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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 6 — Theory of

Section 6 — Theory of Operationinstalled in any of the slots between A2 and A4, these assignments aredifferent: the top connector is channel one and functions as serial port 1(SP1), and the bottom connector is channel two and functions as serial port2 (SP2).Note There is an important thing to remember if you install acomm card in slot A1. If the comm card is located in thisslot, the bottom connector is serial port 4. The Displaymodule of the 2070 has a connector called C50S, whichwill also use serial port 4 if anything is plugged into it.That means that, if you plug a PC into the 2070 (forinstance) to load firmware or download files, the bottomport on the comm module installed into slot A1 at theback of the unit will automatically be deactivated. Thisis done to avoid a serial port conflict.36 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Detailed Systems Description6.2.3 CPU ModuleFigure 19 – CPU Host board block diagramThe 2070-1B CPU module is composed of two parts: a host board and an engine board. The engine board attaches to the host board, which in turn is installed inthe A5 slot of a 2070 chassis. The operation of the host board is described in Figure 19, above.Host BoardThe host board (functions laid out at left) primarily acts asa routing module between the backplane and the engineboard, with some additional components in between. Itadds ports to allow the insertion of a Data Key and anEthernet connection. It also provides the additional C13Sconnector for another optional serial communicationbetween the CPU and the external world.Note: Although a USB port and its supporting hardwareare installed on the Host board, the USB port is notsupported under OS/9 at this time, but it will work if anATC Engine Board is installed instead.The two resistor circuits, shown on the serial inputs of thebackplane and the C13S connector, both serve the samefunction, to properly terminate the RS485 signals. Theseterminating resistor networks are only used on the serialport inputs to the CPU, not on the outputs.The A2 and A3 INSTALLED channels on the backplaneindicate when any modules are installed in those slots inthe 2070L chassis. When a card is installed in the A2 slot,serial ports 1 and 2 are enabled for the CPU. This isusually to support a comms or serial card that has beeninstalled there. A card installed in A3 activates serial port 5for the CPU. This is to support the Field I/O card, which isalways installed in slot A3 and uses this serial channel.The RJ45 port on the host board allows an Ethernetconnection to be provided to the 2070L. This links anEthernet network to both the Engine board and to thechassis motherboard. The Front Panel LEDs shownadjacent to the RJ45 port are used to indicate Transmit,Receive, Collision, and Status states on the Ethernet port.CPU_ACTIVE and CPU_RESET are passed from the engineboard to the motherboard to pass status information aboutthe CPU to the rest of the 2070L modules. The POWERUP, POWER DOWN, and LINESYNC lines are passedfrom the motherboard to the engine board, to providesystem power and clock information to the CPU.The EEPROM and DataKey provide storage andconfiguration transfer capability to the engine board.These data sources do not interface directly with thebackplane on the host board.Serial Port 8 is a dedicated serial channel between theCPU engine board connector and the C13S connector.C13S is isolated from the rest of the CPU. All signals forC13S are optically isolated, and power for the C13Sconnector is derived from the +12V Iso supply. C13S alsoprovides LINESYNC and NRESET to the outside world.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 37

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