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Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio

Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio


C. NOTICE OF AWARD TO SURETY AND SURETY’S AGENT_______________________________________ (Surety)_______________________________________ (Address)_______________________________________ (City/State/Zip)_______________________________________ (Surety’s Agent)_______________________________________ (Address)_______________________________________ (City/State/Zip)Date: __________________________________SENT BY REGULAR U.S. MAILRE:NOTICE OF AWARD OF CONTRACTTo Whom It May Concern:You are notified that your principal, , has been awarded a contract for the CITY OF DUBLIN, 2013STORM STRUCTURE MAINTENANCE PROJECT, in the amount of $_______________ by the CITY OFDUBLIN, Ohio .Sincerely,______________________________________Paul A. Hammersmith P.E.Director of Engineering / City Engineer7913‐006.0‐CIP

D. NOTICE TO PROCEEDTo:Date:_________________________Project:2013 STORM STRUCTURE MAINTENANCE PROJECTOwner:CITY OF DUBLIN, OHIO5200 Emerald Parkway, Dublin, Ohio 43017You are hereby notified to commence Work in accordance with the City/Contractor Agreementdated , and you are to complete the Work in the time required by the Contract Documents.Within ten (10) days from this Notice to Proceed date, you will begin physical, on‐siteimprovements. You are required to return an acknowledged copy of this Notice to Proceed, to theOwner, indicating Acceptance of this Notice to Proceed._____________________________________Paul A. Hammersmith P.E.Director of Engineering / City EngineerACCEPTANCE OF NOTICE TO PROCEEDReceipt of the above NOTICE TO PROCEED is hereby acknowledged by ______________________,this the day of ____________________, 2013.By:_______________________________Title:_______________________________8013‐006.0‐CIP

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