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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 3 — General

Section 3 — General CharacteristicsTable 2 — Power Supply Output RequirementsVoltage Tolerances(VDC) I MIN (AMP) I MAX (AMP)+5 VDC +4.875 to +5.125 1.0 AMP 3.5 – Module 2070-4B10.0 – Module 2070-4A+12 VDC Serial +11.4 to +12.6 0.1 AMP 0.5-12 VDC Serial -11.4 to –12.6 0.1 AMP 0.5+12 VDC +11.4 to +12.6 0.1 AMP 1.0The Power Supply Module has the following general power requirements:Table 3 — Power Supply Module General Power RequirementsParameterLine / Load RegulationEfficiencyRipple & NoiseVoltage OvershootOver Voltage ProtectionCircuit ProtectionInrush CurrentTransient ResponseHoldup TimeRemote SenseRequirementMeets the Table 2 tolerances values for an inputvoltage range of 90 to 135 VAC, minimum andmaximum loads called out in that table, includingripple noise.70% minimumLess than 0.2% rms, 1% peak to peak or 50 mV;whichever is greaterNo greater than 5%, all outputs130% V out for all outputsAutomatic recovery upon removal of faultCold start Inrush is less than 25 A at 115 VACOutput voltage returns are within 1% in less than500 µs on a 50% load change. Peak transient willnot exceed 5%.The power supply provides a minimum of 30 wattsfor 550 ms after ACFAIL goes LOW. The supply iscapable of holding up power within the unit for anytwo 500 ms Power Loss periods that occur within a1.5-second periodThe +5 VDC supply compensates for up to 250 mVtotal line drop. Open sensing load protection isprovided.These values meet the requirements of sections through ofthe TEES Specification.16 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Information3.3.2 Power Specifications — Plug-in ModulesThe 2070-1B CPU Module and the other optional plug-in modules have thefollowing approximate power specifications:Table 4 — Plug-in Module Power SpecificationsModels +5VDC +12VDC iso +12VDC ser -12VDC ser2070-1B CPU 1.0 A 250 mA -- --Board2070-2A FIO 250 mA 750 mA -- --2070-3B 500 mA -- 50 mA 50 mADisplay2070-7AComms250 mA -- 50 mA 50 mA3.4 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) InformationThe Controller Unit has design features that protect it from damage causedby electrostatic discharge (ESD). The Unit chassis and front display panelsessentially form a Gaussian surface that causes ESD to flow around theenclosing surface, rather than through the interior of the unit. Theaccumulated charge then discharges through the ground lead of the powercord.ESD protection is provided when:• All installed modules are securely fastened to the Unit Chassis• The power supply cable is plugged into the power supply• The power supply line chord is plugged into an AC power outletFuses in the Power Supply Module provide protection for the Unit Chassisand all installed plug-in modules. Standard ESD protection proceduresshould be followed when handling the Controller Unit or any of its modules.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 17

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