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media pack - Society of Radiographers

media pack - Society of Radiographers

Synergy Imaging& Therapy

Synergy Imaging& Therapy PracticeSYNERGY Imaging & Therapy Practice has the largestcirculation of any UK diagnostic imaging and oncologytitle.It provides in-depth coverage of the latestprofessional development and clinical practice, as wellas professional and educational issues that affect theday-to-day working lives of diagnostic imaging andoncology professionals.It reaches radiology service managers, as wellas more than 90% of practicing diagnostic andtherapeutic radiographers, consultant and advancedpractitioners, reporting radiographers, assistantpractitioners, and helpers.More than 22,000 professionals receive their ownindividual copy, mailed to the address of their choice,12 times a year. It is also available online to 3000radiography students.All the diagnostic imaging and oncology modalitiesare covered in full.Regular SYNERGY ITP advertisers also have...Editorial case studies andproduct information (Product panels)SYNERGY ITP advertisers receive a free quarterpage of editorial and picture in each issue in whichthey advertise with a half page or larger. There areadditional editorial spots available at a cost of £100plus VAT.Website bannersRegular advertisers in SYNERGY ITP can takeadvantage of a free banner on the Society's mainwebsite,, if they take a half page or larger inthe magazine.See the latest issues of SYNERGY ITPat book, or if you have questions, talk to RobAspin on 01795 542405 or 2012February 2012March 2012April 2012May 2012June 2012July 2012August 2012September 2012October 2012November 2012December 2012Artwork Deadline14 December17 January15 February16 March16 April16 May15 June16 July15 August14 September17 October14 NovemberFull page A4Type area:188mm x 275mmTrim size:210mm x 297mmBleed:216mm x 303mmOne issue £1675IFC £2000OBC £18003 issues £15956 issues £151012 issues £1340Half pageHalf page Vertical:90mm x 275mmHalf pageHorizontal:188mm x 132mmOne issue £9203 issues £8756 issues £83012 issues £740Quarter pageQuarter page:90mm x 132mmOne issue £4753 issues £4306 issues £40512 issues £360Free websiteadvertising & editorial onhalf page & larger advertsSIGN UP for our monthly deadline reminder at

IMAGING &ONCOLOGYFor imaging and therapy professionals2013‘Blue sky’ articles by profession leadersInformed and informativeOpinion forming and influentialQuestioning and controversial

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