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2012 TCOG Annual Report - Texoma Council of Governments

2012 TCOG Annual Report - Texoma Council of Governments

Geographic Information

Geographic Information System (GIS)Our GIS Program develops and delivers information inthe form of maps, reports, and charts for counties, cities,appraisal districts, 9-1-1 organizations, and others in Texoma.Originally formed from a partnership with local governments andthe TCOG Public Safety Program to provide rural addressing,this successful collaboration has allowed us to further coordinateregional efforts by building an increasingly higher number ofdatasets and tools for decision-makers in the region.Online Map DeploymentWe developed and deployed anonline GIS map this year for memberjurisdictions to utilize the most accurate,customized, and up-to-date data anywherewith Internet access without exhaustingthat jurisdiction’s IT infrastructure tosupport the GIS web map.Computer-Aided Dispatch &GISIn order to help public safety officers get tothe location of a caller or incident faster, weassisted Grayson County with incorporatingGIS in new Computer-Aided Dispatch System.Critically-Accurate SupportDuring the numerous wildfiresin 2011, we provided critical & accuratesupport to Emergency Operations Centers.Dynamic Datasets18 new GIS layers were created for localgovernments to use in public safety, emergencymanagement, redistricting, elections, andsocioeconomic analysis in Texoma.Rural Address AssignmentMore than 700 new addresses wereassigned to properties in the unincorporatedareas of Cooke, Fannin, and GraysonCounties.Cost-Saving PictometryUpdated aerial imagery of the entireTexoma region by facilitating a cooperativeacquisition of Pictometry between TCOG,GCAD, FCAD, CCAD, and Denison.{17}

Municipal Solid WasteFinancial and technical assistance is provided to city &county governments, school districts, and law enforcementdistricts in their efforts to combat illegal dumping, promoterecycling, and ultimately reduce the amount of wasteintroduced to local landfills. Services provided by the MSWProgram educate the public and reduce the amount of illegaldumping on our regions’ county roads and creeks.Increased Environmental Awareness in Area SchoolsThis year we visited science and biology classes to educatestudents about the positive impact home composting has for individualsand the region. We presented PowerPoint presentations to the HoneyGrove, Sam Rayburn, Dodd City, Savoy, Ector, and Bonham schooldistricts and plan to continue in other area school systems this fall.Community & Economic DevelopmentWe provide staff support for theRegional Review Committeewhich sets criteria for the CommunityDevelopment Block Grant Program inthe region and also facilitates regionwideplanning through the EconomicDevelopment Administration thataddresses how the placement of people,infrastructure, and assets among thecommunities in Cooke, Fannin, andGrayson Counties operate as a regionaleconomy and create a quality place forbusinesses and workers.Comprehensive EconomicWebsite LaunchIn 2011, we launched,a unique website intended to educate siteselectors, businesses, public officials, andcitizens about the Texoma regional economy.This site provides a customized commercialand industrial real estate mapping toolas well as comprehensive informationabout infrastructure, resources, economicresearch, and planning efforts across all ofTexoma.Texoma Council of Governments{18}

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