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Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio

Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio

perform the work to

perform the work to which the employment relates. Contractor further agrees that neither it, itssubcontractors, or any person on the Contractor's or subcontractor's behalf, in any manner, shalldiscriminate against or intimidate any employee hired for the performance of work under thecontract on account of race, creed, sex, disability or military status as defined in section 4112.01 ofthe Revised Code, or color. That there shall be deducted from the amount payable to theContractor by the Owner under this Agreement a forfeiture of twenty‐five dollars ($25.00) asrequired by O.R.C. Section 153.60 for each person who is discriminated against or intimidated inviolation of this Agreement. That this Agreement may be canceled or terminated by the Ownerand all money to become due hereunder may be forfeited for a second or subsequent violation ofthe terms of this section of this Agreement.19.13 USE OF OWNER'S FACILITIES. The Contractor shall ensure that neither itsemployees, nor its Subcontractor’s or material supplier’s employees, regardless of tier, do any ofthe following without the express prior written consent of the Owner: use the Owner’s cafeteria,rest rooms, or phones; use or bring any alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or firearms onany property owned by the Owner. The Owner will not tolerate any such actions and any suchaction observed or made known to the Owner shall be dealt with severely.19.14 ETHICS. By signing and entering into this agreement with the Owner, the Contractorrepresents that it is familiar with all applicable ethics law requirements, including without limitationSections 102.04 and 3517.13 of the O.R.C., and certifies that it is in compliance with suchrequirements. The Contractor understands that failure to comply with the ethics laws is, in itself,grounds for termination of this contract and may result in the loss of other contracts with theOwner.19.15 PROPERTY TAX AFFIDAVIT. The Contractor’s affidavit given under ORC Section5719.024 is incorporated herein.19.16 ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement and the other Contract Documents constitutethe entire agreement among the parties with respect to their subject matter and will supersede allprior and contemporaneous, oral or written, agreements, negotiations, communications,representations, and understandings with respect to such subject matter, and no person is justifiedin relying on such agreements, negotiations, communications, representations, or understandings.CITY OF DUBLIN, OHIOBy: ___________________________Its: ____________________________Date: __________________________By: __________________________Its: __________________________Date: _________________________APPROVED AS TO FORM:____________________________________Stephen J. Smith, Esq., Law DirectorDate: ________________________________6813‐006.0‐CIP

CERTIFICATE OF AVAILABILITY OF FUNDSI Angel Mumma, hereby certify that I am the fiscal officer for the CITY OF DUBLIN, OHIO and thatthe amount of money to wit $ required to meet the cost of the attached Contract between theCity and has been or will be, before the ordering of any materials, lawfully appropriated for thepurpose of said Contract and the money so appropriated is on deposit or in process of collection tothe credit of the appropriate fund free from any previous encumbrances. Moneys due in excess ofthe Contract Sum and any Contingency amount assigned thereto shall require an additional andseparate Fiscal Officer’s Statement of Availability which shall not be given unless the Contractadjustment is directly attributable to one of the express methods for increasing the Contract Sumunder the Contract Documents; and, such process is completed in the manner required by theContract Documents._____________________Date_____________________________Angel Mumma, Finance Director6913‐006.0‐CIP

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