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WSIB - Ontario Nurses' Association

WSIB - Ontario Nurses' Association


problem-free WSIB claim. Again, make sure your physical findings aredocumented in your clinical records at each visit. To ensure sufficient timeis allotted for your assessment and that your doctor/health professional hastime to document all of your findings, you may need to book a half-hourappointment.25. If you have been injured from your work in any way, even if you think itis just a strain or pull, make sure your colleagues know you believe youraches or pains are from the accident or from the nature of your work.• Even if your colleagues did not witness an incident, make sure they areaware of your injury/illness/disablement/exposure.• Keep notes in a journal documenting who you reported to, who you toldabout the incident or even just your aches and pains. Document all treatmentyou received, who you saw and when you were seen, etc. It is veryimportant to maintain your own dated log.• If your problems surface a few hours or a few days later, it is easier to relateit back to the strain, pull or awkward lift, etc., if you reported it at the timeof the incident.• Keep all original receipts for health care benefits, i.e., medication, physiotherapy.Document related car mileage/kilometres. Health care treatmentsmust be approved in advance by WSIB. If successful in establishing a claim,ask WSIB to reimburse all appropriate health care benefits. If WSIB approvesthe treatment, have the health care professional bill WSIB directly.• In most cases, approved claim-related medications can be billed online byworkers’ pharmacists. Provide pharmacists with claim numbers and askthat prescriptions be processed through WSIB’s online system. If medicationcannot be approved electronically, complete a WSIB MedicationReimbursement Form.• Make sure you report it to your employer.26. Tell your employer, doctor/health professional/RN (EC) and WSIB if youare continuing to work in pain, but are getting assistance from your colleaguesin order to manage your job.27. When a claim is filed with WSIB, you should receive notification fromWSIB the claim has been received. If you have not heard from WSIBwithin a few weeks after the initial notice, call the WSIB Claims Adjudicatorassigned to your file, and ask if your claim has been reviewed forentitlement.• Document contacts with/for WSIB.9

• Subsection 131(4) of the WSIA states that WSIB must promptly notifyworkers of all decisions in writing and the reasons for the decisions.• If there is any indication of a delay or problem, call your Bargaining UnitONA representative immediately. Sometimes all it takes to get your claimallowed is for you to send in a witness statement verifying you told yourcolleagues about the incident.• Confirm all relevant conversations with WSIB and your employer in writingand keep copies of these letters for future reference.• Keep relevant WSIB and employer envelopes with the postmark evident.In the past, a letter from WSIB and/or an employer has been dated two tofour weeks prior to the date on the postmark.• Maintain a diary of events, i.e., health related events, problems, appointments,treatments/medication, diagnostic tests, WSIB related events andemployment related events.28. If you have a WSIB claim allowed by the Board or are awaiting approvalof a claim, you must get approval from WSIB to take vacation and/orleave town for any reason. This is especially important if the absencemight interfere with a treatment plan.10

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