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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 6 — Theory of

Section 6 — Theory of Operationamount of bytes of a command or response is dependent upon the I/OModule identification.(TEES-2002: Section frame type shall be determined by the value of the first byte of themessage. The command frames type values $70 - $7F and associatedresponse frame type values $F0 - $FF are allocated to the Contractordiagnostics. All other frame types not called out are reserved. Thecommand-response Frame Type values and message times shall beas follows:ModuleCommandFrame TypesMinimumMessageTimeMaximumMessageTimeI/0 ModuleResponseDescription49 177 Request Module Status 250 µs 275 µs50 178 MILLISECOND CTR. Mgmt. 222.5 µs 237.5 µs51 179 Configure Inputs 344.5 µs 6.8750 ms52 180 Poll Raw Input Data 317.5 µs 320 µs53 181 Poll Filtered Input Data 317.5 µs 320 µs54 182 Poll Input Transition Buffer 300 µs 10.25 ms55 183 Command Outputs 405 µs 410 µs56 184 Config. Input Tracking Functions 340 µs 10.25 ms57 185 Config. Complex Output Functions 340 µs 6.875 ms58 186 Configure Watchdog 222.5 µs 222.5 µs59 187 Controller Identification 222.5 µs 222.5 µs60 188 I/O Module Identification 222.5 µs 222.5 µs63191 Poll variable length raw input 317.5 µs64192 Variable length command outputs 405 µs112-127 240-255 Manufacturer Diagnostics n/a n/a320 µs410 µsMessage 63 / Message 191 shall be the same as Message 52 / 180except Byte 2 of Message 180 response shall denote the followingnumber of input data bytes. Message 64 / 192 shall be the same asMessage 55 / 183 except Byte 2 of the Message 64 Command shalldenote the number of output data bytes, plus the following outputcontrol bytes48 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Detailed Systems Description(TEES-2002: Section – Request Module Status)The Command shall be used to request FI/O status informationresponse. Command/response frames are as follows:Request Module Status CommandDescription msb lsb Byte Number(Type Number = 49) 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1Reset Status Bits P E K R T M L W 2Request Module Status ResponseDescription msb lsb Byte Number(Type Number = 177) 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1System Status P E K R T M L W 2SCC Receive Error Count Receive Error Count 3SCC Transmit Error Count Transmit Error Count 4Timestamp MSB Timestamp MSB 5Timestamp NMSB Timestamp NMSB 6Timestamp NLSB Timestamp NLSB 7Timestamp LSB Timestamp LSB 8(TEES-2002: Section response status bits are defined as follows:P - Indicates FI/O hardware resetE - Indicates a communications loss of greater than 2 secondsM - Indicates an error with the MC interruptL - Indicates an error in the LINESYNCW - Indicates that the FI/O has been reset by the WatchdogR - Indicates that the EIA-485 receive error count byte has rolledoverT - Indicates that the EIA-485 transmit error count byte has rolledoverK - Indicates the Datakey has failed or is not present(TEES-2002: Section of these bits shall be individually reset by a '1' in thecorresponding bit of any subsequent Request Module Status frame,and the response frame shall report the current status bits. The SCCerror count bytes shall not be reset. When a count rolls over (255 - 0),its corresponding roll-over flag shall be set.(TEES-2002: Section - MC Management)MC MANAGEMENT frame shall be used to set the value of the MC.The 'S' bit shall return status '0' on completion or '1' on error. The 32-bitModel 2070L Operating Manual • 49

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