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Summary Table – June

Summary Table – June 2012 Projects (31)ProgramNo of Projects1 Confinement-free Sow and Piglet Management 52 Herd Health Management 103 Healthy Pork Consumption 84 Carbon-Conscious Nutrient Inputs and Outputs 8Project ID Project Title Organisation Project Leader1C-1071B-102Program 1 - Confinement-free Sow and Piglet ManagementImproving behaviour, welfare and commercial performance of group housed sowsthrough development of appropriate selection criteriaPeri-weaning polyamine supplementation a novel strategy to improve piglet survival andgrowth post-weaningPage 4 of 6University of NewEnglandUniversity of AdelaideDr K BunterDr W van Wettere1C-108 The sensitivity of sows to stressors throughout gestation University of Melbourne Dr J L Rault1C-109 Animal welfare monitoring in research settings University of Melbourne Ms M Rice1C-110 Current system assessment of Commercial performance of group housed sows Pork CRC Mr G Crook2B-103Program 2 -Herd Health ManagementEstimation of genetic parameters for immune-competence and other physiologicalprioritytraits for use in selection of disease resilience2C-108 Passive Immunisation for Oedema Disease2A-105Reducing the risk of E. coli by establishing a fibre recommendation after weaning: anunderpinning component of a MADEC health strategyUniversity of NewEnglandChris Richards andAssociatesMurdoch UniversityDr S HermeschDr A MorrisProf J Pluske2A-106 A comprehensive risk factor analysis of E.coli disease in the piggery environment University of Sydney Prof M Ward

Project ID Project Title Organisation Project Leader2C-109 Reducing sucker mortality through use of a novel feed supplement. Rivalea Dr C Collins2A-1072C-1102A-1082A-1092C-110Antibiotic sensitivity of Haemophilus parasuis plus Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae andother respiratory pathogensDietary manipulation of inflammatory cascade to minimise the impact of inflammationon production and health traits in weaner pigs experimentally infected with anenterotoxigenic strain of E. coliEvaluation of oral fluid samples for herd health monitoring of pathogens and theimmune response in pigs.Development and validation of assays to measure gut health in order to identify riskfactors for E.coli disease in weaner pigsUse of bacteriophage to prevent and treat Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) infections inpigsUniversity of QueenslandDAFWAVirology Laboratory,EMAI, NSW DPINSW DPIUniversity of SouthAustraliaDr C TurniDr JC KimDr D FinlaisonDr A CollinsProf M Barton3B-102 Longterm Pork consumption benefitsUniversity of SouthAustraliaDr K Murphy3A-105 Verification of eating quality pathways for delivering consistently high quality pork University of Melbourne Prof F Dunshea3A-1063C-1053A-1073B-104Determining the effect of ageing period, cut type, cooking method and internaltemperature on sensory and technological quality of porkDefining the relative importance of consumer drivers and perceptions of Australian porkin targeted export marketsSensory specific liking and satiety induced by pig meat flavours. Predictive models basedon brain activity measured by fMRI and EEG.The role of pork in improving muscle mass, body strength and cognitive function ininstitutionalized elderly people3B-105 Volunteer's attitudes towards consumption of fresh Australian porkUniversity of MelbourneIpsos Marketing, SydneyUniversity of QueenslandUniversity of WollongongUniversity of SouthAustraliaProf F DunsheaMs B DanonDr E RouraProf K CharltonDr K Murphy3B-106 Health benefits of pork consumption in the diets of Australian children University of Wollongong Dr D Nolan-Clark4A-103 Use of algal biomass and biomass by-products for pig production. Murdoch University Prof M BorowitzkaPage 5 of 6

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