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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 5 —

Section 5 — Adjustments5.4.2 Muzzle Jumper AdjustmentIn order to support operation with a 210 Monitor Unit, the 2070 has theability to automatically create a pulsing ‘watchdog’ signal on pin 103 of theC1S connector for a short period of time starting immediately after power-upand/or reset. The pulse is a logical state change every 100 ms for up to 10seconds, or until the first “Set Outputs” command is received from the 2070CPU, whichever occurs first. This feature is enabled by placing a shuntacross the Muzzle Jumper contacts on the Field I/O module’s circuit board.This is the factory default setting. However, if you don’t want the Field I/Omodule to create this watchdog signal following a reset, you simply need toremove the shunt across the Muzzle Jumper contacts.“Muzzle”JumperSP3 ONswitchFigure 16 – Location of Muzzle jumper & SP3 ON5.5 Display AdjustmentsThe 2070-3 series displays have a single adjustment, namely to adjust thecontrast of the LCD screen. This adjustment is a knob to the right of thekeypads on the front panel that can be used to modify the contrast of theLCD display all the way from all black (full clockwise position) to all clear (fullcounter-clockwise position.)5.6 Power Supply AdjustmentsThere are no adjustments that can be made to the 2070-4 series powersupplies.28 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Async Comm Module Adjustments5.7 Async Comm Module AdjustmentsThere are no adjustments that can be made to the 2070-7A AsynchronousSerial Comm module.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 29

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