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Ireland. VET in Europe – Country Report 2011 - Europa

Ireland. VET in Europe – Country Report 2011 - Europa

A process of

A process of reviewing and revising the syllabus of Leaving Certificate (established) subjects hasbeen ongoing since the mid-1990s. The NCCA are currently in the process of reviewing seniorcycle education in its totality and how it should develop into the future. The Junior Certificateprogramme is also under review.The promotion of quality in the educational system is the responsibility of the Inspectorate which isa Division of the Department of Education and Skills (DES). The range of approaches that theInspectorate use to promote quality assurance in the Irish educational system include:• The promotion of school self-evaluation.• Support for school development and planning.• Teacher in-career development and support in the context of ongoing curricular/syllabuschange and development.• External evaluation of schools by the Inspectorate.• Programme evaluations by the Inspectorate focusing on aspects of curricular provision.• System evaluation through participation in international studies such as TIMMs, PISA, etc.and periodic national surveys of attainment.• The State Certificate examinations which are organised by the State ExaminationsCommission, a body independent of the DES.Under the Europe 2020 strategy, Ireland has set a target to reduce the percentage of 18-24 year oldswith at most lower secondary education and not in further education and training to 8%. Its currentshare of early school leavers is 11.3% (based on Eurostat data for 2009). Delivering Equality ofOpportunity in Schools (DEIS) is a national action plan for educational inclusion. Focusing on theneeds of 3 to 18 year olds from disadvantaged communities, DEIS adopts an integrated approachwith early intervention as a core principle.Among the key issues and needs addressed by DEIS are:• improved identification of disadvantage enabling resources to be targeted more effectively;• targeted reductions in pupil teacher ratios and additional non-pay allocations for schoolsbased on level of disadvantage;• access to additional literacy/numeracy supports and programmes;• access to Home/School/Community Liaison and School Completion Programme (SCP)services;• enhancing research and evaluation of outcomes.The Educational Research Centre has been commissioned to conduct an independent evaluation ofDEIS, to assess its impact and to inform the direction of future policy. A report is expected to befinalised shortly.There is not one system of IVET for young people who have completed compulsory schooling, butrather IVET policies and programmes which are implemented through different governmentdepartments and intermediary organisations. These programmes can be divided into the followingfour broad categories.• Vocational education programmes and courses in non-tertiary colleges and centres forfurther education under the responsibility of the VECs.• Apprenticeship training, for which FÁS, the Training and Employment Authority, isresponsible in co-operation with the DES.• Other initial entry-level VET for various industry sectors provided by publicly funded stateagencies.• Foundation and progression programmes, for those who have left school early without anyformal qualifications. These are run both in the education and training systems.42

The Chart below outlines the different levels and qualifications awarded within the formal andinitial vocational education system in Ireland and corresponding ISCED levels.43

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