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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 4 —

Section 4 — Installationthe mounting surface. Since the 2070L is cooled via passive air flowthrough the unit, be sure to provide adequate clearance above and belowthe controller for convection cooling.4.2.2 Grounding the UnitReliable operation requires that the 2070L controller and cabinet must beproperly grounded. The basic grounding rules are as follows:1. An Equipment Ground must be present in the cabinet.2. The 2070L Chassis must be attached to Equipment Ground. Groundingis particularly important to help reduce interference duringcommunications. Grounding is typically accomplished via the 3-prongAC plug of the 2070-4 Power Supply module, and/or the chassismounting flanges being in contact with the internal rack. However, if thelatter option is chosen, be sure to check that good electrical contact isestablished, as racks are commonly anodized, which can prevent goodcontact.3. You will also need to make sure all modules installed within the 2070Lchassis are properly grounded by having a good solid contact with thechassis. To ensure this, make sure that the modules are firmly pressedinto the motherboard connectors, and make sure that the screws holdingthe top and bottom of the modules to the chassis are properly alignedand firmly tightened.4.2.3 Connecting the Cabinet Harness to the ControllerThe basic steps to connect the cabinet wiring to the controller are describedbelow. But more details about precisely how this wiring should be routedaround the controller and within the cabinet are described in the next topic.Note The following steps call for wires and cabling to beattached to the 2070L unit. When making theseconnections, keep in mind the wire routing suggestionslisted in section “4.2.4 Wire Routing” on the next page.1. After physically installing the 2070L into the cabinet, you next need toattach the cabinet cables to the back of the unit. Go to the back of theunit and locate the Field I/O module (i.e. the 2070-2A module.)2. Depending on whether the cabinet has been previously prepared toreceive the 2070L controller or not will determine how complex will bethe interconnection of the controller to the cabinet. If the wiring harnessis in place inside the cabinet, the controller can be connected to thecabinet simply by attaching the large, rectangular M104 plug to the C1Sconnector, and the large round 37pin male plug to the C11S connector.Both of these connectors are located on the Field I/O module at the rearof the unit.20 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Installing the 2070L in a Cabinet3. Make sure that the power switch on the front of the 2070-4 power supplyis turned OFF. Unwrap the 110VAC power cable from the bracket on therear of the power supply and plug the unit into an AC power outlet.4. If this is a simple setup, that may be all that’s required to physicallyinstall the unit inside the cabinet. However, additional steps are likelyrequired, depending on the hardware that is installed in the cabinet, andthe modules that are installed in the 2070L chassis.5. If you are connecting to cabinet SIU modules, you may need to plug aD-sub 25 pin plug from those into the C12S connector on the Field I/Omodule.6. If the 2070L will be communicating over an Ethernet network, plug theRJ-45 plug into the Ethernet port (C14S) on the 2070-1B CPU module.(If you have not already configured the port, you will need to assign it anIP address. )7. If the 2070L will be communicating over a serial direct connection or viaa modem, attach that serial cable to the optional 2070-7A Async SerialComm Module. You can attach the cable to either C21S or C22S, butyou will subsequently need to configure the port you have chosen usingthe 2070L firmware.NoteRemember that moving a 2070-7A Module betweenslots A1 and A2 will change each channel’s portassignment.8. Once all of the cables that need to be attached to the unit have beenconnected, turn on the 2070L using the Main Power switch on the frontof the 2070-4 power supply.This completes the connection of wiring between the 2070L and the cabinet.4.2.4 Wire RoutingTo reduce the potential problems of electrical noise, follow the wire dressand wire routing guidelines below. These become increasingly important asmore modules are installed within the chassis:1. Separate high voltage (120 VAC) wires from low voltage (12 or 24 VDC)wires in a bundle. Never bundle things such as service power or loadswitch wires for signal heads together with the I/0 wires of the 2070-2AField I/0 module, or to the communications wires of any of the 2070-6 or2070-7 modules.2. High voltage wire bundles should be routed away from low voltage wirebundles. For example, all high voltage wire bundles could be routed onthe left side of the cabinet, while the low-voltage wire bundles are routedon the right side.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 21

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