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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 2 — General

Section 2 — General Description2.6 Asynchronous Serial ModuleThe 2070-7A Async Serial Comm Moduleis a communications card for the 2070controller. The 2X wide module includes apair of 9 pin asynchronous serial ports.This is the module most often used fordirect serial communications with the2070 controller.Each of the serial ports includes twoLEDs that indicate when the port istransmitting data (TX) and when it isreceiving data (RX). Both ports are fullyopto-isolated on both the signal lines andthe voltage lines.The 2070-7A module can be installed ineither the A1 or A2 slots. For details onhow the unit’s interior serial port channelsare routed to the module’s connectors,see “Serial Port Operation” on page 35.Figure 11 – 2070-7A Async Serialmodule12 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Additional Optional Modules2.7 Additional Optional ModulesThere are a number of additional optional modules available for the 2070L.A brief description of four of these optional modules are included here.2.7.1 FSK Modem ModuleThe 2070-6A Async/Modem CommModule is an optionalcommunications card for the 2070Lcontroller. This 2X wide moduleincludes two 1200 baud FSKmodems, each with its ownenable/disable switch, and a switchto make each communicationschannel either full or half duplex.A master power switch, located atthe bottom left of the front face ofthe 2070-6A module, allows theunit to be powered off before it isinstalled in, or removed from, the2070 chassis.Figure 12 – 2070-6A Async/ModemComm module2.7.2 Ethernet ModuleThe 2070-6E Ethernet Comm Module is an optional communications cardfor the 2070L controller. This 2Xwide module includes a singleEthernet port (C21S) and a singleserial port (C22S). The serial portincludes two LEDs that indicatewhen the port is transmitting data(TX) and receiving data (RX).The serial port on the 2070-6Emodule is fully opto-isolated onboth the signal lines and thevoltage lines.Figure 13 – 2070-6E Ethernet moduleModel 2070L Operating Manual • 13

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