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91430 SPS cover edited - Electronic Fasteners Inc

91430 SPS cover edited - Electronic Fasteners Inc


SOCKET SET SCREWS Point Selection According to ApplicationSocket set screws offer three types ofholding power: torsional (resistanceto rotation); axial (resistance to lateralmovement); and vibrational.Size selection is an important factorin holding power. The screw diametershould be roughly 1/2 that of theshaft as a rule-of-thumb. (For morespecific size data see pages 18–19.)Additional design considerationsappear below.Holding power is almost directly proportionalto seating torque in a cup,flat, and oval point screws. Holdingpower can be increased by increasingseating torque. Greater holdingpower reduces the number of screwsrequired and the assembled cost ofthe application.By its penetration, the set screw pointcan add as a much as 15% to totalholding power. Cone points, withdeepest penetration, give the greatestincrease; oval points, with minimumpenetration, the least. Making 1 theindex for cup point, holding powervalues from tables on pages 22 and23 can be multiplied by 1.07 for conepoint, 0.92 for flat or dog points, and0.90 for oval point.Relative hardness between set screwand shaft is also a factor. A 10-pointdifferential between the screw’s normalRockwell C 50 and shaft shouldbe maintained for full holding power.As much as 15% loss in holdingpower can result from a lower differential.Vibration resistance can be achievedby correct size and proper tightening.The UNBRAKO knurl cup set screwoffers additional mechanical lockingresistance when required.POINT SELECTIONAccording to ApplicationPoint selection is normally determined bythe nature of the application – materials, theirrelative hardness, frequency of assemblyand re-assembly and other factors. Reviewedhere are standard point types, their generalfeatures and most frequent areas of applicationof each type.knurled cupFor quick and permanentlocation of gears, collars,pulleys or knobs on shafts.Exclusive counterclockwiselocking knurls resist screwloosening, even in poorlytapped holes. Resists mostsevere vibration.plain cupUse against hardenedshafts, in zinc, die castingsand other soft materialswhere high tighteningtorques are impractical.20

SOCKET SET SCREWSPoint Selection According to ApplicationSTAINLESS STEEL ADVANTAGES Corrosion resistance, Wide temperature range (–300° F to +800° F), Freedomfrom scaling or oxidation. Non-magnetic, a valuable property in certain electrical and electronic applications.(Maximum permeability is 1.2 and can be reduced to 1.02 by brightannealing.) Corrosion-resistance useful where cleanliness is important. Standard processing of these socket set screws includes a passivation treatmentwhich neutralizes surface contamination.flatUse where parts must befrequently re-set, as itcauses little or no damageto part it bears against.Can be used against hardenedshafts (usually withground flat for better contact)and as adjustingscrew. Preferred for thinwall thickness and on softplugs.ovalUse for frequent adjustmentwithout deformationof part it bears against,also for seating againstan angular surface.Circular U-grooves oraxial V-grooves sometimesput in shaft to permitrotational or longitudinaladjustment.coneFor permanent location ofparts. Deep penetrationgives highest axial andholding power. In materialover Rockwell C15 point isspotted to half its lengthto develop shear strengthacross point. Used forpivots and fine adjustment.half dogUsed for permanent locationof one part to another.Point is spotted in holedrilled in shaft or againstflat (milled). Often replacesdowel pins. Works wellagainst hardened membersor hollow tubing.21

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