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Ireland. VET in Europe – Country Report 2011 - Europa

Ireland. VET in Europe – Country Report 2011 - Europa

further education or

further education or seeking immediate employment.• The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme (LCAP) adopts a less academic approach tolearning. School students are assessed over two years of study on the completion of practicalmodules (44) and activities, which allows them to integrate their learning from the differentcourses. The LCAP is a distinct, self-contained programme, aimed at preparing students fortransition to adult and working life. While it is designed for school students who do not wishto proceed directly to third level education, (although school students with LCAP can goonto a variety of further IVET programmes), it is principally aimed at those whose needsand aptitudes are not adequately catered for by the other two Leaving CertificateProgrammes.According to the Department of Education and Science, the Leaving Certificate AppliedProgramme (LCAP) and the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) are considered tohave IVET elements, although the LCAP is more vocationally-oriented than the LCVP. However,significantly neither of these programmes are classified as initial vocational training. As with thetraditional Leaving Certificate both the Programmes are assessed by an examination set by theState Examination Board.TABLE 16: TYPES OF VOCATIONALLY ORIENTATED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES AT UPPER SECONDARYLEVEL*TYPE OF MAIN CORRESPONDING BALANCE BALANCE AVERAGE TRANSFER TOEDUCATIONAL ECONOMIC ISCED LEVEL BETWEEN BETWEEN DURATION OTHER PATHWAYSPROGRAMME SECTORS AND GENERAL AND SCHOOL- OFORIENTATION VOCATIONAL BASED STUDIESSUBJECTS ANDWORK-BASEDTRAININGLEAVING All ISCED 3A/3B 3/4 general 100% 2 years ApprenticeshipsCERTIFICATE sectors subjects school - and educationalorientation toand 1/4 basedVOCATIONAL ISCED level pathways intovocational4A/Btertiary andPROGRAMMEsubjectshighereducationLEAVING All ISCED 3C 3/4 100% 2- years educationalCERTIFICATE sectors vocational schoolorientationtopathways intoAPPLIED subjects basedISCED level 4Cnon tertiaryPROGRAMMEand1/4furthergeneraleducation andsubjectstraining*This Table does not include the established Leaving Certificate Programme which is academically orientated.46

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) is responsible for the development, assessment,accreditation and certification of the second-level examinations of the Irish State. The SEC is a nondepartmentalpublic body under the aegis of the Department of Education and Skills.With regard to assessment, the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP), consists ofLeaving Certificate subjects, together with compulsory link modules. The Link Modules areassessed in a written examination representing 40% of total marks and a portfolio of courseworkrepresenting 60% of total marks. Students receive the same certificate as other established LeavingCertificate students, but their Leaving Certificate includes an additional statement of the results ofthe Link Modules (Pass, Merit or Distinction). The LCVP gives students the same opportunity toproceed to universities and colleges as the students taking the established Leaving Certificate.Assessment of the Leaving Certificate Applied is continuous throughout the course and there isalso a final examination. Assessment takes place on the completion of modules and practicalactivities that allow the student to integrate the learning from different courses.Table 17 below shows the distribution of Leaving Certificate sits by programme type over theperiod 2006-2010. The Leaving Certificate Established is the most popular examination and is takenby just over two thirds of examination candidates each year; this is followed by the LeavingCertificate Vocational Programme, with over a quarter of candidates annually. The Leaving CertApplied Programme accounts for the remaining 6% of candidates. The number of candidates takingthe LCVP have increased each year in the five year period examined.Table 17: Leaving Certificate Candidates by Programme Type, 2006-2010YearLeaving Cert Leaving Cert Leaving Cert TotalEstablished VocationalProgrammeAppliedProgramme2006 36,932 1,023 3,115 41,1102007 36,790 14,080 3,056 53,9262008 37,639 14,505 3,445 55,5892009 39,112 15,084 3,259 57,455Source : Monitoring Ireland’s Skills Supply, Trends in Ireland’s Education and Training Output, SLMRU, June 2011The curriculum for all three Leaving Certificate Programmes is sanctioned by the Department ofEducation and Skills and the quality assurance of the programmes is supervised by theDepartments’ Schools Inspectorate branch. In 2001 the National Council for Curriculum andAssessment (NCCA) was established to advise the Minister for Education and Skills (DES) on‘matters relating to curriculum for early childhood education, primary and post-primary schools andthe assessment procedures employed in schools and examinations, on subjects which are part of thecurriculum’. The Council membership represents teachers, school managers, parents, business andtrade unions and other educational interests including the State Examination Commission. At uppersecondary level, the NCCA is engaged in the review and revision of the Leaving Certificateexamination subjects to ensure:• an outcomes-based approach to expressing course and assessment objectives;• increased focus on the vocational aspects of subjects; and• the broadening of the basis and methods for the assessment of achievement.Performance in the Leaving Certificate examination is used for purposes of selection andprogression into further and higher education. Application for almost all full-time undergraduatecourses (Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses) in the universities and Institutes of Technology47

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