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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 6 — Theory of

Section 6 — Theory of Operation6.2 Detailed Systems DescriptionThe next six topics describe how each of the 2070L modules work andinterrelate with one another. Each is provided with a detailed block diagramabout how it works internally, as well as a description of the basic operation,and a detailed description of the way the circuits of the module work. Webegin by describing the chassis, since it is the element that links all of theother modules together. We then proceed to describe the two CPU boards,the field I/O module, the display, the power supply, and the asynchronouscomms module, in that order.6.2.1 ChassisThe chassis of the 2070L functions as the skeleton and nervous system ofthe controller. The chassis has two side rails used for mounting the unit tothe cabinet, top and bottom rails used to hold the rest of the 2070L modules,guides to help position modules within the chassis, and a motherboard withits attached cable, which are used to route power and signals from positionsA1 through A5 to the other modules. The chassis’ motherboard alsoincludes connection points for the front display module.Although the front panel hinge is installed on the chassis, the front door ofthe unit is not part of the chassis. The Display module, when attached to thehinge on the chassis, creates the front door and user interface of the 2070L.Figure 18 – Chassis block diagram32 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Detailed Systems DescriptionThe PS2 harness from the motherboard connects the power supply to themotherboard. The motherboard then routes the power and groundconnections to all of the other connectors. The chassis itself also operatesas an earth ground when it is attached to the cabinet rack, assuming therack and the cabinet are properly grounded.The motherboard offers three channels of connection between the variousmodules: a power bus, a control channel, and a data bus. The controlchannel routes the LINESYNC, POWERDOWN, POWERUP, and otherbasic status signals to the other connectors. The data bus routes the six‘serial port’ (SP) channels between the modules, but not all of the six portsgo to all connectors.Connectors A2, A3, A4, and A5 are essentially identical. The differencesbetween them are in their control signals: slot A2 has the A2 Installed signal,slot A3 has the A3 Installed signal, and slot A5 has both the A2 and A3Installed signals connected. The A1 connector is more limited; it cannot beused to host a CPU or Field I/O module. The next three tables show whichof the serial port channels are routed to each of the motherboardconnectors. Table 8 shows how power signals are routed, and isolated fromone another.Table 5 — Communication Signals on Connector A1Channel TX RX RTS CTS DCD TXCO TXCI TXC RXCSP3 X * X * X * X * X * X * X * X *SP4 X * X *SP5 X X X XSP6 X XTable 6 — Communication Signals on Connectors A2 through A5Channel TX RX RTS CTS DCD TXCO TXCI TXC RXCSP1 X X X X X X X XSP2 X X X X X X X XSP3 X X X X X X X XSP4 X XSP5 X X X XSP6 X X* This signal is available in more than one location on the connector.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 33

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