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WSIB - Ontario Nurses' Association

WSIB - Ontario Nurses' Association


SECTION IGLOSSARYAROCACMCRAEAESRTWFELHOOPPHOODIPJHSCLMRLMRALMRPLOELTDMOLNCMNELNOCOHCOWAppeals Resolution OfficerClaims AdjudicatorCase ManagerCanada Revenue AgencyEligibility AdjudicatorEarly Safe Return to WorkFuture Economic LossHealthcare of Ontario Pension PlanHospitals of Ontario Disability Income ProtectionJoint Health and Safety CommitteeLabour Market Re-EntryLabour Market Re-Entry AssessmentLabour Market Re-Entry PlanLoss of EarningsLong Term DisabilityMinistry of LabourNurse Case ManagerNon-Economic LossNational Occupational ClassificationOccupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers55

ONAOH & SOHDOHSARN ECSEBSOSTDSWAWRWTWTPWTSWSIAWSIATWSIBOntario Nurses’ AssociationOccupational Health & SafetyOccupational Health DoctorOccupational Health and Safety ActRegistered Nurse Extended ClassSuitable Employment and BusinessSuitable OccupationShort-Term DisabilitySafe Workplace AssociationWork ReintegrationWork TransitionWork Transition PlanWork Transition SpecialistWorkplace Safety and Insurance ActWorkplace Safety and Insurance Appeals TribunalWorkplace Safety and Insurance Board56

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