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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 1 —

Section 1 — GlossaryVME .....................V OUT ...................WDT.....................Versa Module EurocardOutput VoltageWatchdog Timer, a monitoring circuit, external tothe device watched which senses an output linefrom the device and reacts to changes on the line4 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

2 General DescriptionThe 2070L controller, from Quixote Traffic, meets the standard for a 2070Lunit as described in the Caltrans Transportation Electrical EquipmentSpecifications (TEES) of August 16, 2002, along with the TEES Erratum 1document of October 27, 2003 and the TEES Erratum 2 document of June8, 2004. The ‘L’ version, or the ‘lite’ variant of the standard 2070 controller,includes these components:a standard 2070 chassisa 2070-1B CPU board (The 1B CPU board does not require theadditional VME rack and transition board that the 2070-1A CPU boardrequires.)a 2070-2A field I/O modulea 2070-3B display modulea 2070-4A or 2070-4B power supply module, as specified by customera 2070-7A asynchronous serial communications module is commonlypurchased as an optional add-on for the 2070L. The 2070-7A isincluded here as a conveience to reflect the QPL submitted unit.The 2070L controller can mate with a 170 or an ITS cabinet, but it does notinclude slots for VME cards within the unit.Figure 1 – Complete 2070L Unit (front view)Note All connectors on the 2070 unit are labeled with a tri-partconnector code (for example, ‘C12S’). ‘C’ stands for ‘connector’.The number indicates a unique connector ID, and the letter atthe end indicates whether the connector is a Socket (i.e. female),Jack, or a Plug (i.e. male.) Therefore connector ‘C12S’ isconnector number 12 of the unit, which is a Socket connector.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 5

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