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L&T® Duomatic -kompostikäymälä L&T® Duomatic ... -

L&T® Duomatic -kompostikäymälä L&T® Duomatic ... -


UKL&T ® Duomatic composting toiletCongratulations, you have made a good choice!The new L&T ® Duomatic composting toilet is an excellent choice for year-round use in your holiday home. L&T ® Duomaticneeds no electricity or water and it is odour-free and easy to empty when correctly installed and properly used.The L&T ® Duomatic composting toilet has two 80 litre containers, one of which is in use while the other one is compostingits contents in the rear of the toilet. The toilet has a capacity of some 70 usage days / 4 persons / container.The L&T ® Duomatic toilet can be fitted with a separate installed liquid separation plate included in the package, whichallows liquids to be directed straight into the below evaporation chamber. It is not essential to use the separation plateas liquids will filter through the substance and the evaporation screen into the container below and keep the compostingsubstance suitably moist.Efficient ventilation systemThe toilet has an extremely efficient ventilation system which allows liquids to evaporate from the evaporation chamberunder the compartments during the composting process. Emptying the containers is clean and odourless and noafter-composting is necessary. Thanks to the efficient ventilation system no separate processing of liquids is needed.The toilet package includes e separate seepage canister and a hose. It is recommendable to dig the canister into theground and install the hose to the canister. In case of possible overflow, the seepage will drain into the canister.We recommend covering all waste with a thin layer of drying agent after each toilet visit; L&T ® Bio-Life made of peatand cutter shaving is your best choice. In order not to disturb the efficient ventilation system, the thermal toilet seatshould be kept closed at all times between uses. The toilet can also be used to compost kitchen biowaste. Kitchenbiowaste should also be carefully covered with a layer of drying agent. For larger biowaste volumes we recommendour L&T ® Globe composter.The L&T ® Duomatic toilet may be installed in an existing or new building.TIP: The toilet package includes a template to help with installation. Using this template, you can outline exact installationapertures to the walls and floor of the building.The L&T ® Duomatic composting toilet is manufactured in Finland and it has been granted the Key Flag symbol as adistinction for Finnish work.The waste to be emptied from the composting toilet is mature, fertilising soil for your flower garden. The soil is extremelyrich in nutrients and should be mixed with garden soil, peat, sand or similar (emptying frequencies have beencalculated based on an assumed usage of 70 days / 4 persons / container). Any possible seepage generated into thecanister during capacity peaks will not create an odour problem nor attract insects and once diluted with water (about1/5), it provides fertile watering water for your garden.Technical informationProduct numberV353100Colourgrey, granite designContainer volume2 x 80 litresLiquid container capacity 30 litresSitting height420 mmTotal height875 mmWidth780 mmVentilation pipeø 110 mmChassis made of weather resistant easy care polyethylene plasticThermal seat made of durable and hygienic polypropheneBottom screen made of stainless steelManufactured in Finland10

UKL&T ® Duomatic, partial photo1. Chassis2. Detachable rear cover3. Inside container4. Filter fabric and screen5. Detachable upper lid6. Thermal seat7. Evaporation plate8. Overflow hose9. Seepage canister10. Ventilation pipe cap11. Ventilation pipe(not included in package*)12. L&T Bio-Life ®13. Fastening screws*) A separate toilet building is alsoavailable for the L&T ® Duomaticcomposting toilet. The buildingcomes with a ventilation pipe.Package contentsThe L&T ® Duomatic package contains the items listed above. When opening the package, pleasecheck that the contents are as listed above.11

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