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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 4 —

Section 4 — Installation5. Reinstall any modules that were removed in order to access themotherboard connector.6. Turn the unit around again so that you are facing the front of the unit.Align the display with the hinge mechanism. The two holes in the front ofthe hinge will be used to attach the thumb screws of the display to thechassis body.7. Align the display with the hinge holes and then tighten the thumbscrews.8. There are two printed circuit boards installed to the inside of the displaydoor. The top one is for the LCD display, the bottom one is for thekeypads. This bottom circuit board also has a connector at its left end(when viewed from the back of the display door.) Attach the other end ofthe ribbon cable to this connector, which is labeled ‘J1’.9. Push the additional ribbon cable through the slot between themotherboard and the chassis side until there is just enough cable toallow the display door to open and close.10. Make sure the display door will close and latch.This completes the installation of the 2070-3 series display.4.6 Installing the Power Supply Module in the ChassisAs delivered, the 2070L will already have one of the 2070-4 series powersupplies installed in the unit, but these instructions explain how to install it incase it is not, or in case you need to switch out the power supply for anotherone.1. From the rear of the 2070 chassis, slide the 2070-4 series power supplyinto the unit, with the power cord coming out the back of the chassis.2. Screw down the four thumb screws that anchor the power supply to thechassis. Make sure that the metal face plate of the power supply isfirmly contacting the chassis metalwork.3. From the front of the unit, open the display door and attach the wiringharness from the motherboard into the PS2 socket which is located onthe front of the power supply.4. Make sure the power switch is turned OFF, and plug the power cord intoa 120 VAC power source.5. Remove the fuse on the front panel of the power supply and verify thatthe filament is intact. If the filament is broken, replace the fuse. Returnthe fuse to the fuse socket. Press and turn it a quarter turn to the right tolock it in place.This completes the installation of the 2070-4 series power supply. Do notturn on the power to the unit until all modules have been installed and allconnections to the 2070L have been completed.24 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Installing the Async Comm Module4.7 Installing the Async Comm ModuleAs delivered, the 2070L will have both the A1 and A2 slots empty, ready toaccept optional communications modules.1. Pick either slot A1 or A2 where you would like to install this module.Keep in mind the way that the 2070L manages serial port channels.(Refer to “Serial Port Operation” on page 35.) If you place the card inslot A1, the ports will be serial port 3 (top port) and 4 (bottom port.) Ifyou place the card in slot A2, the ports will be serial port 1 (top port) and2 (bottom port.)2. Verify that the power to the 2070 is turned OFF using the power switchon the front of the 2070-4 series power supply.3. Slide the 2070-7A Asynchronous Serial Comm module into the slotguides for the selected slot and press the board firmly into themotherboard connector.4. Tighten the thumbscrews until the Comm module is firmly in place.5. Attach a DE9 plug from the modem cable or direct serial cable to themodule’s C21S connector.6. If you will be using the bottom serial port on the module, attach the DE9plug from the second serial cable to the bottom connector (C22S).This completes the installation of the 2070-7A Asynchronous Serial CommModule module.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 25

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