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91430 SPS cover edited - Electronic Fasteners Inc

91430 SPS cover edited - Electronic Fasteners Inc


GALVANIC CORROSIONMMMMMM M M M M M M M M M M M M MCadmium and Zinc Plate, Galvanized Steel,Beryllium, Clad AluminumAluminum, 1100, 3003, 5052, 6063,6061, 356Steel † , (except corrosion-resistant types)Aluminum † , 2024, 2014, 7075Lead, Lead-Tin SolderTin, Indium, Tin-Lead SolderSteel, AISI 410, 416, 420Chromium Plate, Tungsten, MolybdenumB M M B T N T N N N N T N N B N N NMMB B N B T N N N T N T B N N NM M M M M M M M M M M M M M M MM M M M M M M M M M M M M M MB B B B B N N N N N B N N NB B B B B N T N T B N N NB B B B B B N T B N N NB B B B B B B B B B BSteel, AISI 431, 440; AM 355; PH SteelsB B B B B B BN N NLeaded Brass, Naval Brass, Leaded BronzeB B B B B BNNNMagnesium † M B M BCommercial yellow Brass and Bronze;QQ-B-611 BrassCopper, Bronze, Brass, Copper Alloys perQQ-C-551, QQ-B-671, MIL-C-20159;Silver Solder per QQ-S-561B B B B B BB B B B B BNNNKEY:Steel, AISI 301, 302, 303, 304, 316, 321,347*, A 286Nickel-Copper Alloys per QQ-N-281,QQ-N-286, and MIL-N-20184Nickel, Monel, Cobalt, High-Nickel andHigh Cobalt AlloysTitaniumB B B B BB B B B NB B B NB B BNBBBBNBSilver, High-Silver AlloysRhodium, Graphite, PalladiumGold, Platinum, Gold-Platinum AlloysBBBLEGEND:N – Not compatibleB – CompatibleT – Compatible if not exposed within twomiles of salt waterM – Compatible when finished with atleast one coat of primerFIG. 19 – Metals compatibility chart74

IMPACT PERFORMANCETHE IMPACT PERFORMANCE OFTHREADED FASTENERSMuch has been written regarding the significance of thenotched bar impact testing of steels and other metallicmaterials. The Charpy and Izod type test relate notchbehavior (brittleness versus ductility) by applying a singleoverload of stress. The results of these tests providequantitive comparisons but are not convertible to energyvalues useful for engineering design calculations. Theresults of an individual test are related to that particularspecimen size, notch geometry and testing conditionsand cannot be generalized to other sizes of specimensand conditions.The results of these tests are useful in determiningthe susceptibility of a material to brittle behavior whenthe applied stress is perpendicular to the major stress.In externally threaded fasteners, however, the loadingusually is applied in a longitudinal direction. The impacttest, therefore, which should be applicable would be onewhere the applied impact stress supplements the majorstress. Only in shear loading on fasteners is the majorstress in the transverse direction.Considerable testing has been conducted in an effortto determine if a relationship exists between the CharpyV notch properties of a material and the tension propertiesof an externally threaded fastener manufacturedfrom the same material.Some conclusions which can be drawn from theextensive impact testing are as follows:1. The tension impact properties of externally threadedfasteners do not follow the Charpy V notch impact pattern.2. Some of the variables which effect the tension impactproperties are:A. The number of exposed threadsB. The length of the fastenerC. The relationship of the fastener shank diameter tothe thread area.D. The hardness or fastener ultimate tensile strengthFollowing are charts showing tension impact versusCharpy impact properties, the effect of strength anddiameter on tension impact properties and the effect oftest temperature.Please note from figure 21 that while the Charpyimpact strength of socket head cap screw materials aredecreasing at sub-zero temperatures, the tension impactstrength of the same screws is increasing. This comparesfavorable with the effect of cryogenic temperatures onthe tensile strength of the screws. Note the similarincrease in tensile strength shown in figure 22.It is recommended, therefore, that less importance beattached to Charpy impact properties of materials whichare intended to be given to impact properties for threadedfasteners. If any consideration is to be given to impactproperties of bolts or screws, it is advisable to investigatethe tension impact properties of full size fasteners sincethis more closely approximates the actual application.75

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