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A Reduced-Form Approach to Complement the NYCHP - SAGE

A Reduced-Form Approach to Complement the NYCHP - SAGE

Why Test a

Why Test a Reduced FormApproach?• Estimate the value-added of using the bestavailable models vs. cheaper, faster, simplermodels• Develop a tool to assess health impacts ofclimate with much lower cost requirements• Relatively simple structure well-suited foruncertainty analysis, e.g. Monte Carlo

Reduced-FormSystemOverview of MethodsRegional ClimateStatistical DownscalingAir QualityOzone Box Model• Public algorithms (clim.pact,from Benestad), running in R.• Methods developed using 2sets of large-scale climatevariables (NCEP, GISS) and…• 3 sets of local variables (USHCN & 2 gridded: Willmott,Matsuura, et al.; New et al.)Public HealthHeat, Ozone Exposure

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