERATURE 7-4PrereqUISites: 301 and graduate stand1ng. Development of spec1altzed languageadvanced read1ngs 1n German ltterature or culture. (May be repeated for a total of e1ghtltS.l531 200 YEARS OF GERMAN DRAMA 3 creditsPrereqUISite 302 or 306 or permiSSIOn Representative works of maJor class1cal dramattcs1nclud1ng Less1ng, Goethe. Sch1ller, Kletst, Grillparzer. Conducted 1n German532 200 YEARS OF GERMAN DRAMA 3 creditsP1erequis1te 302 or 306 or permiSSIOn Representative works of the major dramatists, Buchner,Hebbel, Hauptmann and Wedekind Conducted 1n German535 GERMAN SHORT STORY 3 creditsPrerequ1s1te: 302 or 306 or permiSSIOn Readmg and d1scuss1on of representative works ofGerman romanticism, 1ncluding those of T1eck, Kle1st E T A Hoffman. Brentano EichendorffConducted 1n German536 GERMAN SHORT STORY 3 c1ed1tsPrerequis1te 302 or 306 or permiss1on Read1ng and discussiOn of works representat1ve of theperiod, 1nclud1ng those of Oroste-Hulshoft, Stifter, Keller. Meyer, Storm Conducted 1n German539 20TH CENTURY LITERATURE I 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te 302 or 306 or pe~miSSIOn Cash of old and the new at the turn of the centuryWorks ofT. Mann. Haupt:llann, Katser Hotmar,nsthal. Riik._e, Wedekind and others. Conducted1n German540 20TH CENTURY GERMAN LITERATURE II 3 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te 302 or 306 or permtss1on Impact of mod8rnlty Readtng and discussion of wnt~1ngs of Hesse. Kafka, DoQiw~. VVerfel and others Conducted .n German571 GERMAN LANGUAGE READING PROFICIENCYDes1gned to develop pr:JftClency 1n readtrg con-•prehenston597,8 INDIVIDUAL READING IN GERMANPrerequiSites 3C1 and graduateate level. t,May be r8peated for a totalSPANISH3580:505 SPANISH LINGUISTICS; PHONOLOGYPrerequtstteDescr1pt1ve study ofof Spantsf'sounds, htstortcal~ion ConduL:ted .n4 credrts1-4 cred1tslndtvidual reading 1n German, offered at the graduelghtcred1ts.)4 credrtsphonettcs and morphology, compansonreg1onal acce:lts and soctoltnguiStiC vana-506 SPANISH LINGUISTICS: SYNTAX 4 cred1tsPrerequiSite perntlsston Descrtpttve study of Spantsh syntax; :ntroduct1on to theor1es ofgrammar, overv1evv of Span:sh sernnnt1cc; and pragmatiCS. Conducted •n Span1sh509 CULTURAL MANIFESTATION IN MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE SPAIN 4 cred1tsPrerequts;~e· 407 or 408 orot ttlstructor Cornparattve study of representat1ve artiSticand !ite(ar\' \\Jd~s :::.f t\leand Rena1ssance pertods Conducted in Spantsh511 SPAIN DURING THE BAROQUE PERIOD 4 cced1tsPrerequ:s;te 407 or 408 or 1'lstructor':; permtss1on A comparat've study of the d1fferent culturaln~,anltestatiOilS rldrtn~J the nth century in Spain Conducted Ill SpaniSh512 CERVANTES: DON QUIJOTE4 credrtsPre1 eautSite 40 I' or 408 orof tnstructor Readtng and analys1s of Don OuiJOte asthe f1rs1 n:odern novel 1n h1stonr::al context of Rena1ssance and Baroque estheticS Conducted:;! s;_-ar-!sr515 THE AGE OF REASON AND THE ROMANTIC REBELLION IN SPAIN 4 cred1tsP~erequts.te 407 or .:.DB or Study of the Enltghtenment and the Romantic movementas ref\ected rn themaJOr artists ar.d wrtters of these penods Conducted1n SpantSil516 REPRESENTING REALITY IN 19TH CENTURY SPAIN .J cred1tsPrereautstte ·W7 or -l08 orA comparative study of the major ltterary and art1st1cmoveMe'ltS tn Soa1n from to Moaern1sm Conducted m Span1sh518 20TH CENTURY SPAIN: THE AVANT-GARDE IN LITERATURE AND ART 4 cred1tsPrerequ:stt-? J.IJ7 or 408of !:lStructor A cmnparo~tve study of the major l1teraryand art1=.!1c n~rJvements 1n vvhtch .llu'Strate me pnmary cultural changes of the centuryCondu.:::ted tr: Span1sh519 THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR AND ITS CULTURAL IMPACT 4 credctsPrerequiSite JC,b or perm1SSton of Instructor Study of the rmpact of the Civtl War on Span1shculture.522 SPECIAL TOPICS IN SPECIALIZED LANGUAGE SKILLS OR CULTUREOR LITERATURE7-4 cred1ts1f\.,.1ay be ~epeated) Development of speciai:zed latlguage skills,·,or~s of literature or culture not studied 1n other courses523 SPANISH-AMERICAN LITERATURE BEFORE 1900 4 cred1tsPrerequrs:te 407 or 408 or permiSSIOn Readrng of represemat1ve Spantsh-Amerlcan literaturefrom the d1scovcry to 1900. Ora I and wnnen reports Conducted 1n Span1sh524 RACE AND ETHNICITY: INDIGENOUS CULTURES IN20TH CENTURY SPANISH-AMERICA4 cred1tsPrereqUISite 407 or 408 or perm1ss1on Traces the d_l,,erse representations of 1ndtgenous cultnltte:;nur-e Takes :nto accoL:nt the tnteracttve forces of class. gender. race, and ethnicCor~,uuc~ed 1'1 Spanish525 20TH CENTURY SPANISH-AMERICAN NOVEL 4 cred1tsPrerequiSite -107 or 408 or pel miSSion of rnstructor Readtr.g and d1scuss1on of representativecontemporary Lat1n Arnencan novels Conducted 1n Span1sh527 LATINO CULTURES IN THE USA 4 cred1tsPrereau!Sites: 407 and 408 or permiSSIOn of r'lstructor lnqutry tnto the Lat1no expenence ofdisplacement and margtrality through the analysiS of cultural mantfestattons 1n the USA Conducted1n Spatltsh529 CULTURE AND LITERATURE OF THE HISPANIC CARIBBEAN 4 cred1tsPrerequiSite ,+07 or 408 or permiSSion of rnstructor. Emphas1s on customs, trad1t10ns and lectures. films, slides, and analysiS of selected wnt1ngs by contemporaryH1spantc authors from the Canbbean. Conducted in Span1sh530 WOMEN IN 20TH CENTURY HISPANIC LITERATURE 4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te 407 or 408 or permiSSIOn Read1ng and analys1s of selected works from the 20thCentury that dep1ct INOmen tn H1spanic countnes. Methodologies of fem1n1st cntlclsm will bestud1ed Conducted l'l Span1sh.531 HISPANIC CULTURE: SPAIN 4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te 302 or perm1SS10n Study of soc1ety, customs, h1story, art. mustc. etc of Spa1n.from a Hrspantc perspecttve Conducted 1n Span1sh532 HISPANIC CULTURE: SOUTH AMERICA 4 cred1tsPrerequ1s1te· 302 or pemltSSIO!l Study of soc1ety, customs. history, art, n:us1c, etc of SouthAmenca. from a H,·span1c perspect1ve. Conducted in Spantsh533 HISPANIC CULTURE: MIOXICO AND CENTRAL AMERICA 4 creditsPrereqL

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