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RAE ppbRAE 3000 User's Guide - Geotech

RAE ppbRAE 3000 User's Guide - Geotech


ppbRAE 3000 User’s GuideWARNING!To reduce the risk of ignition of hazardous atmospheres, rechargeand replace batteries only in areas known to be non-hazardous.Remove and replace batteries only in areas known to be nonhazardous.Low Voltage WarningWhen the battery’s charge falls below a preset voltage, theinstrument warns you by beeping once and flashing once everyminute, and the “empty battery” icon blinks on and off onceper second. You should turn off the instrument within 10minutes and either recharge the battery by placing theinstrument in its cradle, or replace the battery with a fresh onewith a full charge.Clock BatteryAn internal clock battery is mounted on one of the instrument’sprinted circuit boards. This long-life battery keeps settings in memoryfrom being lost whenever the Li-ion battery or alkaline batteries areremoved. This backup battery should last approximately five years,and must be replaced by an authorized RAE Systems servicetechnician. It is not user-replaceable.Data Protection While Power Is OffWhen the instrument is turned off, all the current real-time dataincluding last measured values are erased. However, the datalog datais preserved in non-volatile memory. Even if the battery isdisconnected, the datalog data will not be lost.16

ppbRAE 3000 User’s GuideUser InterfaceThe instrument’s user interface consists of the display, LEDs, analarm transducer, and four keys. The keys are:Y/+MODEN/-Flashlight on/offThe LCD display provides visual feedback that includes the reading,time, battery condition, and other functions.DisplayLEDs and flashlightY/+ keyN/- keyMODE keyFlashlighton/off keyIn addition to their labeled functions, the keys labeled Y/+, MODE,and N/- act as “soft keys” that control different parameters and makedifferent selections within the instrument’s menus. From menu tomenu, each key controls a different parameter or makes a differentselection.17

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