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Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Peek 2070L Operating Manual - Quality Traffic Systems

Section 6 — Theory of

Section 6 — Theory of Operation6.2.6 Power Supply ModuleThe Quixote 2070-4A and 4B power supply modules are identical except forthe silkscreen on the metalwork. The 2070-4 power supply module takes120VAC line power as an input and provides DC power and several logicaloutputs to the other modules of the 2070L. The power supply’s operationcan be basically divided into two parts: the power switcher and themonitoring logic.Figure 23 – Power Supply block diagramAC line voltage comes into the module through an AC fuse, line protectionand AC filtering, where it is fed to an AC-to-high-voltage-DC switcher, andfrom there to a DC-DC switcher. This set of voltage switchers provide the2070L modules with isolated +12V DC, serial plus and minus 12 VDC, and66 • Model 2070L Operating Manual

Detailed Systems Description+5 VDC. The switching section of the circuit monitors both internal andexternal +5VDC power points to automatically adjust operation in the highvoltage DC switcher.The monitoring portion of the circuit centers on the LPC2131 microcontroller,which performs several monitoring and status output functions for the2070L. First, the micro monitors the 60Hz frequency of the AC line voltage,and uses it to generate a 30 degree phase shifted 60 Hz signal which is sentout on the LINESYNC channel to all of the other modules in the controller. Ifthe micro detects that AC Power In has gone down, it steps in and, while thecircuit is held up by brownout power, generates the LINESYNC signal on itsown, at the last known frequency that was detected at AC Power In.At this basic level, the microcontroller also monitors AC Power In togenerate a set of logical signals out on the POWERDOWN, POWERUP, ACFAIL, and SYSRESET channels. AC FAIL and SYSRESET are essentiallyduplicates of POWERDOWN and POWERUP, only directed specifically tothe VME module, should one be installed in the 2070 chassis.POWERDOWN and POWERUP are generated by the microcontroller toindicate to the CPU and other modules of the controller when the powersupply has detected a problem with AC power. These function as a twostage warning system to the rest of the circuitry. POWERDOWN indicatesthat a brown out has occurred, meaning that AC Power In has droppedbelow 92 volts for more than 50 milliseconds. The 2070L can recover fromthis situation without going through any restart procedure as long as poweris restored to above 97 volts within approximately a half second. But ifpower stays low for more than this time, the POWERUP indicator is alsotriggered.When POWERUP is triggered, it indicates to the CPU and other modulesthat a full restart will need to occur. Since both POWERUP andPOWERDOWN are fail states, they are normally held high to indicate whenthings are peachy-keen, but transition to 0V (low) to indicate a problem. (So,when the power supply loses power completely, both of these signalsautomatically switch to their ‘problem’ states of 0V. If the other modules ofthe controller see that POWERUP is in the low state, then when power isrestored they will awaken into their power up procedures, hence the name ofthis fault channel.)The microcontroller also monitors the state of the DC voltages that are beinggenerated by the power supply (+5V, +/-12V, +12V Iso), and displays thehealth of those voltages on a set of LED indicators located on the front panelof the power supply unit. These LEDs indicate the health of the conditionedpower as delivered to the Power Supply’s front panel PS1 and PS2connectors. Each of these LEDs glows red as long as the power on thatchannel is within 2070 specifications. (See Table 2 on page 16 for thosevoltage ranges.) If the power on these outputs goes anywhere outside of thespecified range, the associated LED is switched OFF by the microcontroller.It remains off until the power returns to the desired range.Model 2070L Operating Manual • 67

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