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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 3 — General

Section 3 — General Characteristics18 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

4 Installation4.1 OverviewTypically, the 2070L is delivered to the customer from the factory with allmodules installed in the chassis, ready to be installed in the cabinet. Thefollowing sections explain the general methods to deal with the unit oncereceived, how to install the full unit in your cabinet, and in case modulesneed to be added later or replaced, descriptions of how to install eachmodule within the unit.4.1.1 Inspection of HardwareClosely inspect the 2070L for any signs of shipment-related damages suchas loose components or damaged parts. If any evidence of damage isdiscovered, please notify the carrier and Quixote Traffic immediately.4.1.2 HandlingAs with many other products, the 2070L should be handled with care.Observe normal precautions for lifting and transporting electronicequipment. The 2070L is a sturdy component, but it can be damaged ifdropped from a height onto a hard surface.4.1.3 EnvironmentalHumidityThe Controller Unit is designed to operate normally at a relative humidity ofup to 95%, non-condensing. Here, condensation refers to a cool piece ofequipment that is introduced to a warm atmosphere. To ensure that the2070L operates normally, always allow the unit to adjust to the newenvironment for a time before applying power.HeatHigh heat affects electronic parts by reducing their life span. Therefore,keep the cabinet well ventilated, and make sure that the air inlet slots on thetop and bottom of the 2070L are not blocked.4.2 Installing the 2070L in a Cabinet4.2.1 Physical InstallationTo install the 2070 chassis to a cabinet, you should first populate thechassis with those components required for your application, using theinstallation instructions for each of those modules, as described in thefollowing sections.Mount the populated 2070L chassis into a 19-inch EIA rack using four 10-32x ½ inch long screws through the mounting flanges on the front of the unit.The unit requires 7 inches of panel height and 14 inches clearance behindModel 2070L Operating Manual • 19

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