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Spring 2010 - Henry Ford Health System

Spring 2010 - Henry Ford Health System

Medical Education at

Medical Education at Henry FordHenry Ford Hospital has the largest non-university-based physician training program in the U.S. - training more than1,100 residents, fellows and medical students each year. Training at Henry Ford provides residents and fellows withthe opportunity to care for a population of patients that is exceptional in both volume and diversity. Each year, theOutstanding Resident Awards banquet recognizes residents and fellows for their exemplary commitment to patient care,education and research. This year’s banquet was held May 19, 2010 at the Detroit Athletic Club where 24 nomineeswere honored. This year’s winners include: Akshay Bhandari, M.D., recipient of the Jan Rival, M.D. Award; MarioNjeim, M.D., recipient of the Michael S. Benninger, M.D. Award; Javier Aguilar, M.D., recipient of the Roger F. Smith,M.D. Award; and Dragos Galusca, M.D., recipient of the Peter Coggan, M.D., Teaching Award.Pictured are the 2010 winners and honorees - Front row from left: Javier Aguilar, M.D., Infectious Diseases; Ian Lee,M.D., Neurosurgery; Alton Parker, M.D., General Surgery; Emily Brauer, M.D., Emergency Medicine; Chandoo Kalmat,M.D., Pain Medicine; Deborah Rathz, M.D., Ph.D, Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine/Critical Care; Ilaaf Darrat,M.D., Otolaryngology; Eric Scher, M.D., vice president, Medical Education, Henry Ford Health System.Second row from left: Mario Njeim, M.D., Internal Medicine; Mohamed Younes, M.D., Internal Medicine; GuaravSharma, M.D., Pathology; Hebah Hefzy, M.D., Vascular Neurology; AJ Hegg, M.D., Emergency Medicine; PhillipHash, D.O., Psychiatry; Mark Kelley, M.D., CEO, Henry Ford Medical Group. Back row from left: Alik Saidov, M.D.,Anesthesiology; Bilal Kharbutli, M.D., General Surgery; Dragos Galusca, M.D., Anesthesiology; Akshay Bhandari,M.D., Urology; Chethan Venkatasubba Rao, M.D., Vascular Neurology; Casey Bachison, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgery;Vishal Ganesh, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgery. Nominees not pictured: Melisa Coaker, M.D., Sleep Medicine; MohammadOmari, M.D., Pulmonary and Critical Care; Farzan Siddiqui, M.D., Ph.D., Radiation Oncology; Karin Vangura, M.D.,Anesthesiology.10

Henry Ford Hospital announces new president and CEOJohn Popovich Jr.,M.D., a nationallyrespected pulmonarydisease and internalmedicine specialist,as well as a nationalleader in health carepolicy, has beenappointed presidentand chief executiveofficer of Henry FordHospital.Dr. Popovich, who started at Henry Ford Hospitalin 1975 as a medical intern, will oversee the entireclinical and financial operations of the 802-bedhospital, the medical, educational and researchflagship of Henry Ford Health System.He will assume his new position July 15, 2010.Staffed by the 1,100-member Henry Ford MedicalGroup, the hospital is in the final stages of a $310million expansion and renovation plan and recentlyannounced it has future plans to expand southof West Grand Boulevard with a $500 millioninvestment. In addition to its Level 1 trauma centerdesignation, the hospital has more intensive care bedsthan any other facility in Michigan.“As a physician leader, John offers a uniqueperspective for this role, merging his long-standingcareer in medicine in Detroit with innovative ideas togrow and clinically strengthen Henry Ford Hospital,”says Bob Riney, executive vice president and chiefoperating officer of Henry Ford Health System. “We’reproud to see him advance to this new position aftermore than 30 years with Henry Ford.”After graduating from the University of MichiganMedical School, he began his career at Henry Fordbeginning with medical internship at Henry Ford,followed by residency training – which includedserving as chief medical resident – and then afellowship in the Division of Pulmonary Medicine.Dr. Popovich was instrumental in the growthof intensive care and critical care at Henry FordHospital – serving as director of the medical intensivecare unit, developing the institution’s critical caretraining program and leading the expansion of criticalcare at the hospital.Dr. Popovich served for 10 years as division headof Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, beforebecoming chair of the Department of InternalMedicine in 1999. He became the health system’ssenior vice president for Clinical Affairs in 2008.When he begins his new role as president andchief executive officer of Henry Ford Hospital, Dr.Popovich will step down from his position as chairof the Department of Internal Medicine and as seniorvice president of Clinical Affairs.Throughout his long career at Henry Ford, Dr.Popovich has led the Department of InternalMedicine to become one of U.S. News and WorldReport’s top 50-ranked specialties in its BestHospitals issue.Beyond his roles at Henry Ford, Dr. Popovich is aprofessor at Wayne State University’s School ofMedicine and serves as a member of the AmericanMedical Association, Michigan State MedicalSociety, Wayne County Medical Society, AmericanThoracic Society, American College of ChestPhysicians, Henry Ford Medical Association and theAmerican College of Physicians. In 2005 he becamea Master in the American College of Physicians, thehighest honor bestowed by this organization.He serves as the current chair of the American Boardof Internal Medicine Foundation and is a past chairof the American Board of Internal Medicine, thenation’s largest physician certifying board. Duringhis tenure as chair of the American Board of InternalMedicine, he led efforts to expand the recertificationprogram for internal medicine physicians, as well asinitiate the development of certification in hospitalistmedicine.In his Foundation role, he led the organization’sefforts to advance medical professionalism, workingwith different health care policy makers andconstituents to develop environmental conditionsthat encourage clinicians to do the right thing in theservice of improved quality of care.Dr. Popovich is a highly respected lecturer and hasauthored more than 150 journal articles, abstractsand book chapters. His chief research interest isthe diagnoses of pulmonary thromboembolism andinterstitial lung diseases. ●11

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