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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 2 — General

Section 2 — General Description2.7.3 GPS/Comms ModuleThe 2070-6G GPS Comm Module isan optional communications card forthe 2070L controller. This 2X widemodule includes a GPS receiver and asingle serial port (C22S).The GPS portion of the card includesthree LEDs: a POSFIX LED to showwhen the card can detect enoughsatellite signals to actually get aposition fix for the 2070 unit, and TXand RX LEDs to show when the GPScircuitry is transmitting and receivingdata from the 2070 backplane.The serial port includes two LEDs thatindicate when the port is transmittingdata (TX) and receiving data (RX). Theserial port on the 2070-6E module is fully opto-isolated on both the signallines and the voltage lines.2.7.4 Synchronous Serial ModuleThe 2070-7B Sync Serial Comm Moduleis an optional communications card forthe 2070L controller. The 2X widemodule includes a pair of 15 pinsynchronous serial ports. This module ismost often used in labs to test the fullsynchronous communicationscapabilities of the 2070 controller.Each of the serial ports includes twoLEDs that indicate when the port istransmitting data (TX) and when it isreceiving data (RX). Both are fully optoisolatedon both the signal lines and thevoltage lines.Figure 14 – 2070-6G GPS/Comms moduleFigure 15 – 2070-7B Sync Serialmodule14 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

3 General CharacteristicsThese are the general characteristics of the 2070L Controller from QuixoteTraffic Corporation.3.1 Standards ComplianceThe 2070L complies with the following standards:2070 .................... Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications(TEES) of August 16, 2002, as modified by the TEESErratum 1 document of October 27, 2003 and the TEESErratum 2 document of June 8, 2004.3.2 EnvironmentIn general, the 2070L Controller Unit meets the following environmentalspecifications:• Operating temperature -37° to +74°C, ambient• Storage temperature -37° to +74°C, ambient• Relative humidity 5 to 95%, non-condensingNote The 2070-3 series display panels are only rated foroperation at temperatures from -20° to +70°C (-4° to+158° F) due to the limitations of LCD technology.3.3 Power SpecificationsThe 2070L Controller Unit complies with the following approximate powerrequirements:Table 1 — Controller Unit Power RequirementsDescription Minimum Typical Maximum UnitsInput Voltage 90 ---- 135 V rmsInput Current ---- 1 ---- A rmsInrush Current @ 110 VAC ---- ---- 25 A rmsFrequency 57 ---- 63 Hz3.3.1 Power Specifications — Power Supply ModuleThe Power Supply Module has the following VDC power outputrequirements: (These match the requirements of section 9.5.6 of the TEESspecification.)Model 2070L Operating Manual • 15

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