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Commerce - The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center

Commerce - The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center


BY JOHN JOSEPH PARKERCONTRIBUTING EDITORHACKENSACK UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER(HUMC) has been named one of America’s 50Best Hospitals by HealthGrades ® for four years ina row. It is the only hospital in New Jersey, New York andNew England to accomplish this outstanding recognition.In the following interview with COMMERCE, HUMCPresident and CEO Robert C. Garrett discusses HUMC’sstate-of-the-art medicine and quality patient care.Named to the “50 Most Powerful People in Healthcarein New Jersey” list compiled by NJBIZ, Garrett wasappointed HUMC’s president and chief executive inNovember, after more than 25 years at the facility—mostrecently as chief operating officer. Since assuming therole, Garrett has begun work on a new Heart andVascular Hospital at HUMC, a facility dedicated topatients with cardiac and vascular disease focusing onstate-of-the-art, time-saving and life-saving care. This projectincludes a new employment model with communityphysicians and the recruitment of new cardiac and thoracicsurgeons. Other recent accomplishments include ahospital affiliation with St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville,New Jersey, which has strengthened the John TheurerCancer Center’s tertiary referrals, and the establishmentof the Touchdown Fund for Kids, Cardiac, and Cancer, aunique partnership with the New York Giants to raisefunds for medical center programs.Garrett is a past secretary/treasurer of the AmericanDiabetes Association and currently serves as Chairmanof its Board Development Committee. He has receivednumerous awards and honors including ModernHealthcare’s Up and Comers Award in 1996, theDistinguished Citizen Award from the GreaterHackensack Chamber of Commerce in 2001, and theAssociation of Healthcare Executives DistinguishedService Award in 2004.He is chairman of the New Jersey Council of TeachingHospitals’ (NJCTH) Board of Trustees. NJCTH is thestate’s premier teaching hospital network and its institutionsrepresent more than 29,000 healthcare professioncontinuedon page 42Cancer survivors celebrate life, liberty and new beginningsat Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Cancer survivorsand their loved ones boarded the ferries from New Jerseyand New York and headed to Ellis Island to celebrate their“freedom from cancer.” The John Theurer Cancer Center atHackensack University Medical Center hosted the event.June 2010 • COMMERCE 41

COVER STORYQ. Having been with HUMC since 1981, youhave long been a part of a phenomenal growth story.How will this incredible story continue to be written?What are your immediate goals and priorities?A. As healthcare reform is implemented, we recognizewe cannot rest on our laurels.We have a lot of workto do. Expanding access to quality healthcare willrequire new efficiencies and new business models. Inorder to remain competitive, we must embrace the conceptof value-based purchasing for healthcare. Hospitalsthat provide high-quality healthcare, measured both bypatient outcomes and patient satisfaction, are being recognizedas high-value facilities. In addition to improvingthe quality and value of care at individual hospitals, ourhealthcare delivery system cries out for enhanced integrationbetween and among hospitals. Our recent affiliationwith St. Clare’s Health System exemplifies thispractice. In 2010, we are negotiating more of these collaborations,expanding access for patients and cooperationamongst providers.Q. Could you please tell us a bit about plansfor the new Heart and Vascular Hospital?A. This new facility will be a hospital within ahospital, and will house state-of-the-art equipment andprograms which will really set HUMC apart from manyheart centers and heart programs. This hospital will beamongst the finest in the nation. It will integrate prevencontinuedfrom page 41als and 7,100 hospital beds. Its member institutions arededicated not only to high-quality patient care, but tohealth professions education and sophisticated researchas well.Garrett received his Master of Health Administrationfrom Washington University in St. Louis and hisBachelor’s degree from Binghamton University in NewYork. He and his wife, Laura, live in Morris Township,New Jersey, with their two sons, Jonathan and David.COMMERCE: How did it feel to be named thechief executive officer of Hackensack UniversityMedical Center? There was a nationwide searchthat considered literally hundreds of leading andprominent healthcare administrators.ROBERT C. GARRETT: It felt great! I am both humbledand proud to lead an organization brimming with talent.I have had the absolute honor to spend much of mycareer at this unbelievable medical center. The dedicationand commitment of our physicians, nurses, employeesand volunteers is second to none, and I look forwardto bringing my vision to fruition. I want to thank theBoard of Governors and the entire family of HackensackUniversity Medical Center for their support and for theirconfidence in me. With the ongoing support of thismotivated, talented team, we will continue to provide anexceptional standard of care, and work to furtherimprove the health and well-being of the people of theNew Jersey/New York metropolitan region.Hackensack University Medical Center has been named one of America’s 50 Best Hospitalsby HealthGrades ® for four years in a row. HUMC is the only hospital in New Jersey,New York and New England to accomplish this outstanding recognition.42 COMMERCE •

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