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Holiday 2012 - Chanintr Living

Holiday 2012 - Chanintr Living

AroundBeauty‘When I

AroundBeauty‘When I think about what moves memost in my life, IT IS BEAUTY.’© DAVID MEREDITH–04–

Around Beauty, the first book from acclaimedinterior designer Barbara Barry showcases the beautyand principles of good design. Her work has long beenpraised for its quiet refinement, soothing palette andgracefully composed furniture. In this book, sheexplains her design philosophy, meditating on thetransformative power of beauty.Through page after page of gorgeous and subtle interiors,Barry explains her design process and shares thoughtprovokingstories. She discusses what inspires her, fromthe quality of light to the colors in nature, and illustrateshow she utilizes elements of nature in decoration.A complete departure from the traditional designmonograph, this book is a jewel box, exquisitely photographedand designed, filled with beauty found allaround, from textiles and paint brushes, to tea leavesand culinary delights.From the simple strength of a white plate to the sensualelegance of a well-made bed, she tells why a gracious life, awell-ordered life, a life around beauty is worth striving for.You will also get a glimpse of Barbara Barry’s privateworld as she shares in this book her own home inBeverly Hills, California.© DAVID MEREDITH–05–

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