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Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio

Bid Book - Dublin City, Ohio

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esponsibilities or liabilities for the safety of the public. No material shall be stockpiled ordumped within the City Right-of-Way or on City owned property with out prior approvalfrom the Engineer.All trailers or equipment parked in roadway shall be coned off for safety. Luminariesshall be utilized as requested.CONSTRUCTION MATERIALSNo alternates or deviations shall be permitted from those construction materials shown theplans. Bidders shall not submit alternates with their bid.SURVEY MONUMENTATIONThe contractor shall carefully preserve survey reference points (e.g. bench marks, propertycorners, reference points, stakes and other survey reference monuments or markers).Where survey reference points are disturbed due to neglect or careless operations by thecontractor, the contractor shall be responsible for resetting the survey reference points.Resetting of survey reference points shall be performed by an Ohio Professional Surveyor,licensed by the State of Ohio, as approved by the Engineer at the contractor’s expense.SANITARY FACILITIESThe CONTRACTOR shall, at the beginning of the work, provide on the premises suitabletemporary sanitary toilet, wash-up, decontamination facilities, and changing facilities forthe use of workers and shall maintain same in a sanitary condition and remove samewhen directed by the OWNER. The cost of these sanitary facilities shall be included in theTotal Base Bid. The CONTRACTOR is advised that the OWNER is in the business ofproviding potable water and the CONTRACTOR’S sanitary arrangements shall notendanger the OWNER’S facilities.ITEM 202 CONCRETE REMOVED AND DISPOSED OF, As per Detail Sht.:This item consists of the removal and disposal of existing concrete or brick pavement, curbramps, drive aprons (4” - 8” thick) or other work as directed by the Engineer. TheContractor is responsible to sawcut and protect adjacent walk/pavement sections intendedto remain. In the event that adjacent walk/pavement sections become damaged, thedamaged sections will be replaced by the Contractor at no cost to the City. This item shallalso include necessary excavation and hauling of spoils necessary to meet required gradeelevations for the installation of new ADA Compliant Curb Ramps and adjacent walks,curbing, and retaining walls. Removed materials shall be placed immediately in a vehicle forremoval with NO material placed or stored on the site.Tree roots encountered during excavation shall be removed in locations where theyinterfere with the placement of the walk, ramp or apron. Roots shall be neatly sawed(free of splinters, splits, and burns) and removed to a depth of at least four (4) inchesbelow the bottom of the concrete. If the contractor encounters roots larger than 2” indiameter, the contractor shall notify the Engineer for direction on how to proceed.The bid price for this item includes all costs for traffic control devices, removal andMay 17, 2013 72-8 13-006-CIP

disposal, NO payment will be made for any section of the work until all items associatedwith the section are complete. No payment will be made under this section for workdesignated to be performed under Item 202 Excavation. Work is to be paid per SquareYard (SY) of Concrete /Pavement Removed and Disposed of.ITEM 202 CURB / CURB AND GUTTER REMOVED / DISPOSED OF, As Per Detail Sht.:This item consists of removal and disposal of existing combination curb and gutter inaccordance with item 202 of the CMSC as amended in various locations throughout theCity as directed by the Engineer.The existing curb and gutter shall be removed in such a manner as to cause no damageto the adjacent pavement, driveway approach, adjoining sidewalk, and/or curb andgutter and minimize damage to the tree lawn strip between the curb and sidewalk. Thecontractor shall saw cut around curb & gutter sections prior to removal. All adjoiningpavement shall be sawcut PRIOR to removal of curb/ curb & gutter. Removed materialsshall be placed immediately in a vehicle for removal and disposal with NO materialplaced or stored on the site. In the event that damage should occur to the pavement,existing curb and gutter or the grass strip, repairs shall be completed in a mannerapproved by the Engineer as soon as possible at no cost to the CityCurb and Gutter that has been removed and is to be replaced shall be replaced as soonas possible.The bid price for this item includes all costs for traffic control devices, removal anddisposal, NO payment will be made for any section of the work until all items associatedwith the section are complete. Work is to be paid per Linear Foot (LF) of Curb & GutterRemoved and Disposed of.ITEM 251 ASPHALT SURFACE PATCH, (Description, Depth), As Per Detail Sht.:This item consists of repairs to the asphalt as outlined under Item 251 Partial DepthPavement Repair, ODOTCMSC. This item consists of the spot removal and disposal of theexisting surface course or courses by milling or other method approved by the Engineerwhere and as directed by the Engineer, and the replacement with asphalt concrete inaccordance with Item 448, Type I, PG64-22 Asphalt Concrete per the ODOTCMSC at thethickness required to bring the finished surface even with the adjacent pavement. Theminimum thickness of the asphalt pavement replaced will be two (2) inches. All facesbordering the repair area shall be vertical. The surface may be milled and/or saw cut inorder to insure clean vertical faces. Before placing asphalt concrete clean all vertical facesand sub-surface of pavement and coat with asphalt material according to ODOTCMSC401.14. Asphalt loads utilized for Surface Patching shall have the tickets markedaccordingly.All Patches must be brought to grade and completed the same day as excavation isperformed. When the pavement has been removed and the contractor is unable toMay 17, 2013 72-9 13-006-CIP

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