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Maintaining the commitment to excellence - con ... -

Maintaining the commitment to excellence - con ... -

Data in This ReportThe

Data in This ReportThe CECONY Environmental Management Information System (e2MIS) is used totrack and record significant information about environmental performance, environmentalincidents, and hazardous waste. These data provide the basis for our monthlyreports and are used to analyze incidents and help evaluate our progress in keyperformance areas. Much of the quantitative environmental data in this report wascompiled from the e2MIS.A corresponding CECONY system for health and safety data is the Safety and HealthInformation Management System (SHIMS), which is used our operating organizationsto log all safety-related incidents. The SHIMS data are instrumental in developingmonthly reports, identifying trends, and pointing the way to improvements. Thequantitative health and safety data in this report are drawn from SHIMS.In addition to these e2MIS and SHIMS records, the company relies on informationdeveloped during compliance audits conducted throughout the year. Audit findingsare communicated to appropriate company personnel. Along with these findings,lessons learned on the job are also communicated to help improve environmental,health, and safety performance.Open communication helps ensure that health and safety data are applied to driveimproved performance.8 Environment, Health and Safety Annual Report

Maintaining the Commitment to ExcellenceEnsuring EH&S ComplianceCommitmentCon Edison follows through steadfastly on its commitment to working in cooperationwith federal, state, and local environmental regulators. We work to make environmental,health, and safety considerations an integral part of business and operational planning. Thecompany has built an outstanding record of complying with the vast array of applicable environmentaland safety rules and regulations, but achieving genuine excellence in environment,health, and safety requires an approach that differs from just complying with regulations.The pursuit of excellence in these efforts demands the committed support of everyemployee throughout the organization. At Con Edison, all employees are held accountablefor knowing the corporate environmental, health, and safety requirements that apply totheir work and for using this information when carrying out their assigned responsibilities.Con Edison’s Corporate Environment, Health, and Safety PolicyConsolidated Edison, Inc. is committed to striving for excellence in itsenvironmental, health, and safety performance, while complying with all laws andregulations that apply to company operations. Business and operational decisionsthroughout the company incorporate environmental, health, and safety aspectsinto the decision-making process. All employees are held accountable for knowingthe corporate environmental, health, and safety requirements that apply to theirassigned responsibilities, and for using the information in planning and completingtheir work.In support of this policy, Consolidated Edison, Inc.:• Maintains procedures and provides training to meet the corporation’s environmental,health, and safety standards• Openly communicates about environmental, health, and safety issues with employees,customers, and stakeholders• Promotes effective environmental, health, and safety program management throughauditing, monitoring, reviewing, and corrective action efforts• Advances the identification, analysis, and management of environmental, health, andsafety risks to foster prediction and prevention efforts• Recognizes and encourages outstanding environmental, health, and safety performance• Strives to reduce waste and prevent pollution through recycling and effective workplanningprograms, and promotes strategies for energy conservation• Maintains systems, procedures, and personnel to prevent incidents and, when necessary,respond to emergencies• Promotes research to develop new and better technologies for environmental, health, andsafety management• Establishes metrics to track progressEnvironment, Health and Safety Annual Report 9

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