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Summer 2011 PDF - Temple Sinai

Summer 2011 PDF - Temple Sinai

Camp Maccabee is going

Camp Maccabee is going strong...the summer is justflying by. We have been having so much fun!Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed programswith Professor Bob, Mark from Briar Bush Nature Center,Happy Hoofer pony rides, and Dave Fiebert from SegalPuppets.Each week we have enjoyed music with Miss Monicaand sports with Joanne. They make each week sofantastic!Looking forward to the second half of camp, we willenjoy our fabulous camp show performed by the childrenalong with Miss Monica. We will have our annual ShabbatHappening, a visit with Hatman, Israeli dancing with RakDan, and our absolutely FUN camp carnival!We know your children have been in the best hands, andI want to thank all of the people who have helped to makethis summer so special:Kitanim:Bonim:Chaverim:Maccabees:Lifeguards:Joanne Black, Stephanie BlackMelanie Pearlman, Jennifer PearlmanSusie Delfiner and Dorothy RaginskyMolly Levine, Danielle Zaidel andMichele MannErica Bratt and Morgan SchwartzJess Canter and Marissa RealeI am so lucky to have this wonderful staff helping me thissummer! We hope you enjoy the remaining weeks and welook forward to sharing the many good timesahead.Laurie Matez, Camp Maccabee DirectorCAMP MACCABEE8

Dear Stephanie and everyone at Temple Sinai Preschool:I first met Cissy in 2005 when I was shopping for a preschool for my daughter. We decided to send her elsewhere, but I wantedHolly to have a different preschool experience. I didn’t care about academics; as a teacher, I could take care of that. Instead Iwanted her to learn to get along with others, to learn how to be in school, and to do it in a place that would also reinforce thevalues we were teaching at home. Temple Sinai turned out to be the right choice for Holly. She has learned all those things thatwere so important to me when I looked for the right school for her—how to be part of a group, how to be a friend, how to dealwith adults other than her parents. What’s more, Holly LOVED preschool.I’ve been thrilled with all of Holly’s teachers at Temple Sinai. I felt so awful leaving her at preschool when she was almost 3.But I needn’t have worried; she not only survived with Gigi and Eileen—she flourished on a steady diet of their hugs. Harrietand Laurie always made my older daughter welcome; she felt like she belonged at Holly’s school, instead of looking in from theoutside. Tess and Beth encouraged Holly’s growth and well being, telling her she would grow if she tried new foods resulted inher becoming a more adventurous eater. Cantor Freedman encouraged Holly’s love of music. (I suppose I have him to thankfor the nighttime concerts of Jewish music that Holly sang while she was supposed to be sleeping.) And, of course, there wasCissy—showing a personal interest in all of the kids, and always making everyone feel welcome and special.On May 13 we were at the final Shabbat Happening of the year. Holly was up on the bimah, singing her heart out. I hope shedidn’t see the tears running down my face. When I brought her to her first Shabbat Happening at age 3, I said I wasn’t takingher back again until her Bat Mitzvah. What a difference!!! Each year when she was Shabbat Yeladah I marveled at herpresence on the bimah, how she could answer all the questions and sing all the songs. I never cease to be amazed at how wellshe uses Hebrew.But the most important thing of all is that I have always felt as though Holly was loved at Temple Sinai. Her teachers didn’t justteach her because it was their job. Each and every one of them loved Holly. That is what enabled her to flourish. Holly isexcited about going to kindergarten, but I know she will miss Temple Sinai and all the people there. Next to her family, they arethe most important people in the world to her.We hope other children have the same wonderful experience that Holly did. Thank you for all you did for Holly!!!Sincerely,Kathy & Stewart WienerTreeDedication inhonor ofCissyPlotnick9

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