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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 2 — General

Section 2 — General Description2.1 ChassisThe chassis is an aluminum shell into which all of the other components ofthe 2070 are installed. It functions as the skeleton of the 2070 unit. All of thefunctional parts of the controller are added by installing modules within thechassis.The Chassis consists of the metal housing, a Serial Motherboard, cardguides, a motherboard wiring harness, and one or more rear cover plates.All external screws are countersunk, Phillips-head, flat, stainless steelscrews. Slot designation labels are located on the backplane mountingsurface above the upper slot card guide.The housing is treated with clearchromate and the top and bottom pieces are slotted for ventilation, as theChassis is cooled by convection only.Figure 2 – 2070 Chassis (front view)The front of the chassis is where one of the 2070-3 series display frontpanels can be installed. The rear of the chassis (shown below) is where therest of the 2070 modules will be installed, including the CPU and powersupply. The cable from the motherboard plugs into the PS2 socket of a2070-4 series power supply.Figure 3 – 2070 Chassis (rear view)6 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Lite CPU Module2.2 Lite CPU ModuleThe 1B Lite CPU uses a Motorola MC68360 asits main processor on a 2X wide card. The 1BLite CPU module must be installed in the A5‘motherboard’ slot of the 2070 chassis. Unlikethe 1A CPU for the 2070, the 1B does notrequire a VME chassis, nor a Transition Board.The face of the 1B Lite CPU module provides asingle Ethernet port, a DataKey receptacle,four Ethernet status LEDs, a USB v1.1connector, and a C13S port. The module shipswith a 2MB Datakey included.Figure 4 – 2070-1B LiteCPU Module (card front)CPUFigure 5 – 2070-1B Lite CPU installed in chassis (back of unit)The 2070-1B Lite CPU draws less than 1.00 Amp of +5Volt DC current, andless than 250 milliamps of ISO +12V DC current.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 7

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