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Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio

Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio

company in determining

company in determining whether the Bidder submitted thelowest and best Bid.2. Financial Abilitya. The Bidder’s financial ability to complete the Contractsuccessfully and on time without resort to its Surety.b. Submission of audited financial statements including balancesheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, or otherfinancial statements acceptable to the City, for the last threeyears to demonstrate the current soundness of the Bidder’sfinancial position and its prospective long term profitability.i. The Bidder’s average coefficient of Current ratio (CurrentAssets/Current Liabilities) compared to 1. The greater,the better.ii. The Bidder’s average coefficient of Debt ratio (TotalDebt/Total Assets) compared to 1. The lesser, the better.3. Experiencea. Whether the Bidder has experience under contracts in the rolerequired by this Contract for at least the last five years before theBid submission deadline, and with activity in at least nine monthseach year.b. Whether the Bidder has participated as in the role required bythis Contract in at least two contracts within the last five years,each with a value of at least 85% of the stated estimate for thisProject, that have been successfully and substantially completedand that are similar to the proposed Works. Similarity shall bebased on the physical size, complexity, methods, technology orother characteristics as described in the Contract Documents.c. For the above or other contracts executed during the periodstipulated in above, whether the Bidder has experience in thefollowing key activities: storm structure maintenance .d. Whether the Bidder has a record of consistent customersatisfaction and of consistent completion of projects, includingprojects that are comparable to or larger and more complex thanthe Project, on time and in accordance with the applicableContract Documents.e. The Bidder’s prior experience on other projects with the CITY OFDUBLIN and with other public owners, including the Bidder’sdemonstrated ability to complete its work on these projects inaccordance with the Contract Documents and on time, and willalso consider its ability to work with the City as a willing,cooperative, and successful team member.1413‐006.0‐CIP

4. Whether the Bidder possesses or can obtain sufficient equipment andfacilities to complete the Project.5. The adequacy, in numbers and experience, of the Bidder’s work force tocomplete the Contract successfully and on time.6. The Bidder’s compliance with federal, state, and local laws, rules, andregulations, including but not limited to the Occupational Safety andHealth Act, Prevailing Wage laws, and Ethics laws.7. The Bidder’s participation in a drug‐free workplace program acceptableto the City, and the Bidder’s record for both resolved and unresolvedfindings of the Auditor of State for recovery as defined in Section 9.24 ofthe O.R.C..8. The City’s prior experience with the Bidder’s surety.9. The Bidder’s interest in the Project as evidenced by its attendance at anypre‐Bid meetings or conferences for Bidders.10. Depending upon the type of the work, other essential factors, as the Citymay determine and as are included in the Specifications.11. The foregoing information with respect to each of the Subcontractorsand Suppliers that the Bidder intends to use on the Project.e. With its Bid, the Bidder will complete and submit to the City a completed Contractor’sQualification Statement (using the form included in the Contract Documents), andthereafter will provide the City with such additional information as the City may requestregarding the Bidder’s qualifications.f. The failure to submit requested information on a timely basis may result in thedetermination that the Bidder is not the lowest and best Bidder.g. With its Bid, the Bidder shall submit a list of proposed subcontractors using the formincluded with the Contract Documents. Subcontract work shall not total more than 50%of the Contractor’s Contact with the City.h. The City reserves the right to reject proposed Subcontractors before the Contract isawarded. The Bidder shall replace rejected subcontractors will subcontractorsacceptable to the City with no change in the amount of the Bid submitted by the Bidderto City. After approval by the City of the list of proposed Subcontractors, Suppliers, andmanufacturers submitted by the successful Bidder, the list shall not be changed unlesswritten approval of the change is authorized by the City. The City reserves the right toreject Subcontractors after the Contract is awarded. In that instance, the City shall onlybe liable to the Contractor for the difference in Contract Price between the rejectedsubcontractor and the replacement subcontractor. The Contractor’s markup on thereplacement subcontractor shall be equal to or less than the markup on the rejectedsubcontractor contract.i. With its Bid, the Bidder shall submit a list of supervisory personnel with which it intendsto staff the Project indicating their respective roles on the Project. The City reserves the1513‐006.0‐CIP

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