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RAE ppbRAE 3000 User's Guide - Geotech

RAE ppbRAE 3000 User's Guide - Geotech


ppbRAE 3000 User’s GuideCalibrationTwo types of calibration are available: Zero (fresh air) and Span.Select Zero or Span Calibration by pressing [N/+]. Once your choiceis highlighted, press [Y/+].Zero CalibrationThe procedure for performing a zero calibration is covered on page35.Span CalibrationThe procedure for performing a basic span calibration is covered onpage 35.52

MeasurementppbRAE 3000 User’s GuideThe sub-menus for Measurement are Measurement Gas andMeasurement Unit.Meas. GasMeasurement gases are organized in four lists:• My List is a customized list of gases that you create. It contains amaximum of 10 gases and can only be built in ProRAE Studio ona PC and transferred to the instrument. Note: The first gas in thelist is always isobutylene (it cannot be removed from the list).• Last Ten is a list of the last ten gases used by your instrument.The list is built automatically and is only updated if the gasselected from Custom Gases or Library is not already in the LastTen. This ensures that there is no repetition.• Gas Library is a library that consists of all the gases found inRAE Systems’ Technical Note TN-106 (available online• Custom Gases are gases with user-modified parameters. UsingProRAE Studio, all parameters defining a gas can be modified,including the name, span value(s), correction factor, and defaultalarm limits.1. Scroll through each list by pressing [N/-].2. Press [Y/+] to select one (My List, Last Ten, Gas Library, orCustom Gases).53

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