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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 4 —

Section 4 — Installation26 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

5 Adjustments5.1 OverviewThese sections describe mechanical and electrical adjustments that can bemade to the 2070L hardware.5.2 Chassis AdjustmentsThese sections describe adjustments that can be performed on the 2070chassis, the motherboard, and the motherboard harness.5.2.1 Mechanical AdjustmentsAside from the repositioning of rear chassis covers, which is a self-evidentprocess, there are no mechanical adjustments available on the chassisitself.5.2.2 Electrical AdjustmentsThe 2070 Serial backplane, which is included as part of the 2070 chassis,has six factory-set jumpers: JMP1, JMP2, & JMP3, which are on the rightend of the PCB when viewed from the front of the chassis, and jumpersJMP4, JMP5, and JMP6, which are on the left end. These jumpers are allfactory set and should not be modified.5.3 CPU AdjustmentsThere are no adjustments that can be made to the 2070-1B Lite CPUmodule.5.4 Field I/O AdjustmentsThe populated side of the Field I/O Module’s circuit board has twoadjustments available: the SP3 ON setting and the Muzzle Jumper.5.4.1 SP3 ON AdjustmentSerial Port 3 (SP3) can also be enabled to be available on the C12Sconnector on the Field I/O module, but only if the ‘SP3 ON’ logic switch isplaced in the ON position. This switch is located near the motherboardconnector of the Field I/O circuit board.This switch is OFF by default, but it can be switched ON if the cabinet wiringrequires the availability of serial port 3 on C12S. In either case, verify thesetting by making sure the ON/OFF setting matches the state of the SP3ACTIVE LED on the front face of the module. This red LED indicates whenSP3 is enabled on connector C12S and available to function as the SerialPort 3 port of the 2070.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 27

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