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Summer 2011 PDF - Temple Sinai

Summer 2011 PDF - Temple Sinai


TEMPLE SINAI MISSION STATEMENTTemple Sinai, guided by the principles of Conservative Judaism, is a community dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our membersthrough education, worship, celebration and shared communal activities. We are shepherded by the Torah; our Jewish heritage and theprinciples of Yirat Hashem (reverence of God); Ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel); Tikkum Olam (improving the world)and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness).Value Statements:Temple Sinai is a synagogue of choice for Jewish families and individuals who value:1. A strong and supportive community.2. An environment which demonstrates our allegiance to God by advocating and embracing Jewish tradition in the realms of Shabbat,holidays, ethics, prayer, Torah study and lifecycle events.3. A religious school that focuses on the learning of Jewish history, tradition, practices and the acquisition of Hebrew proficiency through theuse of both experiential and traditional classroom practices.4. A preschool which guides and nurtures young children, exposing them to and familiarizing them with traditional Jewish blessings andrituals, Shabbat, Jewish festivals and the mitzvot of Tzedaka and acts of loving kindness.5. Active and engaging youth groups, Sisterhood, Men’s club and Hazak (Seniors) chapters all benefiting from the strength and resources oftheir national organizations and our community.6. A synagogue which adheres to the laws of Kashrut.7. A daily minyan – both mornings and evenings.8. The importance of Israel to the survival and for the sustenance of the Jewish people.TEMPLE SINAI VALUES STATEMENTCHANGE:Temple Sinai is a living and evolving congregational community. As a Jewish religious institution we are guided by the values and teachingsof the Torah. We call the Torah Etz Hayim – ―A Tree of Life‖ – it is a living document which remains fresh and vital because we continue toengage it and interpret it, and finding meaning in its words for our own generation and our own lives. Like the Torah, Temple Sinai hasevolved and changed over time. We recognize that changes in our policies and our worship practices are a natural part of our evolution.Therefore, we will develop processes to ensure that the changes which are introduced are reasonable and appropriate. We are committed tosharing with the members of our congregation both the impetus and the goals of such change, and we will work to insure that our membersexperience these changes with comfort, dignity and respect for their feelings.CONSERVATIVE MISSION:Temple Sinai is part of a world-wide movement of Conservative and Masorti congregations. We adhere to Jewish traditions, laws andpractices which are dynamic and engaging. We are guided by the principles of Tikun Olam (improving the world), Ahavat Yisrael (love ofIsrael) and Yirat Hashem (reverence for God). We welcome people of diverse backgrounds and practices. Every member of our congregationwill be encouraged and helped to grow Jewishly. Through education, worship and shared experiences we will create a community whichrespects the Jewish past and which finds both purpose and meaning in living a Jewish life in the present.YOUTH/RELIGIOUS SCHOOL:A synagogue is responsible for insuring that its children are learning the principles and the practices of Jewish life. V’sheenantam Livanecha- ―You shall teach them (the lessons of the Torah) to your children‖ are words which we recite daily as part of the Shema. L’dor vador –―from one generation to the next‖ – is our motto, the fundamentals of Judaism are preserved and maintained by passing them on to anothergeneration; this is how our Judaic heritage has survived for thousands of years. At Temple Sinai we understand that in order for children tolearn they must be engaged. Everything we teach –Jewish ethics, Bible, Hebrew language, Shabbat and the festivals, prayer, Israel, and Jewishhistory – must be presented in a manner which says: ―This is important to your life – as a Jew and as a human being.‖ We value religiouseducation that offers multiple gateways and methodologies, and that constantly insures the relevance of Judaism in the lives of our children.GOVERNANCE (BOARD):Every organization requires effective governance. At Temple Sinai, the religious leadership is paralleled by an equally devoted and capablelay leadership. We want to insure that the Board is an efficient and effective governing body. Temple Sinai values and encourages respectfor our lay leadership – from professionals and from congregants and certainly amongst the lay leaders. We expect that differing points ofview will be presented and received with respect and decorum. We honor our more seasoned leaders while encouraging those who are newerto pursue their hopes for Temple Sinai’s present and future. We feel it is important to support and mentor our leaders. We are committedto leadership development and training.HOW WE TREAT EACH OTHER:At Temple Sinai we recognize that every person has been created B’tselem Elokim (in God’s image). Therefore, we are each worthy anddeserving of being treated with Derech Eretz (courtesy), respect and tolerance. These values apply mutually to our professional staff,leadership and congregants. We will strive to create an atmosphere that promotes these values.DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVENESS:Temple Sinai values the diversity within our congregation. We recognize that the makeup of the American Jewish community is changing,and we will strive to be an inclusive congregation. To that end, we need to offer options in worship, programming, and education to meet theneeds of congregants who vary widely with regard to knowledge, practice and commitment, and to the families and individuals at all stages ofthe life cycle.4

5772 Officers & Board of DirectorsBetsy Lewinson,PresidentOFFICERSPresident .......................................... Andrea RosenthalExecutive Vice President ................... William KramerVice President, Membership ...................... Meryl SternVice President, Education ........................ Tobey GrandVice President, Fundraising ............... Jeffrey HamptonSecretary ............................................... Janet IsaacmanSecretary .......................................... Sally RosenwasserTreasurer .............................................. Cindy WarkowController ............................................ Jeffrey GordonImmediate Past Co-Presidents……...Alan Katz & Andrew MeyerPaul BrattBob CharlesHarris ChernowJudi FieldLawrence FlorinLauren GladstoneAlan GubernickJeffrey KodroffJon LevineLarry PaukerBernie RosemanJodi SilvermanAdam WarkowDavid WeissELECTED MEMBERSHoward BeckerJody BorgmanDeborah FisherAlan JosselsonMarla KepnissCathy KodroffJay MarkuRobert MoskovitzLIFE MEMBERS (by virtue of 15 years service to the Board)Bernard Albert*Barry Bressler*José Castel*Milton CutlerMelvin FisherPhyllis HaasIrwin HollanderSylvia Kivitz2010-2012 TermStan Lacks*Faye LavesonGeorge Marcus*Israel Milner*Krendelle NoshenyJoan Parkin*Mary Relles*Nathan Relles*2011-2013 TermRuth SegalMark Sussman*Harriet WeinsteinPhilip WeinsteinEmanuel WinokurJoan WinokurPAST PRESIDENTS OF TEMPLE SINAI*Lawrence Allen*Frank RomanoskiCarol Einhorn*Barbara RosenauJules C. EinhornEdwin RosentholNorton A. FreedmanIrving SobelPaula Goldstein*Howard Stock*Alan KatzAllan Stock*Andrew Meyer*Ira TigerStanley Z. Nosheny*Michael Yanoff*Robert ParkinMichael PaulRoz RomanoskiNancy RosenthalCarl ShelowDebra Sher*Denotes Past Presidents and Life Members who have elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the term 2011-2012.5

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