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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 6 — Theory of

Section 6 — Theory of OperationTable 7 — Communication Signals on Front Panel connector (FP1)Channel TX RX RTS CTS DCD TXCO TXCI TXC RXCSP4 X XSP6 X XTable 8 — Power Lines on the Chassis+5VDC +5V Standby +12V Isolated+12V Serial -12V SerialDCG #1 DCG #234 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Detailed Systems Description6.2.2 Serial Port OperationCommunications within the 2070 controller and to the outside world arelargely managed via a set of serial port channels. To avoid conflicts, eachserial port can only be used once within the unit. The way they interact withthe plug-in modules of the unit are important to consider when configuring aunit. The Display module, the Field I/O module, and all of the 6 Series and 7Series communications modules all use one or more of the first six serialports. The ports that are available for the modules depend upon in which ofthe motherboard slots (A1 through A5) those units are installed.The display module always uses serial port 6 for the display, keyboard, andAUX switch interface. The display module also provides access to serial port4 through the front panel C50S connector. Something to remember aboutserial ports 4 and 6 are that no matter where they are located, they onlyhandle the TX and RX communications lines. Because of this, these serialports cannot do hardware handshaking or any of the other commsmanagement functions that come with having a full set of communicationssignal lines.Another serial port that does not come with a full set of handshaking lines isserial port 5. This serial port is used for the Field I/O module. The Field I/Omodule should be installed in slot A3 because the “A3 installed” signal isused to enable serial port 5. The versions of the Field I/O module that havea connector ‘C12S’ use this connector to provide an external device with aconnection to serial ports 3 and 5. Serial port 3 can be activated ordeactivated so as not to interfere with the usage of port 3 on a 6 Series or 7Series communication module.Most 6 Series and 7 Series communication modules (e.g. 2070-6A, 2070-7B) have two channels of communications. (Custom 6 Series and 7 Seriesmodules are available with either one, two, or three communicationchannels on a single module.) The ports that these channels hook to withinthe 2070L depend on which slot the modules are plugged into.The A5 slot is only used for the CPU card, or the Transition Board if theCPU is mounted in the VME chassis. This is because slot A5 is the only slotthat has both the ‘A2 Installed’ and ‘A3 Installed’ control signals connected.A1 through A4, on the other hand, have a variety of uses. First of all, the2070 has a 2070-2A Field I/O module, which will take up two of these slots.The Field I/O module should be mounted in slot A3. When the 2X wide CPUis installed in slot A5 (as it must be) and the 4X wide Field I/O module isinstalled in slot A3, this leaves slots A1 and A2 open. Any of the 6 Seriesand 7 Series modules are 2X wide, and can be placed in either of theseunoccupied slots.For any of these 6 Series and 7 Series, two-channel communicationsmodules, when the card is installed in A1, the top connector is channel oneand functions as serial port 3 (SP3), and the bottom connector is channeltwo and functions as serial port 4 (SP4). If the two channel module isModel 2070L Operating Manual • 35

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