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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 2 — General

Section 2 — General Description2.3 Field I/O ModuleThe Field I/O Module of the 2070 is designatedthe 2070-2A module and provides the unit withthe two parallel connectors, C1S and C11S, forconnecting the 2070 controller to a type 332cabinet. It also provides the serial connectorC12S for connecting to Serial Bus #1 and #2 ofan ITS cabinet. The front panel of the 2070-2Amodule is 4X wide, and includes threeconnectors, as well as an LED to indicate whenserial port 3 (SP3) on connector C12S is active.The 2070-2A must be installed in slot A3,overlapping slot A4.C1S Connector — C1S is an ‘M104’ type,rectangular, female connector. This is theprimary I/O connector for the 2070 tocommunicate with the other cabinet hardware,and it accepts the one M104 rectangular plugfrom the cabinet wiring harness.C11S Connector — This is a 37-pin circularfemale connector that extends the cabinet I/O Figure 6 – 2070-2A Field I/Ochannels to 64 inputs and 64 outputs. (This is Module (card front)an extension added to the 2070 standard overthe 170 standard, which only had the C1S connector for cabinet I/O.)C12S Connector — The C12S connector is a 25 pin D-subminiature socketconnector that is used to connect the 2070 to serial devices such as the SIUand CMU. In addition to control signals, C12S includes both Serial Port 5(SP5) and Serial Port 3 (SP3) of the 2070. SP3 is only active if the ‘SP3 ON’logic switch is placed in the ON position.This switch is located near themotherboard connector of the Field I/O circuit board.SP3 ACTIVE LED — This red LED indicates when the connector C12S isactive and available to function as the Serial Port 3 port of the 2070. If thisindicator is OFF, C12S is deactivated as serial port 3.8 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Display Module2.4 Display ModuleThe 2070L controller is fitted with the 2070-3B display module, whichfunctions as the ‘front door’ of the unit and includes the controller’s LCDdisplay and keypads.Figure 7 – 2070-3B Display Module2.5 Power Supply ModuleThe 2070L controller is fitted with either a 2070-4A 10 Amp or a 2070-4B 3.5Amp power supply, as shown in Figure 8. The 2070-4 provides powerconnection points at PS1 and PS2 on the front panel of the power supply, aswell as a 3 Amp replaceable fuse, a master power switch, and LEDsindicating the availability of conditioned 5V and 12V power at the PS1 andPS2 connectors.Figure 8 – 2070-4 Power Supply Module (unit front view)Model 2070L Operating Manual • 9

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