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Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio

Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio


D. BID COVERSHEETBIDDERS SHALL ATTACH THIS FORM AS THE COVERSHEET TO THE BID. USE THE BOXES BELOW TO CHECK YOUR WORK.COMPLETING THIS FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR BID WILL BE RESPONSIVE OR SELECTED; BUT, SHOULD HELPTO OVERCOME THE MOST COMMON BIDDER MISTAKES. THE CITY OF DUBLIN, OHIO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECTANY AND ALL PROPOSALS AND TO WAIVE ANY INFORMALITIES OR IRREGULARITIES IN THE PROPOSALS.1. Bidder’s Company Name: ______________________________________________________2. Total Bid (From Bid Form): $____________________________________________________BID PACKAGEReviewed in detail?PROPOSALAcknowledged any addenda?Total bid amount completed in words and figures?Signed by a person with authority to bind your company?No changes made to form or conditions added?BID SCHEDULECompletely filled in?COMBINED BID/PERFORMANCE/PAYMENT BONDYour company name in the Principal blank?Surety name in the Surety blank?Dollar amount should be blankSigned as indicated?COMBINED DELINQUENT PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX & NONCOLLUSION AFFIDAVITFilled in?Signed?Notarized?AFFIDAVIT OF AUTHORITYNeeds completed if you are anything other than a sole proprietorFilled in?Signed?Notarized?POWER OF ATTORNEY (OUT OF STATE CORPORATION)Must have if you are an out of state corporationLIST OF SUBCONTRACTORSCompleted?1813‐006.0‐CIP


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