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leading the way in carrying solutions for over 30 years - Tenba

leading the way in carrying solutions for over 30 years - Tenba

Exceptional bags and

Exceptional bags and cases – made to orderCUSTOMIZATIONWorld-renowned Tenba and Skooba Design carrying cases are designed at our own, dedicatedproduct development and distribution facility in Rochester, New York. In addition to developing our brandedproducts at this location, we provide design, development, manufacturing and customization services tooutside clients looking for exceptional quality bags and cases for their own applications. With decades ofexperience in the industry, we have developed and produced products for companies like GE, Lexar, Kodak,Oracle, Panasonic, Acura, US Government agencies and many others.Put our “bag lab” to work for youOur services range from simply applying a corporate client’s logo to one of our existing Tenba/Skooba Designproducts (see next page), to designing and producing complex, purpose-specific carrying products from theground-up to meet a customer’s unique and precise needs. Tell us what you’re looking for. We’re bag people,and when it comes to carrying solutions, we can do just about anything (and if we can’t, we’ll tell you).Once we understand your needs, our on-staff, professional designers take your requirements and turn theminto creative concepts and proposal sketches. When we hit on a direction that you tell us you’ll be happy with,our team takes the process through prototyping, detailed production specification packages, manufacturingand delivery. We can even design and produce packaging if you need it.Big projects, small projects, we handle (and love) them allTenba/Skooba Design has both domestic and offshore manufacturing facilities, a broad international networkof material and parts suppliers, and our own warehousing and distribution centers. These resources, alongwith our long experience in the business, allow us to handle large, complex jobs from drawing board to delivery.70

Personalization servicesYou don’t have to need bags by the boatload to take advantage of our custom services. We can dosome great things with your logo on our stock products, even in small quantities.Whether you’re a retailer, service center, school, rental facility, or other business – big or small – youcan identify and distinguish your products or property with your logo or other information beautifullyand permanently applied to our world-class bags and cases. We offer a variety of short-run, quickturnaroundcustomization options on our stock products (specific options, minimum quantities, leadtimes and other details vary by project, so please contact us for more information and personal service):Laser EngravingOur most unique and “high-tech” customization option, available on selected products (see below).Using our own, in-house laser equipment, we permanently engrave your name, company logo ormessage into an anodized aluminum plate (available in a variety of colors), which is then fastened to aspecially-molded fitting on the bag – a Tenba/Skooba Design exclusive.customizationEmbroideryElegant, timeless and versatile, embroidery offers the most options in terms of logo size, location andcolor, on the widest assortment of Tenba/Skooba Design products. Setup and running costs, as well asminimum quantities, are low, and turnaround time is short.Surface Printing or Custom BadgingOn some products and surfaces, screen printing, pad printing or other graphic transfer processes may beanother option. We can even develop custom molded, stamped or die-struck logos for volume orders.“Laser-ready” products in stockIn addition to both “made-to-order” and short run customization of our stock products, we offeranother fast, easy and exclusive way to personalize bags and cases for individuals, studios, rentalhouses, schools and corporations. The following products include ready-to-engrave, anodizedaluminum laser-engraveable plates.Air CasesTenba Air Cases provide unparalleled protection of photographic, lighting and computer equipmentfor transportation and shipping. All Air Case models featuring Tenba’s exclusive Datapanel shippingand identity solution come standard with an engraveable plate, and can be easily personalized with acompany or studio name or logo. Plates are available in black, silver, blue, red or orange.Messenger BagsThe Tenba Messenger is one of our most popular and versatile bags, and the large/black model isavailable, as an off-the shelf option, with an engraveable plate. The Messenger is a perfect all-aroundbag, with padded storage for a laptop and removable protective insert for camera equipment. Inaddition, the bag works great as a daily briefcase, or to transport portfolios and prints to clientmeetings. The Messenger can be personalized with a name or company logo. Plates are available inblack, silver, blue, red or orange.AirbookThe Airbook is the latest addition to Tenba’s collection of presentation cases. Airbooks featureTenba’s unique DataSleeve shipping and identity solution. In addition to the included removableshipping document window, the DataSleeve can accommodate a large, anodized aluminum plate(sold separately) that can be laser engraved with a custom logo. These distinctive plates are availablein either black or silver.More information about Tenba’s in-house laser engraving options can be found online subject to change without notice. Capacities are approximate and vary by equipment manufacturer.71

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