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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 6 — Theory of

Section 6 — Theory of OperationThe other front panel controls have a variety of functions, some of whichinteract through the microcontroller, and others that do not. The Buzzer,AUX Switch and Keypads all interact with the micro. The buzzer is soundedwhenever the unit is reset, as well as in the case of an error. The state of theAUX switch is detected by the microcontroller in the display module, but it isimmediately passed through the J1 cable to the CPU, in the form of the AUXSwitch Code. The function of the AUX code depends on the software thathas been loaded into the 2070L by the operator. The characters from thekeypads are handled both locally by the microcontroller, and passed alongto be processed by the CPU.The other controls are not handled by the microcontroller. The contrastknob, as we said, connects directly with the LCD. The ACTIVE LED on thefront panel connects, via the J1 cable, to the CPU LED signal.Finally, the Board Reset Generator takes inputs from two possible sources:a CPU_RESET signal coming from the chassis will cause the display boardto reset, or the user can press the push button located on the rear of thedisplay module, on the side of the display’s lower PCB. It is important toremember, however, that the reset button will only reset the display board,not the whole 2070 unit. (For that, you will need to turn the power off and onfor a couple of seconds.)TEES ComplianceThe Quixote 2070-3B Display module also functions as described in theCalTrans requirements, as stated in the following sections of the August 16,2002 TEES document:(TEES-2002: Section display shall be turned ON and OFF by command. When ON,the cursor shall be displayed at the current cursor position. When OFF,no cursor shall be displayed. All other cursor functions (positioning,etc.) shall remain in effect.(TEES-2002: Section FPA RESET Switch shall be provided on the Assembly PCB. Themomentary CONTROL switch shall be logic OR'd with the CPURESET Line, producing a FPA RESET Output. Upon FPA RESETbeing active or receipt of a valid Soft Reset display command, thefollowing shall occur:1. Auto-repeat, blinking, auto-wrap, and auto-scroll shall be set toOFF.2. Each special character shall be set to ASCII SPC (space).3. The tab stops shall be set to columns 9, 17, 25, and 33.4. The backlight timeout value shall be set to 6 (60 seconds).5. The backlight shall be extinguished.6. The display shall be cleared (all ASCII SPC).60 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Detailed Systems Description7. The FPA module shall transmit a power up string through /sp6 tothe CPU once power is applied to the FPA, or the FPA hardwareRESET BUTTON IS PUSHED. The string is “ ESC [ PU”, hexvalue “1B 5B 50 55”.(TEES-2002: Section a key press is detected, the appropriate key code shall betransmitted to SP6-RxD. If two or more keys are depressedsimultaneously, no code shall be sent. If a key is depressed whileanother key is depressed, no additional code shall be sent.(TEES-2002: Section shall be turned ON and OFF by command. When ON, thekey code shall be repeated at a rate of 5 times per second startingwhen the key has been depressed continuously for 0.5 second, andshall terminate when the key is released or another key is pressed.(TEES-2002: Section the AUX Switch is toggled, the appropriate AUX Switch codeshall be transmitted to the CPU.(TEES-2002: Section controller circuitry shall be capable of composing and storing eightspecial graphical characters on command, and displaying any numberof these characters in combination with the standard ASCII characters.Undefined characters shall be ignored. Usercomposed characters shallbe represented in the communication protocol on Page 9-7-12. P1represents the special character number (1-8). Pn's represent columnsof pixels from left to right. The most significant bit of each Pnrepresents the top pixel in a column and the least significant bit shallrepresent the bottom pixel. A logic ‘1’ shall turn the pixel ON. Thereshall be a minimum of 5 Pn's for 5 columns of pixels in a commandcode sequence terminated by an "f." If the number of Pn's are morethan the number of columns available on the LCD, the extra Pn's shallbe ignored. P1 and all Pn's shall be in ASCII coded decimal characterswithout leading zero.(TEES-2002: Section overwrite mode shall be the only display mode supported. Adisplayable character received shall always overwrite the currentcursor position on the Display. The cursor shall automatically moveright one character position on the Display after each character writeoperation. When the rightmost character on a line (position 40) hasbeen overwritten, the cursor position shall be determined based on thecurrent settings of the auto-wrap mode.(TEES-2002: Section 2070L Operating Manual • 61

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